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  1. Velinore

    Newbie needs help.

    That cleared up alot.Thanks!
  2. Well,I was reading around the forums and I found out a few things.I cant tell the difference between rp and actually NS content.Like buying and selling products is it rp or ingame content I've yet to unlock?Also the fact that im new and inexperienced what activities can I partake in?I'd like to be more involved in Yggdrasil.In most games I just stay quiet,but I'd like to be more involved.Sorry if this is a pointless article...if it is just delete this thread.I just cant figure stuff out on my own...(A result of being homebound for my entire school life.) On a side note,I'm a WA member,can someone update my profile reflecting this?Or are there other conditions I must meet? Thanks for you time.
  3. Velinore

    Whats up?

    Nice to meet all of you!(If this isnt the right place please move or delete this topic,thank you.)