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  1. Wordy


    Hey there Ferwai We are a pretty fun and friendly group here so please do not feel intimidated. Welcome to the region and NationStates........it is an addictive game once you get into it. Post on the Regional Message Board or here on the forum if you need help with anything or want to get to know us
  2. Wordy

    10000 Emissary Updates

    Thank you Paffnia! Sad I missed the Boltor parade....I bet that was a lot of fun!
  3. Wordy

    Update No. 20

    *waves to fratt* Thank you for the update
  4. Well, hello there Wordy.  Nice to see you thriving here in Yggdrasil!:hearts:

  5. Wordy


    Hi there Great to see you on the forum.
  6. Wordy

    Evening All

    Welcome to the region A new player!! Yggdrasil is fun, friendly place so feel free to ask questions or just post on our regional message board or here on the forum. We all were new once so relax and enjoy
  7. Wordy

    Hey there!

    Hi there Roglaria Glad you returned to playing NS and happy you decided to join us here.
  8. Wordy

    Nation Retention Ideas

    I love using jokes to help retention. It keeps it lighthearted and the personal touch is a great way to make nations feel welcomed and appreciated.
  9. Wordy

    Thank You!

    Hi there Aleks Sorry for the late reply.....it is a busy time of year for most as Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy it here
  10. Wordy

    Ambassador Replacement

    You will be missed Paffnia! All the best with real life matters and I wish you the very best. It is sad to see you step down but understandable.
  11. Wordy

    Which dark forum skin do you prefer?

    Out of the 4 options I like the first one chemeleon dark the best. While it is dark it also seems more open due to the transparency. The others look good but comparatively seem boxy and closed in. 1. got my vote
  12. Wordy

    Hi! I'm...not new

    Hey FDS Great to see you here on the forum and we do not bite (well Thembria nibbles). Plenty of stuff to read and if you are interested write here If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Welcome!!
  13. Hi LolitaFrill It is a good username! Lighthearted and fun is what helps lighten everyone's day. We cannot have enough IMO. Welcome
  14. Wordy

    Should the forum get a dark skin?

    A dark skin option would be good I like the one we have now a lot but some people do prefer a dark one.
  15. Wordy

    Guten tag from The Lonely Atheist

    Welcome to Yggdrasil Glad you decided to come here now that you have returned to playing.