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  1. Starkadh

    Discussion: Potential reform of the regional map

    I'd like to add that Deltorian Empire is creating his own map of Valhalla and was hoping that he might get permission to make the Yggdrasil map and Valhalla map join up in certain areas.
  2. Starkadh

    The Lay of the Elder Gods

    to be continued...
  3. Starkadh

    The Lay of the Elder Gods

    “There is a magic in all things,” spoke the storyteller in hushed tones “the greatest of can be found in a good story.” Though the storyteller spoke softly, his words could be heard through the long hall. The bellowing revelries of the night quickly ended with those words. Every person within the buildings walls settled into their chairs with eyes rapt upon the lips of the storyteller. Though all had heard the Lore before, the people still strained forward to hear. They followed his words from the second his mouth began to form them. A serving girl, dressed in her winter furs, slipped out the hall door with a nary a sound. She moved with the smooth grace of a crane, placing her feet with the practiced ease of a woman who knows how to move undisturbed through raucous or quiet settings alike. Though it was a small happening in the large hall, the storytellers’ eye still caught the details of her unobtrusive exit. She had left to gather the children from the surrounding homes. Even if the hall would were filled to the rafters with people, for none would miss the event, children would always find a place to sit. These stories were for them. When they grew to be husbands, wives, and warriors these stories would fill their breasts with power and bring about good fortune and a fighting spirit. This was the magic of the stories. The children would grow up knowing where they came from. They’d know they could win glory for themselves and that they might fight beside the Gods one day! “Fire, Ice, and Darkness,” The storyteller intoned, “…That was all there was in the beginning, save for Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil, the great ash tree, stood alone as the sole life in the cosmos. There was the burning land of Muspelheim, in the south. There was Niflheim, the land of snow and ice, in the north. Between the two worlds stood Ginnungagap; the yawning chasm of the abyss filled with the winds of Chaos. Fire, Ice, and Darkness, my friends, all was Fire, Ice, and Darkness. For eons, the winds of the Gap would wrench the fires of Muspel from its skies and send it whirling and howling into the cold frosts of Niflheim. For time immeasurable nothing happened and then…Something new came out of the chaos. The elements of the two worlds mixed and created drops of Eitr. The Eitr drops stuck to each and mixed with the rime frost of Niflheim. The sparks of Muspelheim gave life to the mixture and the first jotun came to life. The name he gave himself was Ymir. Huge in size, he was! Beyond the grasps of mans imagination! Through time immeasurable (for day and night were not created yet), He rested in the shade of Yggdrasil and fed. You may all be asking yourselves how Ymir was fed if he was the only being, what could possibly keep the great Jotun alive and in full health? I have only one answer for you: He fed from the milk of Auðumbla. Wherewithal was the cow nourished, you ask? Auðumbla gained her sustenance from licking the salty blocks of ice from Niflheim that had been whipped into Ginnungagap. I know not where the great cow came from. That knowledge is lost in time. You must only know that that is how it was! Ymir slept for a time and while Ymir slept, he fell into a sweat and conceived the race of giants. Under his left arm grew an unnamed male and an unnamed female, and his legs begot his six-headed son Þrúðgelmir. These beings gave birth to the first race of Frost Giants who lived in the frozen wastes of Niflheim. Great were their number! From the two unnamed giants came a son, Bolthorn. Bolthorn became the father of the giant Mimir and giantess Bestla, of whom there are more stories to tell. From Þrúðgelmir came the giant Bergelmire. Throughout this time Auðumbla continued to lick the ice blocks. The first day that she licked the blocks, there came forth a man's hair; the second day, a man's head; the third day the whole man was there uncovered. He was the first God, Búri. Búri was fair of feature, great and mighty! He begat a son named Borr. Borr married Bestla Bolthornsdottir and from their union came three sons: Odin (the greatest and wisest of the Elder Gods), Vili, and Vé. The brothers were not satisfied with the rule of the primeval Jotun. They knew they could reach greater goals and were more powerful. They took their swords up and slew Ymir. From Ymir came a great flood of blood which washed over the world of Niflheim, drowning the first race of Jotun. The only Giants left were Bergelmire and his wife, who begat the second race of Jotun, the eternal enemies of the Elder Gods. Odin and his brothers used Ymir's body to create Midgard, the earth at the center of Ginnungagap. His flesh became the earth. The blood of Ymir formed seas and lakes. From his bones mountains were erected. His teeth and bone fragments became stones. From his hair grew trees and maggots from his flesh became the race of dwarfs, who lived underground forevermore. The gods set Ymir's skull above Ginnungagap and made the sky, supported by four dwarfs. These dwarfs were given the names East, West, North and South. Odin then created winds by placing one of Bergelmir's sons, in the form of an eagle, at the ends of the earth. He cast Ymir's brains into the wind to become the clouds. Next, the sons of Borr took sparks from Muspelheim and dispersed them throughout Ginnungagap, thus creating stars and light for Heaven and Earth. From pieces of driftwood trees the sons of Borr made men. They made a man named Ask from an ash tree and a woman named Embla from an elm tree. These were the first of humans and to them Odin gave soul and life; Vili gave wit and sense of touch; Vé gave countenance, speech, hearing, and sight. On the brow of Ymir the sons of Bor built a stronghold to protect the race of men from the giants called it Asgard.” The storyteller pauses and looks to his audience. “The goddess Nott has lengthened the night so that I may tell the story in full. I will rest my voice for a time but I shall return shortly. Stock the fire, and drink some mead in my absence, my friends.”
  4. Hear my words, you holy Gods, great men and humble sons of Heimdall; By Odins’ will, I’ll speak the ancient lore, the oldest of all that I remember…
  5. I'm not sure of Lughs meaning I can only explain my own. conflicts refer to any Valhalla members having issue with any other Valhalla member. anything from "He made fun of my nation name and I didn't like it" to " She godmodded in our last RP and used rocket launchers against my spearmen" etc etc I think that's really the worst trouble we'd get into in Valhalla. Priority of shrines, to me, refers to which shrine handles the resolution of the case. By our system of justice, each shrines method of conflict resolution is based on the attribute of the god its named after. Conflicts would usually be solved using a competition-style event such as an RP duel or debate, or essay, or poetry competition. The Vikings/Celts/Germanic tribes used to compete in this style and whomever was judged the winner (or whomever killed the other) would be considered the winning party. Each shrine in our system has a different way of resolving problems (odins shrine is probably going to be RP single-combat) and a set of rules. The parties in the conflict would have to abide by the rules of the shrine that has priority. I hope that made sense. I can explain in more detail if need be.
  6. this is just me thinking aloud, I am not trying to poopoo any idea, suggestion, school of thought, etc. I was thinking that all shrines would be equal, merely there for structure and guidance. The allegiance of individual members involved in the conflict would determine which shrine would take control over each individual conflict. Priority of shrines would not be a permanent thing for a month or even a day! merely to a specific case. so if a snotra follower and two odin followers get into a disagreement, the competition would be by Odin shrines style of conflict resolution since there are more odin followers than snotri involved. same if 3 forseti followers had issue with one snotri follower, forseti shrine would take on the case. This is based on the idea that all shrines would have an equal membership, which probably won't happen. If we go by priority of shrines using competitions each month, it leaves a huge chance for one shrine winning each and every month and that doesn't seem fair to me (i think odins shrine will be very popular and therefor wield lots more power). I might need an in-depth example of how a conflict would be resolved using your method of thought because I'm confused as to how it would work (probably cuz we don't actually know each other and writing out how we think is difficult) I understand this system better and it makes more sense to me. On the other hand, I have no idea if what i'm thinking makes sense
  7. Starkadh

    Recruiters for Valhalla needed.

    anyone who's interested, here is my recruitment telegram. you're free to use it. Do you wish to dine with the greatest warriors of the Gods? The doors of Odins’ shining hall are open to you! Valhalla is an active region allied with Yggdrasil (the World Tree of the Viking myths), one of the most powerful regions in Nationstates. We welcome all forms of government so lay down your sword and shield in our region and let the Valkyries serve you at our feasting table. To join us, 1) Click this link (Valhalla). 2) On the region's main page, click "Like what you see? Move to Valhalla today!" I await your coming in the halls of Valhalla.
  8. ok, it just makes more sense to me if we put the rule "Every Person in Valhalla is obligated to declare himself follower of a shrine or be considered an "outcast"" at the top of the list under The Jurisdiction of Shrines section in the contract. its a clarity thing. The first and simplest rule at the top so everybody sees it. It still keeps the part that you're an outcast if you don't declare for a shrine. it also makes more sense to me to simplify our justice system for the moment until it we have more members active on the forums. for example: if Odin followers and forseti followers are in conflict then the shrine with the most number of people involved in that certain conflict should be the one that gets to regulate how the conflict is solved. from there on its RP/essay/whatever competition to see who wins. this way we aren't bogged down with so much RP and threads and the issue can be resolved more quickly. Right now there aren't enough people to make a large RP or essay competition for priority of shrines truly feasible. It'll pretty much be just you me and feno b*tching at each other. as well, it cuts down on all our workloads if we don't have to keep telegramming and explaining a complicated system to people who've never used our system before. for the sake of simplicity, lets give the shrines a little less complexity. trying to make the government function is hard enough! To answer your question a "Thane" was a person of rank, often the chief of a clan, holding land from the king or a lesser noble who was a Crown official holding authority over an area of land
  9. from the Followers of Lugh
  10. First of all, Lugh, great job on the contract. You put lots of work into this and I'm impressed. I'm a little fuzzy on the jurisdiction of the shrines. it seems unclear. Perhaps "The conflict will be handled by the shrine that the complainent has declared for. In a case where two people are from different shrines, it should be decided which shrine will have jurisdiction over the problem by the two complainents beforehand. Should there be three or more people involved, then the shrine with the most members involved will take charge of the case and the members of the other shrines will be subject to its laws". also "Every Person in Vlahalla is obligated to declare himself follower of a shrine or be considered an "outcast"" should be at the top of the list under The Jurisdiction of Shrines I think this is a bit of nitpicky point as well but do you think that "Council of Thanes" would sound better?
  11. Starkadh

    Recruiters for Valhalla needed.

    Feno, you and I should each create a thread for keeping track of who we recruit (just like yggdrasil)
  12. Starkadh

    Recruiters for Valhalla needed.

    Starkadh, duelin bears since '86 and ready to find some new shave-tail recruits!
  13. Starkadh

    GROs been busy, now semi-back

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this kind of stuff: Valhalla region has underwent some changes in the last couple of days. Lugh has stepped up to be regional delegate and I've been voted for the position of Minister of culture-elect for valhalla. As well, Finland has expressed interest in being minister of foreign affairs in valhalla. Would it be possible for you to transfer Founder powers from GROII over to our WA delegate for the portion of time you're away so that we can edit the world factbook and eject any invaders?