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  1. The Deltorian Empire


    We now have our next continent: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2zp0cqa.jpg What are your opinions?
  2. The Deltorian Empire


    Heres the first snapshot: http://i.imgur.com/H1J6lRJ.png That is our supercontinent Valhalla.
  3. The Deltorian Empire


    How about just Phaetonia or Phaeton? Still honors him/her but sounds more like a place name. As for Xebecia, I think Ill make that a sea. Xebecian Sea. How does that sound?
  4. The Deltorian Empire


    The names don't have to be Norse
  5. The Deltorian Empire


    So since I am making the maps I need to get some input from the crowd. I would like to state, firstly, that I would like to name the actual planet which will hold our roleplay Alecia. This is simply because I like the name and it also honors an important person in my life. It was the name I chose for the world when I began my project prior to being contacted by GRO. Although, if others disagree on this name I understand, and we can open it to suggestions. One ground rule though, it will not be called Earth nor Terra. This map will not be earth and Terra is too overused. As stated before, I'd like to use Alecia. Of course I will be including Valhalla in some part of the world. I intend for the map to have a major supercontinent with a couple other continents. I believe the supercontinent would work best being called Valhalla. As for names of continents, regions, mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, etc., I'd like some input. All names work provided that they do not use any special characters (รค, for example). You guys can work together to produce and refine the various names. -Delt
  6. The Deltorian Empire

    Regional Map

    Alright then, one last question. Can two nations join together to form a federation which would make them both the same country?
  7. The Deltorian Empire

    Regional Map

    No, I meant if nations can expand? Like if Nation A in plot 41 wants to expand, then they could expand into 40 and maybe farther?
  8. The Deltorian Empire

    Regional Map

    Can you expand on this map?
  9. The Deltorian Empire

    Discussion: Potential reform of the regional map

    alright, that is what I thought you meant, but I wasnt exactly sure. well for make the territories adjacent, I think spilliting Valhalla and putting it on either side of Yggdrasil would be best. So the first continent, the small one in the north-west would be moved west from its position in Valhalla, across Yggdrasil, and lay at about the same lattitude just on the other side of the map. The same would be for the 5th continent, the one in the south-west. The landmass should probably stay where it is or move a bit east or west. Perhaps the land could be treated a bit like the new world? With someone from one of your nations coming over and discovering these uninhabited continents? It may work out because with the Yggdrasil continents being in a circle, noone probably sailed anywhere but in the middle ocean. So all the moving and changing would be Valhalla, not Yggdrasil. So the Yggdrasil continents would be unchanged while the Valhalla ones get drasically moved.
  10. The Deltorian Empire

    Discussion: Potential reform of the regional map

    Korros, what exactly do you mean by making the territories adjacent? Well putting Valhalla into Yggdrasil would work too.as for splitting the map, which do you mean, Yggdrasil or Valhalla?
  11. The Deltorian Empire

    Discussion: Potential reform of the regional map

    Yes, just like what Starkadh said. Since I have yet to recieve a reply from GRO, ill just go ahead and say it publicly. I think it would be more beneficial to combine the Valhalla and Yggdrasil Maps (putting them on the same planet) and thus combinging both region's roleplay. Would the Yggdrasil Cartographer be willing to change their map (just coloring it with the climates) then fitting it in to the Valhalla map? I think it would make for much better roleplay for both regions. Eh also, since your map would best fit on Valhalla, I think the planet should still be called Valhalla. Perhaps we could name the sun Yggdrasil? Well those were just tiny details that can be worked out later. For now though, I think we should just combine the maps and work from there.
  12. The Deltorian Empire

    Why can I not See my sent messages?

    Ohhhhhh... thanks. I didnt realize that. On most of the forums i've been on it does it automatically.
  13. The Deltorian Empire

    Why can I not See my sent messages?

    Well I have sent PMs to people about twice, but there is a problem, It shows that I have not sent any messages.. why is this?
  14. The Deltorian Empire

    Count to 10,000!

  15. The Deltorian Empire

    Need custom flags?

    Nevermind... i got one.