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  1. The Follower of Lugh


    Telegram sented, Are you new to NS? is this your main nation? Well, if you have any question about NS, this region or its forum, ar anything else, just ask me
  2. The Follower of Lugh


    Hey welcome! I will sent you the wleocming telegram right away
  3. The Follower of Lugh

    U.C.C.H civil war RP (participative)

    "Special Characteristics? Can you provide some kind of template?" I meant some history, background and type of combat preferred by the faction; but only if you wish too. and it will have no actual RP concecuences. Like for exmaple, "the warriors of "faction X" are well known to be reckless, disregard body armor and be highly individualistic, they tend to fight with throwable weapons before engaging in melee combat, but they consider long rage weapons cowardly." Thats kind of thing Ok, this is what we are going to do. Everyone create a separate topic in this subsection named UCCH civil war- "name of your faction" inside you write. Name of the faction: Leaders: Type of goverment: History, preferred tactics, type of military: Extra info: TO Ujalu; "Some random suggestions." Everyone is welcome to invent the name of their own faction and its details. they will be all accepted. but regarding the special abilities affecting the dice rolls, although its a good idea, lets leave it out for now and keep it simple, at least this one time as its our first try in this type of RP.
  4. The Follower of Lugh

    Rhetoric Tournament

    Nomic? Im really lost here I have on idea of what you are refering to.
  5. The Follower of Lugh

    U.C.C.H civil war RP (participative)

    Excellent. you are all acccpeted. you can start thinking about your faction name, your liders and maybe some special charasteristics if you wish. For everyone else, the inscriptions will be open up to the 27 of this mounth
  6. The Follower of Lugh

    U.C.C.H civil war RP (participative)

    If you are referring ot forts, I prefer it that way, becosue its simplier and it gives the impresion that the forts are a "one shot weapon" that needs to be used carefully and be well defended, so if you lose your fort, thats it, you are permanately in a disadvantage.
  7. The Follower of Lugh

    U.C.C.H civil war RP (participative)

    Simple rules. -Anyone, either Valhallian or Yggdrasilian can join. -Aplly in this thread -The factions will be debided based of the quantity of people willing ot participate The Rules; -the result of battles are decided by rolls. -the rolls will be 1 dice of 10 sides. - the atacker will win if he get numbers from 1 to 5; the defender will win if the roll is from 6 to 10. (if the forces of are equal number of men) (if they arent, the roll needed to win the battle will be dicided by the difference of men, IE; if side A has 10 men, and side B has 5 men, then the dice roll for the B side to win will be 3, 2 and 1; and for side A to win will be 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10). - some factors will modify the roll, and can change the result of the battle. defending a hill, mountain or city will give you a +1 roll. Defending a fort will give you a +2 bonus. -the teach level is early medieval. Infantry, cavalry and archers or the like. -when a fort is conquered, its instantly destroyed. -when the city from the faction is conquered, its destroyed and the faction loses, although their military will remain in the map and can still fight battles or ally with another faction. -This will be the map, cities, forts and hills will be added once the factions are stablished; Any doubts will be posted in here.
  8. The Follower of Lugh

    Which real life country do you come from?

    Dont worry about it, some threadjack always happends, specially in snesitive issues such as these ones
  9. The Follower of Lugh

    Rhetoric Tournament

    so we dont do any actual debating?
  10. The Follower of Lugh

    Rhetoric Tournament

    Im interested, but I dont understand how this works, has this been done before? and if it has, is there a link you can provide me to the place where it has been done?
  11. The Follower of Lugh

    Yggdrasil Ice Hockey Tournament

    Nation: The Warrior´s Clan of The Followers Of Lugh Team Colors: light Blueand white Strength (if any): toughness; passing Weakness (if any): defense; shooting
  12. The Follower of Lugh

    Which real life country do you come from?

    Really? I always thought you were american, I dont know why Pre-columbian cultures are as much present in our current culture as native americans are un the USA. Meaning that they are almost not present at all. Sadly thats waht happends after conquesting this continent.
  13. The Follower of Lugh

    Which real life country do you come from?

    South America! I couldnt be further away from Nordic ; although I have polish ancestors..... and poland is closed to germany and have a more nordic culture rather than anglo-saxon or celtic. how about you GRO? and Elici, Where in the south east of europe? I love their history, its so interesting. Specially Hungary and its neighbords.
  14. The Follower of Lugh

    GRO Interviews South Titania!

    Posted in USSR forums
  15. The Follower of Lugh

    Top User Created Regions on NationStates 1

    Oh I see. So you created the regions like you do now, but the title of "founder" in itself didnt existed. That makes sense. Very sad indeed it is that we dont get to know who was the first among us . Do we get to know when it was created for the first time?