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  1. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    "I would very much agree." The King motioned, and instantly several workers began to initially prepare the ship for sailing its due course.
  2. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    OOC: Wow, grave buster here. IC: Deukalion thought about it. "I would think on the islands, but anywhere is possible with Alexandre." "Indeed." Deukalion looked briefly over the rail, and with a smile nodded. He might be 29, but he had the same feeling about being King.
  3. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    OOC: Sory for the inactivity. Deukalion nodded. "He oversteps his means if he thinks he can wage a crusade in his state." He looked and read the paper. "Interesting. It is curious as to where he went, however." ------ Xuthus was starting to regain conciousness, still dazed from Deukalion's senior kick. "Wwhat are you doing?" he said in weak protest to the Yoruban officer around him, as he tried to move but felt like he had irons for feet.
  4. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Deukalion grabbed Xuthus, who would likely wake up shortly. Two Deukalionnic soldiers quickly tied his hands, leading him over to the two Yoruba men. "I never thought it would be my own Military Advisor." Deukalion said with an edge of sadness. "What betrayals have taken place, and will still take place."
  5. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Song of the Week

    In the melee of current conflicts in the world, plus the upcoming talks of disarmament of weapons between the US and Russia as well as this song's 80s roots during the Cold War, i feel is appropriate for the week. Plus its a nice song anyway. [lyrics]
  6. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    The Former Military Advisor, Xuthus, simply looked smug. "Then i am going to heaven.". But no sooner than that, had Deukalion lashed out. Xuthus cried out as Deukalion effectively turned him over, landing him on the deck of the Athene, unconcious. His pistol dropped into The Golden Sea. Deukalion was notably not even breathing hard. He grinned "It is very foolish to point a gun at me"
  7. DeukalionnicRepublic

    First Looks

    Hello all! I would like to introduce myself, i am Aeolius, and i will be representing the Deukalionnic Republics in the YU. I am also the foreign advisor to Their Majesties, King Deukalion and Queen Pyrrah. I sincerely look forward to diplomacy with our fellow YU nations. Thank you!
  8. DeukalionnicRepublic

    A Fallen Rebel Leader

    I am not writing this for my own enjoyment, or by my own desire. Im simply writing this to get out to the world what i neccessarily want to say. I am sure most of what will be heard about the "tyrant,dictatorial rebel" Anarkus and his armies will always be from Deukalion's persepctive. My jailers in Korros have allowed me some paper, so i figure i will write about some of the background of my own story and some of my own journeys. For one thing, i believe an explanation of my and Deukalion's disagreement with each other is in order. Fair is fair, and so i will start in 1972, when Deukalion and me are, as you may or may not know, brothers. Both princes of the crown, Anarkus older than Deukalion,vying for his first position as King.
  9. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    "Oh its not a land grant" The Spy shrugged with one hand. "The death of one heretic is enough,eh? Even if i die? The Grand Minister would be dissapointed in you" he said, motioning towards President Blackburn.
  10. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Deukalion considered something. He looked like he was about to say something, when his very own Military Advisor walked up to him. He quickly and shockingly put a gun to Deukalion's head. Point Blank, if he fired Deukalion would be undoubtedly dead. "Hello There" Deukalion looked curiously and sadly at his Military Advisor "Why?" "Because the Grand Minister has made promises to me. Ones you couldnt begin to offer. Yes, i am the Orthodox Spy!" he snarled. He looked back at the President "Oh, how he will reward me when i tell him all about this! Or when i kill two of his undeniably greatest enemies. After all, im the one who alerted him to our little 'surprise invasion' " One of the Deukalionnic soldiers came up. "You sick scum!! Not only have you betrayed your nation, but you have betrayed what should be your judgment!" The Traitor only laughed.
  11. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    "We dont want to disturb the Vault then" Deukalion thought "From all studies ive done, however, Tyrfall's defenses seemed to be weak to an invasion force"
  12. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Deukalion sighed. "We did have allies coming to assist us. It may be them." He sat down. "I see. You can trust me that if the Tsar is captured from the Grand-Minister, he will become enraged. And enraged men, insane in their anger, indeed make mistakes." Deukalion sighed again "But i doubt the Grand-Minister will give up his most valuable prisoner- to anyone- he has to have his revenge. So what has the Grand-Minister been up to? From his description while the Tsar was in power, it doesnt make me think it is pretty."
  13. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    [Whoops, double post.]
  14. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Deukalion took on a calm face. "Now, now. Lets not have a gunfight shall we?" Around him, his military was on edge, their guns, swords and other weapons out. "I have no ships at Freyr's Point. And i swear that on my own life" The Athene then signaled for the Poseidon to stop just to be safe. They would have to hope the Tsar was still alive.
  15. DeukalionnicRepublic

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    "We plan to enter Tyrfall en masse, and hopefully break down Roth's defenses enough to cripple the Christian Power Front's hold on the city. ..... A surprise-ish attack is what we are planning." King Deukalion smiled "Obviously i said "ish". And yes, i am the highest ranking officer." Deukalion was still a bit cautious about these comers, but was a little optimistic of their help. -------------------------------------- The Poseidon,Dionysos and Apollo were concerned about the Athene, but had not been ordered to stop yet. They had orders from the king to continue. They slowed, hoping not to see the Athene in smoke at any moment. "We willl arrive in Tyrfall in approximately 10 minutes." "Good. Good"