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  1. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    "Who the devil are you?" Rosalie Novara snapped. "I don't make deals with people I don't know." Yuri raised his gun and aimed it at the stranger. "Now just come forward real slow. No funny business!" Yuri said in an authoritative tone.
  2. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Martov Vale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gabriel stepped out of the shadows and walked around the mangled corpses. He examined the Elician handiwork. He categorized it as messy in his head and left it at that. “A little bit overkill,” he said, his curious gaze falling on the General. “They were just goblins.” Gabriel nudged one of the goblin corpses with the tip of his boot. He took a lizard-leather shield off it and handed it to the General with a smile. “A souvenir of your trip to Tyrtania. May you always remember it… Fondly.” Gabe chuckled and motioned for the Elicians to follow him. “You’ll forgive Ana’s rudeness earlier, won’t you?” he began. “We hadn’t really considered the consequences of you getting lost down here. Also, I think that the elders would be very pleased to meet you, and very displeased with Ana and myself if they didn’t have the chance to offer you proper rewards.” Gabriel picked up one of the goblin bodies and tossed it over a ledge that led to a lower cavern. He kneeled at the edge and listened to the growls and hisses that came from below. “Food for the wild beasts so that they won’t come following the smell of blood.” He stood up again. “Ana has already reached the gate by now. Are you coming?” Vanderburg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A woman with dark brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair approached the warehouse. Her once white dress was darkened with age and a lack of washing, and a linen shawl was draped around her shoulders. Her appearance was dishevelled at best, but she had a youthful glint in her eyes and walked with purpose. She was followed by she was followed by Yuri and Lubomyr. Yuri held an AK47 and Lubomyr had a small revolver on his belt. Both were looking around nervously, simply waiting for some ambush they knew had to be coming. The three of them entered the warehouse. It was dark. Quiet. The silence disturbed only by a drip of water from one of the rusted steel beams holding up the thin aluminium roof. It was a quick construction job, performed in a week by Roth’s labour crews to hold the massive bumper harvest from the season; a grain harvest which had quickly disappeared, unable to fill the demand that the war torn east had created. “If you’re here to kill me,” the lady called out into the darkness, “it will do you little good. Others will take my place and continue our struggle for equality. If that is not the case then please come forward and tell me why I have been called here tonight.”
  3. Tyrtania

    Need custom flags?

    Sure, if you want, I'd be happy to see what I can do.
  4. Tyrtania

    What is the ideal political system?

    Well therein lies the problem. No dictatorship has ever been totally benevolent, and there's no way to make sure that a dictator is always benevolent; because the dictator is not answerable to the people, and if he were, well then it wouldn't be a dictatorship. If you want my personal opinion, I would say a monarchy is best. Especially the monarchies of England from 1400 - 1800. Simply because the Monarch is so uninvolved in the average person's life. Sure, times were pretty turbulent, especially in the courts of England, but that sort of thing rarely ever disrupted the common man's daily work or activities.
  5. Tyrtania

    Rebels of Tyrtania

    Vanderburg was in chaos. Gunfire was heard across the small city and flashes of light from broken Molotov cocktails flared up everywhere. The Republic’s soldiers were trying desperately to hold their positions, but slowly were giving in to the mobs of rioters. The conflict had begun earlier that evening when an announcement came on the city-wide speakers. Food rations were to be cut again. The starving people of Vanderburg started a protest in front of the granaries they knew were holding their year’s harvest. The guards opened fire and the United Socialist Party leapt into action. From her podium in front of the town hall, Rosalie Novara, the ex-minister of Agriculture spoke out against Roth and his elitist society. She promised the people of Vanderburg equal food and wealth for everyone. The Republic’s soldiers came to arrest Novara, but her followers had already set their plan into motion. The government in town quickly succumbed to their takeover and now all that was left were small pockets of resisting soldiers.
  6. Tyrtania

    The Assembly Floor

    Obvious reasons? Mr. Ordlaw I'm afraid you're not being very forthcoming. Also, if you do have such evidence or a witness, they should come forth themselves. Otherwise all you are committing is acts of hearsay. And my good sir, God should always be the highest authority in one's life. I don't know what point you are trying to make by throwing around these wild accusations, but I think you should cut to the chase. Surely the Union has better things to do than argue over whether they should oppress a member nation or not?
  7. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Golden Sea ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blackburn rose. “As fun as this has been, I think you’ve stayed long enough. It would be better if you left before any of Roth’s supporters come poking ‘round here.” He extended his hand to Deukalion. “For now, I can say that we have a common enemy, and it might be to our… Mutual benefit if we worked together. At least for the time being. What do ya think?” Martov Vale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a soft clicking of claws on stone in the darkness of the tunnel. Then it stopped. Without warning, two rock-tipped spears flew at the Elician soldiers. The spears were followed by a trio of five foot high, green skinned, sharp-clawed creatures that hurled themselves at the Elicians with a mighty cry in their shrill tongue. They wielded crude iron weapons and wore armour made of lizard skin and leather. (OOC: I've been super busy with school stuff too but I should have more time to keep up with this soon)
  8. Tyrtania

    Potential RP reforms

    I think this is an excellent idea. Good LORD! Thank you! I would be so happy if this would get changed. I don't give a damn about the WA, but I do care about Yggdrasil. The fact that my options are both or neither is so horrid. Exactly my sentiments. The Fun and Games forum is such a drain on time. If people spent half the time they did there in the RP sections we would have a very lively RP scene.
  9. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    “Oh hell…” Gabriel stopped and looked behind him. “I think we lost the humans.” Ana shrugged, “I told them to follow and keep up. They’re probably just back a bit waiting to jump out and try to surprise us.” “Ana… They’re adult aged humans, not 12 year olds.” Anastasia turned to Gabriel and cocked her head to the side, blinking her eyes slowly. “Is there a difference?” she asked. Gabriel muttered, “I’m pretty sure there is.” Ana began to walk away. “They’ll catch up. If not, I’m sure they’re more than capable of finding their way out.” “And what do you think will happen if the Dwegi catch them? I don’t think the Dwergi would be happy to know that the Moroii are about to make a big comeback.” A single word escaped Ana’s lips. “Shit.” “I’ll go get them and meet you at the end of the tunnel,” Gabriel said, running back the way they came. “Better hurry Gabe.”
  10. Tyrtania

    The Assembly Floor

    Mr. Seban has, sadly, disappeared. He's nowhere to be found. It is my government's belief that he was murdered upon his arrival in Fort Hope by the Human Supremacist Army. Although, we have no way to confirm these reports. If I may say though, Mr. Seban would certainly have been against the creation of the new government, and I could imagine he would have no love for the Grand Minister. But, he always wanted Tyrtania to be an independent, influential, nation with the ability to look out for itself. Having a representative in the Yggdrasil Union is a part of that, and it would be disrespectful to his memory to turn away my representation of Tyrtania. Even if I will only be in office temporarily until we can come to a solution to this dilemma.
  11. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    The Golden Sea --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Well if I were Alexandre and heading west, I’d probably want to hide in the forests near Grimmshire. They’re dark and twisted beyond all imagination,” Blackburn said with a grimace. “And I’ve heard talk of some very strange goings on in those lands. Then again, those always were strange places, and never really under Tyrtanian control; just a part of the island.” “Or he might have tried to escape over the Gray Sea. Treacherous waters those are; nigh impassable for ships, but on a flying broomstick, he could have very well made it to the other side.” One of the Yoruban officers tied a gag around Xuthus’ mouth and secured it tightly with a knot. He smiled, “Ready for your swim?” The other Yorubans grabbed Xuthus and dragged him to the edge of the ship before lifting him up over the railing and dropping him feet first into the sea with a tremendous splash. Blackburn peered over the edge of Deukalion’s ship. “I think that’s the last you’ll see of that worm. But you never know. One time I thought I’d seen the last of Anastasia Torrovitch, and then she came back a week later. She threw me off a cliff; but I’m still here. Guess fate sees to it that our greatest enemies never die.” Blackburn sat himself back down on a crate with a grimace. “Although, I’m not as young as I use to be, but she’s as lively as ever. Hunting vampires has a tendency to make you feel much older than you are.” He laughed, “And I’m pretty old.” Martov Vale ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anastasia peered into the darkness where the Elicians had just been. “Clever trick,” she muttered, “But you don’t want to go poking around in the lower caverns. I don’t even go there. They’re filled with enormous bats, goblins, shades and the dwergi: vicious little demons that once served the Vrykolaka Lords.” Gabriel chuckled. “I once heard a rumour that there is a tunnel that leads for a thousand miles into the ground. At the other side is an enormous subterranean kingdom built by people who were banished from the surface world and sent there through a magical portal.” Ana pointed the torch down a tunnel that was on their left. The slope was steep and covered in moss. “If you want to go goblin hunting, that is the way. But I doubt they’ll give us any trouble. Good luck finding your way back, because it won’t be from this tunnel. Gabriel and I have wasted enough time as it is. Thank you for accompanying us. Follow if you wish, but feel free to do as you please.” Ana and Gabriel proceeded along the tunnel the group had been following, the torchlight slowing fading away into the almost tangible darkness.
  12. Tyrtania

    The Assembly Floor

    Do you have some proof of that? Of course you don’t, because that is a complete and utter lie. Shame on you! Degrading our Grand Minister and trying to make him look like a lunatic! Jolly well for you, but we’d like to have the opportunity to give democracy a try. I have a feeling it will work much better for us. I believe you are confusing us with the Human Supremacist Movement and the Christian Power Front. The Grand Minister belonged to neither. God forbid the tyrant ever returns. The Grand Minister is the leader of Tyrtania now, and holds no throne. He sits in a seat in Parliament with the other representatives. Grand Minister Roth will lead us democratically and whatever you’ve heard about questioning is, false. I was chosen to represent the Theocratic Republic of Tyrtania by a Parliamentary vote. The members of Parliament are representatives for their counties, and by extension, the people of their counties. So, in a way, I was chosen by Tyrtania to represent it in this Union. I’m of Tyrtanian blood, and no one else has laid claim to the ambassadorship. Would you so quickly deprive the Tyrtanian people of their vote in regional matters?
  13. Happy birthday! :D

  14. Tyrtania

    Of Kings and Grand Ministers

    Cairford’s Manor --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A soldier on patrol looked up into the night sky. He thought he saw a little glimmer amongst the stars. He shook his head and returned on his walk. “Probably that awful water from earlier,” he said to himself. Martov Vale ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The group journeyed higher and higher into the mountains. The path wound its way upwards along the edge of sheer cliffs and deep, black chasms. There were no sounds except for their footsteps and the occasional clattering of a rock being pushed over the edge of the mountain. They rounded a sharp corner and entered a dark tunnel. Ana grabbed a torch off the wall and lit it up. The walls were covered with blood red paintings of animals to begin with, but as they moved deeper into the cave the drawings grew more malevolent. Bison changed into bats, upright people fell at the knees of tall black creatures with huge wings and pools of red paint at their feet. One of the soldiers from Elici kicked a stone down a hole in the ground. The stone fell, creating a sound that reverberated through the caverns every time it bounced off the wall or a ledge on the way down. The sound of bats squealing was audible throughout the cavern. Even more disturbing was a chattering in some ancient language that echoed after it. As suddenly as it came the sound stopped, replaced by a heavy silence. After remaining frozen for almost a minute Ana regained her composure. “We’re going to keep moving. Come on.”