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  1. Happy Birthday

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    United Space Federation

    The Kingdom of The Mofasa would like to apply for membership in the United Space Federation.
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    Mars Regional Map

    Number 6 please.
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    Solar System Setup Discussion

    Alright ok, I understand.
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    The Mofasa Telegram

    The Mofasa Telegram, Issue #2, 28 December 33rd Year of the Lion Border Dispute Resolved On the 25th of December, The Mofasa government accepted the compromise offered by The Protectorate of Silvadus. On the 23rd of December The Protectorate of Silvadus demanded that The Mofasa give back the Valofeiso Strand and Valofeiso Straight as they were claimed when Silvadus was at it's weakest and they were a vital part of it's survival. We were given an ultimatem, give back the land or face war. Confident that they were in the right, our government refused to allow an area of our trade be bullied away from us. On the 24th of December The Protectorate of Silvadus begged for their land to be given back and offered 5% of it's GDP and 40% of the resources gathered on the Valofeiso Strand. Our government accepted this offer the next day and even offered to become allies and help The Protectorate of Silvadus back to it's former glory. The Bad Weather is finally over! Through the past week The Mofasa has seen terrible snow storms and blizzards in the central areas rendering most citizens unable to get out of their own homes. The Emergency Services were quick and precise and were able to rescue people from their homes and provide rations to those they could not. This terrible weather also caused the delay in the construction of many important structures such as our first spaceport, our new science facility and the construction of our first colony ship, The Whale-Alpha. Despite all this we managed to withstand this weather, yet the walkways and roads were mostly unaccessible due to the dangerous ice and frost formed. Our first sunshine in a while came at the start of this week at 6.09am. On a side note: The construction of our first spaceport is finished and our first colony ship has now resumed construction.
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    Count to 10,000!

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    Word Association

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    Solar System Setup Discussion

    I like it, but I do notice that I haven't been added to the Mars list yet .
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    The Mofasa Space Exploration Project

    Due to the unwelcome snow and frost, the first spaceport's construction was delayed, but fear not as it is now finished and fully functional, we are now ready to start construction on additional spaceports in our nation. The Whale-Alpha colony ship is now halfway through total construction and is set to launch on the New Year at 5.17am. The ship will hold a total of 500 human beings and also many plants, insects and other animals to keep the ecosystem stable. There will be scientists, engineers, technical experts and settlers. We will also research into the ways in which we could improve a human beings survival chances in space and also improve the ways in which the human body reacts to the environment in space.
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    Count to 10,000!

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    Guess who will post next

    Nope Pangero?
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    Last one to post here wins.

    I am awesome, therefore I rule
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    Ruler of the world! <(^.^<)

    Actually I think I rule instead