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  1. Alpine Territories

    How do you pronounce the name of your nation?

    Al- like Al Bundy -pine like in pine tree Ter- like in terrified -ri- like in ridiculous -to- like in toddle -ries like in blackberries I know, it is not easy - if you should have any questions, you are welcome to get back to me.
  2. Alpine Territories

    Is NATO still relevant?

    Oooops! Completely right, I am sorry. If we considered what you say as true - then the baltic countries would fit in the sceme to make the aliance stronger and it would have been no mistake to take them. My information about the region was a bit different until now - however, you seem to have a better picture of it than I have. Reasons which I can think of for the other counties you mentioned: Luxembourg - situated in the center of Europe and importent financial centre for the other members. Denmark/Norway - Important to guard the sea passage from Russia to the Antlantic Ocean. Albania - Important location for....hum....very strong in...hum...must have something to do with Yugoslavia, I suppose - however I do not think it was the best candidate to join NATO. EDIT: Maybe this helps by getting an idea of economical strength of single candidates: GDP per capita. Unfortunately the "sort" function is buggy.
  3. Alpine Territories

    Theocracy of Bartay

    Welcome in the name of all Alpine folks. May the lord have an eye on Bartay and its believing citizens. Gero Michelangelo XVII First Servant of Alpine Territories
  4. Alpine Territories

    Alpine Territories is "the new one"

    Bayern Muenchen? Bad time for that The got clashed 5:1 last saturday against Wolfsburg - see here how they got finished: http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6225911/Zauber..._Grafite_4_4_09 Really amazing
  5. Alpine Territories

    Is NATO still relevant?

    I think I can answer this question, Slavian Republics. If you see the side of morale - I agree with you. Why should the balic states not receive any protection. However, NATO is not social or "fair" like for example the UN. It is an alliance built for defence. And the only question when you ask if an additional member should enter an alliance is "With the new member, will we become stronger? And will we become so much stronger that it outweights the additional risk of an further nation to protect?" If you answer with yes, you can take the new member - if not, you can also take it, however it will not be a win for an alliance. You are completely right when you say, that Germany is also not strong enough for NATO (at least it was not strong enough after WW2). The membership of Germany is based on historical reasons as the front of the cold war run through Germany at a time where there has actually been "a physical front" at ground war. Later on, after foot soldier and tank got a bit unimportant and with the upcoming of rockets, Turkey joined - of course too weak for being a member. However, the geogrphical situation was ideal for placing rockets. So it makes sense to let countries participate which are either strong in military/economical/political power or which are in a special strategic position. I do not judge the baltic states as one of these countries and therefore I do not judge the decicion as good. Please do not get me wrong, I really like the baltic states. My own ancestors are slavian and so, I feel a special link to this area. I only try to analyze the problem from a rational, cold strategic view how an alliance could behave to survive.
  6. Alpine Territories

    If God created the Universe, who created God?

    First I must say - I am really positively surprised about the answers here. First answer in Germany would be: "Ha! There is no God - stay away from me with the church. They try to tell their lies since thousands of years. And the pope is killing people by prohibiting condoms..." as it is currently 'modern' to break with traditions and the way of life of the parents and to feel very very clever by doing so. But back to topic. In my opinion, religion is a way which proposes us how we could live our lifes in a good way. Actually, if everybody would stick strictly to christian religion, there would be a lot less problems. War? No, you are not allowed to kill. HIV? No, as you have one one sexual partner in your life, the disease can not be passed on. Poverty? Not possible as the rich would give to the poor. ... (Maybe it is the same with other religions - I am not enough into it to judge it, to be honest) Religion is a receipt for a better working world. Religion is not meant to explain the world. Of couse one could think about it by reading Genesis (lights on, stars above, fish into ocean, Adam into paradise, finished!) but I do not think that the authors of the bible actually thought that Eve had a conversation with a snake and was punished for stealing apples . So the question 'who created god?' makes no sense as there is no god-creation process needed to give us the receipt for a better life. Puh...hard to bring it to keybord...
  7. Alpine Territories

    Games you are playing

    Besides Nation States I play a few other Online Games. Freewar Browserbased MMORPG, which I have been playing for several years. Unfortunately, there is no english version. Molehill Empire (Wurzelimperium) Build a virtual garden and sell vegetables on the market (really thrilling - believe me ) Nostale Client Based MMORPG. I recently left this Game after I participated in the game staff team and saw, how they treat their users.
  8. Alpine Territories

    Make a Sentence From 5 Letters

    Corpulent Otters Invade Nation States SMILE
  9. Alpine Territories

    Is NATO still relevant?

    It is true that this expansion of NATO was a huge mistake and a pure provocation of the (too?) proud Russians. What sense does it have to fill out a blanco-cheque for a weak (financial/military), startegically unimportant, potentially threatened (by Russia) country like the baltic states. Such an expansion weakens the alliance and means a permanent sword of Damocles over its head. However, I do not see any evidence, that NATO is not needed anymore. If there had not been any NATO, the Jugoslavia/Kosovo conflict would not have been solved the way it has been. And, although we have a kind of peace now, we do not know how long this would last. Will Russia try to invade the former soviet territory? We should not forget that Putin is still the big man in the back and that he is a former KGB man. Will a holy dictator run a holy war with holy warriors from holy near-east? We do not hope that, however we do not know what happens - and it is i any case an advantage to have a more or less running system to 'emphasize' the own interests i.e. to protect ourselves in case of.
  10. Alpine Territories

    Alpine Territories is "the new one"

    Thanks for your greetings. Still everything a bit confusing but slowly it gets better - I was already successful in banning Harry Potter from my nation (nasty blasphemic witchery, really ...and maybe one day I will understand what we all are doing here.
  11. Alpine Territories

    Alpine Territories is "the new one"

    Greetings. The people of Alpine Territories are happe to be with you, throw them selves into the dust and praise the Lord for letting this happen. Alpine Territorians are a small folk living high up the mountains - years of 'correct' education led to a fanatic belief in god (the chistian one) and to a devote, isolated lifestyle. That is why Alpine Terriories are often called "the world's biggest abbey". In RL im come from Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Europe and I am not half as religious as the Alpine Territories are (society has wasted me). I am aged 29 (and this will never change and working in a tiny chaotic office. Therefore I appologize for a maybe improvable English. It is not my mother language (btw. the EU decided, that we have to say "patental language" in future) however, I will try my best. Looking forward to play with you. G.M. Highest Sevant of Alpine Territories