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  1. Korros

    Embassy to Korros

    To: Foreign Minister Sharina Mahendra Your application is accepted. Your address is: 11 Embassy Row City of Aleria, Aleria Province Korros
  2. Korros

    Regional Map V.3

    The map looks awesome! I have two questions: -How will disputed claims be resolved? First come, first served? -What are the small dots? Shallows? Island clusters?
  3. Korros

    Embassy to Korros

    To: Foreign Minister Salim Faraj Your application is accepted. Your address is: 10 Embassy Row City of Aleria, Aleria Province Korros
  4. Korros

    the Democratic War

    Litna, Elici A voice, it's features distorted by electronic overlay, began speaking. "Your movement has been supplied with two billion Imperials. A secure internet communication hub has also been set up in safe territory. Additionally, you have received a text message on this phone indicating a schedule for weapons and munitions drop offs. The phone disconnected.
  5. Korros

    The World Should Keep Gaddafi

    If you ask me, Kim Jong Il is much more terrifying and humorous.
  6. Korros

    the Democratic War

    Strategic Command Center Aleria "Sir, Operative has confirmed that the Democratic Command has received the phone," the communications officer said to Hanzo Ujimi, Director of Intelligence. "If they're not going to contact us, we'll have to initiate contact. Make the call." Litna, Elici The cell phone in the Lieutenant's possession started to vibrate. Western Blockade KIS Defiant Admiral Hendricks looked out to the horizon. Beyond it, a wave of enemy planes were inbound. The Admiral addressed his Air Chief, "What's the status of our air assets?" "We've got about 40 Sparrows and 30 Nighthawks in flight with matching numbers prepping for a second wave," the Air Chief replied. "We're going to hit from the north end of the wave, since that appears to be the most disorganized section. Cardinals will go in direct, with the Nighthawks sweeping around the flank. With their stealth capabilities, we should catch them with their pants down." "Just make sure things go smoothly," Hendricks concluded as he stepped back into the bridge. "Comm, tell the fleet to fire a second volley of missiles at the Southern and Center sections of the enemy wave."
  7. Korros

    Hello Everyone

    A list of the various awards and how to earn them can be found here and here.
  8. Korros

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard. I'm the Development Minister, which means I'm in charge of the role-playing aspects of the forum. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
  9. Korros

    the Democratic War

    (TangKasha, the standard defense surrounding a carrier have an outer limit of 700 miles. Having your planes within 10 miles without any resistance is kind of a leap. As a general notice to all involved parties, when RPing situations like this, a general rule is to remember that you are posted what you are attempting to do.) Litna, Elici The attache turned around briefly. "I'm just a guy handing out phones and suitcases. Take care," he replied. Without another word, he turned and walked into the kitchen. KIS Defiant Command and Control Room Admiral Hendricks saw the approaching aircraft on his screen. The Grandmaster certainly was trying to make a point. As the wave came into range, the Admiral gave the command. "Grease 'em." Western Blockade At the order, the defenses of the carrier task force roared to life. Closest to the shore, a skirmish line of escort frigates and destroyers fired volleys of surface-to-air missiles. Coordinated targeting systems spaced the missiles out to limit fratricide. A second, staggered volley was launched from a line of cruisers at the aircraft wave to handle the remainder. Aboard the ships, batteries of metal storm air defense guns whirred as they prepared to fill the sky with anti-aircraft rounds.
  10. Korros

    Foreign Embassies to Tallara

    To: The Blessed Empire of Tallara From:Foreign Ministry, Imperium of Korros Nation Name: Imperium of Korros Head of State: Emperor Gottfried Name of Foreign Minister/Secretary: Count Junichiro Maeda, Foreign Minister Name of Ambassador: Cnut Eriksson Form of Government: Federal Empire Number of Staff (Up to 65): 50 Number of Security Personnel (Up to 15): 15 Security Personnel Armaments (No explosives): P-2 pistols, tear gas grenades, batons, S-1 submachineguns Vehicles (Land or Air): 5 VIP vehicles Special Requests:The Imperium has three requests for the Korrosan Embassy in your nation. First, as much as feasible, we wish the location of the Embassy to be in a location that is either on a shoreline or an area without overhead air lanes. This is so that should, for whatever reason, the staff needs to be evacuated, it can be done with a minimum of risk. The second request is that we have a portion of adjoining land for the construction of a cultural center for the benefit of our two nations. Third, we request that the embassy be built by Korrosan workers, and interior layout be at our discretion. The building will conform to Tallaran standards. The Imperium recognizes that these requests may be difficult to fulfill, especially in an area where property is at a premium, and as such we would be willing to pay for any extra expenses imposed by the requests.
  11. Korros

    the Democratic War

    Western Blockade KIS Defiant Admiral Hendricks listened to the Grandmaster's speech. Another big shot from some benighted hermit kingdom, he thought, expecting the blind reverence of his people to be the default attitude of the outside world. The Admiral reflected briefly on the proper tone to address the Grandmaster, then replied. "Little Duckling, I've been through many wars. Every enemy I've seen boasts of their commanders' brilliance, their soldiers' training, their people's loyalty. None of it has ever mattered. Time is on our side. As far as blockading the Southeastern shore, the reflexively belligerent Nation E will attack anyone who comes near them. The rest of the coastline doesn't have to be blockaded. We merely have to track you, which I suspect my associates in the Air Command have already doing. I'd be morbidly curious to see how far your dirigibles make it before they get shot down. As for your demand that I end the blockade, I answer to my Emperor. Any diplomatic requests should be taken to the foreign ministry. We have nothing more to say to each other." With that, Admiral Hendricks closed the channel between him and the Grandmaster. Leaving the room, he was joined by the Ensign. "Have the communications forwarded to Intel for analysis. Make sure our defense screen is on it's toes. He seemed like the type who'd try some type of retaliation."
  12. Korros

    Net Effect: What if Tunisia's revolution ended up like Iran's?

    All goes back to Emerson's saying. "If you strike a king, you must kill him."
  13. Korros


    Welcome Aboard!
  14. Korros

    The Assembly Floor

    *Amb. Bergen rises.* "The intention of Clause II.B wasn't to establish a the agencies as governing bodies. The purpose was to establish that the exoplanetary agencies would take the lead on treaties or arbitration. The crutch of the proposal is to free space for the colonizers, not to replace one government with another. I think the cosmos should represent freedom, and should be governed as such." *Amb. Bergen takes his seat.*
  15. Korros

    the Democratic War

    Strategic Command Center Aleria "Your Majesty," Chancellor Tokugama said, "we've just received satellite imagery from Taida Kor. If you look at these images, compared with earlier images," he continued as he laid out the images in front of the Emperor, "you'll notice the presence of these vehicles outside the hangars. We've identified these as buoyant gas fuel trucks. It's believed the Tangkashans are prepping to launch their dirigible fleets." "And their purpose?" the Emperor remarked. "Considering the mustering of paramilitary units, we suspect they're attempting to reinforce Elici." "Inform the blockades. They might try to go overland and try to skip the blockades completely. Alert the fleets in the Aegir, as well as coastal defenses and AWACs. If those zeppelins cross over ocean, they're taking a swim." As Chancellor walked away to relay orders, Foreign Minister Maeda approached the Emperor. "Your Majesty, has offered to commit itself to the alliance." "This is good news. Request if we can use their bases as resupply points for the eastern blockade. We need to arrange a conference to coordinate our strategy." Litna Cafe "Diplomatic attache," the man in the suit corrected him. "I'm not with the Foreign Ministry. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me." He put his briefcase on the table and opened it facing the Lieutenant. Inside was 100,000 Imperials. "This is yours for meeting with us." The attache then put a cell phone on the table. "If you would like more, there's a number programmed on that phone. The signal is encrypted, and it automatically shuts off after a minute and a half to avoid triangulating. Good luck with the your revolution." With that, the attache stood up and left the cafe. Western Blockade KIS Defiant Admiral Hendricks awaited in the Comm Room. A technician tinkered with the equipment. "Sir, audiovisual defenses are in place. If they try anything, this will catch it." "Thank you, Ensign," Admiral Hendricks said. "Admiral Tsongali, your in charge while I chat. Let's record this, the Emperor will want to know what's going on. Put the Grandmaster through."