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    Liberty for All!

    What is your nation's national anthem?
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    Very Calm
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    What is your love based on?

    Your Love is Based on Passion When you're in love, you're brimming with emotions and desire. For you, love can be a crazy frenzy - but somehow it all makes sense. Love is the most important thing to you. You are capable of doing anything for love. (This makes you very lovable... but also a little scary!) Why your love can last: You've got the true attraction, bond, and euphoria to make it happen. Why your love can fail: Love isn't something you really think through. Your roller coaster relationships sometimes end on a terrifying note. What Is Your Love Based On? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
  5. After deliberation and talks among locals, a capital city has finally been decided upon. Saint Monica has decided to designate ʜəʀɚ as its capital city home. ʜəʀɚ is home to over 500,000 Saint Monicans and is flourishing with its business and diversity. This is clearly the right choice for a capital city and send out the message, "We are home to so many." The town of ΉδМЗ has finally reached an agreement concerning the new ΨΆζḿάгΤ store. For 2 years citizens were concerned that adding such a large scale business would ruin the down-home feeling to the town. It has been decided that it will be built on the outskirts of town which would not interfere with local businesses such as Serena's Baked Goods, Hattington Farm, and the local general store. ΉδМЗ was founded in 1877 by farmers who were looking for freedom and in search of bountiful land. Nominations for this years Miss Saint Monica pageant is yet be announced as we are still taking applicants. Nominees must be atleast 21 to enter. Congratulations to βΞɭɭɑ УάήСУ this years winner of the Junior Miss Saint Monica Pageant. She is scheduled to make her first appearance in Luven before touring all over Yggdrasil. The winner of Little Miss Saint Monica is 5 year old Helena Hofskrin of Dubbyting, Saint Monica, she will be making an appearance in Saint Monica and Yggdrasil soon. Saint Monica is now looking for artists to paint this year's Saint Monica Pride Mural. Applicants must produce a portfolio of their work containing pictures or drawings and a brief essay of what Saint Monica means to you. All Yggdrasil are encouraged to apply. The Mural will be on the side of Saint Monica's Pride Tower and a celebration will be held to commemorate the event as usual. This year we will have singer Bobby Oghin, Dancer Lily Ebert, and Circus performers for the children. As always admission is free for all.
  6. Monica


    Hello fellow Yggdrasilians!! Many greetings from The Matriarchy of Saint Monica!! Thank you for reaching out to a newbie like myself and accepting into your beautiful region!