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    Full Name: The People's Republic of Russo-Armenia Short Name: Russo-Armenia National Motto: Das-Vedanya Comrade! Population: 6.5 million Official Date of Establishment: 1899 Government Type: Democratic Socialist Nation Head of State: Vladimir Kiev Head of Government: Fyodor Putrov Capital City: Rostov Largest Cities: Rostov, Kerch, Kryvyy, Orsha, Mazyr Currency: The Rupie Major Industries: Coal Mining, Gold Mining, Silver Mining, Mining in general, Weaving, Automobiles Main Export(s): Gold, coal, silver, basKets, Automobiles, Food, Aircraft, some oil Language(s): Russian, Tatar and English National Tree/Flower: None National Animal: Viper National Bio: N/A (will do it when I can)
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    Hey it's Russo-Armenia from NS. I just joined in so I'm new as you can tell.