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  1. Shadowtech Demons

    Tabs and Credits

    Tabs N/A (Please Remember to Pay Your Tabs) Credits Zybodia ƒ500 (Congratulations, Free Food!)
  2. Shadowtech Demons

    Apply for a Business License

    Thank you!
  3. Shadowtech Demons

    The Restaurant

    Josh Swelling smiled as he flipped the closed sign to open. 'Finally!', he thought. 'Shadow Tastes is finally open for business.' Josh walked inside and stood behind the counter, waiting for the very first customer. (OOC: Place your orders below, and I will make them.)
  4. Shadowtech Demons


    Menu Sandwiches Shadow Turkey ƒ50 -Freshly Sliced Turkey and Lettuce on Shadowtech Demon's Famous Shadow Bread. Shadow Ham ƒ50 -Freshly Sliced Ham and Lettuce on Shadowtech Demon's Famous Shadow Bread. Grilled Chicken ƒ25 -A Slice of Grilled Chicken with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Mayo. Pasta Spaghetti ƒ25 -A Pasta Classic Served with Sauce and Bread Sticks (With Meatballs ƒ30) Vegi Spaghetti ƒ40 -A Vegetarian Pasta made with Celery Bits, Carrot Chunks, and Olive Oil. Pizza Meat Eater Supreme ƒ50 -A Pizza Topped with Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon Bits, and Other Varieties of Meat. Pepperoni ƒ20 -A Popular Classic, Made with Fresh Pepperoni Slices Imported From Other Yggdrasil Nations. Vegetarian Eater Supreme ƒ50 -A Pizza Topped with Olives, Celery, and Carrots Chunks. Fish Salmon ƒ50 -A Large Slice of Salmon with Garlic, Salt and Pepper Sprinkled on During Cooking. Drinks Soda ƒ10 (Free Refills) -A Choice of Sprite, Root Beer, Coke, Diet Coke and Mt. Dew. Water ƒFree -Purified Water From the Shadow Springs Near the Government District. Orange Juice ƒ15 -Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Grown With In Shadowtech Demon's Borders. Desserts Ice Cream ƒ20 -Soft Served Ice Cream in a Dish. Large Variety of Flavors Available. Cake ƒ25 -Frosted to Almost Perfection, it Has a Rich Moist Flavor. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cheese Cake. Suggestions? Post them here as well and I will review them.
  5. Shadowtech Demons

    Shadowtech Demon's SDSA

    Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News SDSA Report The research team and probe has arrived back on Earth, and all of the samples that were gathered are being analyzed. More information is expected to released at a later date. Thank you for watching this short report, and now for the weather. Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News
  6. Shadowtech Demons

    Shadowtech Demon's SDSA

    Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News SDSA Report The research team on Mars is nearing its date to return to Earth. No research reports have been sent down as of yet, but news has come in that they are making the reports very detailed. The Alpha-1 probe is en-route back to Earth, with samples and readings collected from Mercury. No information has been released at this time, but more to follow later on. Thank you for watching, and onto the weather. Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News
  7. Shadowtech Demons

    Yggdrasil Cup 2010

    Our nominations are the Team Dasha, and Team Resa, both are the champions in our country. Team name: Team Dasha Team colors: Purple, Green Coach: Robert Drasa Stadium Name: Whirlpool Stadium Home City: Fedsa City Team name: Team Resa Team colors: Gold, Blue Coach: Tamera Drasa Stadium Name: Earthquake Stadium Home City: Comms City
  8. Shadowtech Demons

    Word Association

  9. Shadowtech Demons

    Last one to post here wins.

    *Gets out of water* I prefer Root Beer anyway! *Trips Pyshoria, whom falls in the water*
  10. Shadowtech Demons

    Guess who will post next

    Yes! Trav, again?
  11. Shadowtech Demons

    Ruler of the world! <(^.^<)

    You lie! I rule while you attend lying management classes.
  12. Shadowtech Demons

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you don't get anything from it anyway. I wish that there is no school, or at least a two hour delay tomorrow. (Just so you know. there aren't any blenders at my job, yet.)
  13. Shadowtech Demons

    Fortunately, Unfortunately

    Unfortunately it hits your eye and it must be removed. (Fun Fact: If a penny is dropped off the Empire State Building, or anything higher up, it can't kill anyone. It has to deal with terminal velocity.)
  14. Shadowtech Demons

    Shadowtech Demon's SDSA

    Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News SDSA Report The SS Demon has arrived on Mars's atmosphere and is sending down teams to construct a make shift landing strip. The strip is figured to be complete tomorrow, and then the research teams will be able to begin their work. The SDSA has also reported some problems with Alpha-1's signal. It has been going on and off, but they are confident that they will be able to get the probe back into 100% condition remotely. That is all for tonight, and on to the weather. Shadowtech Demon's Channel 4 News
  15. Shadowtech Demons

    Shadowtech Demon's Products For Trade

    Products Available For ƒ's These are were products that Shadowtech Demon's will sell to other countries for ƒ's. These items can be bought freely, and depending on what it is has a life-time warranty to be sent back and fixed for free. PD Cruiser XX159 Created by: Resco Inc. Date of Creation: February 7th, 2010 Category: Police Cruiser Design, Law & Order Summary: The car is made out of the popular Crown Vic model. It has POLICE painted on the drivers side surrounded by yellow and blue boxes, while POLICE is also written on the passenger side, with the same colors and design. SDPD is written on the back of the squad, in black lettering. The SDPD badge is painted on the hood of the car. it has red and blue bar/LED lights (Depending on the model) on top of the car. The headlights flash when the Police Lights are activated. There is a bar light in the back of the car, that shows out of the back window. There are also lights built in to the bottom of the rear-view mirrors and the grill in front of the car. The cars top speed is 125 MPH and has excellent handling for pursuit situations. The car will be available for purchase tomorrow for $150 per car for domestic and federal policing agencies with-in Shadowtech Demon's and ƒ50 per car for foreign, with the squad paint with their own police symbols.