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  1. Vrolondia

    Yggdrasil Map

    Closed as now out dated. Current map located here https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=840514
  2. Vrolondia

    Regional Field Trip 2017

  3. Vrolondia

    Picture Countdown

  4. Vrolondia

    New Nautica opens communications

    Hey there, welcome to the community
  5. Vrolondia

    Greetings from Valhyria

    Hail Valhyria!!! Welcome to the twin regions!
  6. Vrolondia


    On the old forum we would get Florins as we post on the forum, and we used the Florins to claim land on the map. The forum was recently upgraded and we lost the Florin system, so they are now irrelevant to the Map. We have a new map currently being developed, otherwise you can ask the delegate since as far as I know he administers the current map
  7. Vrolondia

    Hello world

    Hey there, Welcome to the twin regions
  8. Vrolondia

    Hello everyone!

    Hey there, Welcome to the regions! If you have any questions about the game, what to do, or how to get involved, feel free to ask!
  9. Vrolondia

    Shu sevet nar lavel

    Hey there, welcome to the twin regions!
  10. Vrolondia

    Tell a blatant lie about yourself

    I want Trump to be president
  11. Vrolondia

    Word Association

  12. Vrolondia

    Last one to post here wins.

    Lol nope
  13. Vrolondia

    The "You're Banned" game

    You're banned for using Godwins Law
  14. Vrolondia

    Corrupt a wish!

    Your wish has been granted Except the people you play with are terrible I wish I could afford more food
  15. Vrolondia

    You sir

    You sir, don't sing enough atrocious songs