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  1. Supreme One of Umna

    Time Capsule: Project T 2010

    The People's Republic of Umna are very pleased to participate in this event. From the National Cultural Museum in Bwop Moy we are contributing the crown of the king of Umna. This was from the time when the Umna people were ruled by a monarch before they gained their freedom and established the People's Republic under the guidance of the Umna People's Party. A picture and a detailed description follows- The Umna Crown which is made of red velvet has a height of 32 cm without the aigrette and a diameter of 19.5 cm, at the base which is equivalent to a circumference of 61 cm.. The diameter of the crown gradually increases towards the top of the crown to give the traditional shape of a crown. The outer frame of the crown ends in a wavy edge with alternative crests and troughs. The wavy edge of the crown is not the uppermost part of the crown. Inner to this edge arise the semi-circular “cap” of the crown also made of velvet and supported by two semicircular bands perpendicular to one another. The outer frame of the crown has three horizontal rows of pearls going right round the circumference of the crown. One row is at the lower edge, a second below the wavy edge, and a third somewhere in the middle. Between the upper and middle horizontal rows of pearls, more closely studded pearls in roughly hexagonal areas, form a beautiful pattern right round the circumference of the crown. The wavy edge of the outer frame is also studded with pearls. The two edges of the semi-circular bands supporting the cap of the crown are also lined with pearls. In all the total number of pearls found on the crown is about 1,800, so much so that one could characterize the Umna Crown as essentially a “Crown of Pearls.”
  2. Supreme One of Umna

    Tech level

    I agree for all the reasons you stated. While I am hesitant to limit any member from having fun and using their imagination, I am concerned about the problems that can occur. I think that New Czacilika had some excellent ideas on the subject the main portion of which I shall quote from their post- No easy solutions that will make everyone happy, but I think both Britannic Union and New Czacilikia have some very good ideas.
  3. Supreme One of Umna


    Thank you Trav-Coch for clarifying things.
  4. Supreme One of Umna


    Forgive me but, I really need to give you my opinion about this announcement I don't see an upside to this change and it seems to make things more confusing. Up till now I've never shared a border with Vinnlande. If I understand correctly we can agree to be "neighbors" if we both find that acceptable. But not if one side disagrees. At least that's how I read it. One of the things that confuses me is this. Let's assume Vinnlande and I agree to be neighbors. Then after awhile spaces #35 & #37 are claimed by new nations. Now we are no longer neighbors! Before I could only lose a neighbor (like Torvent) if they CTEd. Now I can lose a neighbor( that still exists) because two new nations came into being between our borders??? That seems crazy. And what about a land border? We don't have one? We expand through the unclaimed region to extend our own borders, more or less annexing the regions in between? Could you perhaps give further explanation because I am apparently missing something important here. Thank you, Umna
  5. Supreme One of Umna


    Welcome to Yggdrasil. Relax and settle in. Explore the forums. Have fun.
  6. Supreme One of Umna

    Umna media notes and views

    From- The Umna Truth Official Paper of the Umna People's Party (UPP) Turmoil and controversy rule as Yggdrasil Union continues down disappointing path. PRU position gains ground as fellow nations offer support No nation celebrated more the establishment of the Yggdrasil Union then the People's Republic of Umna. And no nation is more disappointed in what has so far transpired at the Union. When Ambassador Xhevdet Armegh stood and made the painful announcement that the PRU could not cast it's vote because of the flawed methods which were used to bring the motion to a vote without proper input he upset a lot of nations. Many blamed the PRU for creating the turmoil by Ambassador Armegh's announcement of a call for a boycott. Those nations who blame the PRU should remember that Ambassador Armegh had previously expressed his concern over there being enough time for discussions. Thus when the vote was brought up the PRU had no choice but to boycott the vote. Then the strong and moral nations of South Titania and the Republic of Britannic Union States expressed powerfully their outrage at the methods of bringing the motion to vote. For their brave actions they have the gratitude of the PRU. The PRU bears no ill will towards the acting speaker, Ambassador Trav-Coch. There is no reason to doubt he has the best intentions and has worked very hard for the Union. But to the PRU and others his decisions have been disastrous. The PRU continues to support the Yggdrasil Union and to remain hopeful for it's future despite it's very problematic beginning.
  7. Supreme One of Umna

    Umna media notes and views

    From THE UMNA GUARDIAN An Armed Forces Magazine People's Congress Votes to Increase Military Budget by 15% One again under the brilliant guidance and leadership of the Umna People's Party the Umna government has recognized the importance of maintaining the strength and vitality of the Umna Armed Forces as the strong right arm and protector of the Umna people and nation. The People's Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill that was proposed by the Umna People's Party Military Procurement Committee. This bill will guarantee that all members of the Umna Armed Forces in good standing will receive pay increases as of Aug 1st. This bill also increases funding for officers and other specialists to participate in specialized educational training. This bill also supplies funding that is needed to purchase replacement parts as well as important new much needed equipment. Further details will be announced. The Umna Armed Forces are known far and wide as a powerful,well trained,well equipped and very efficient protectors of the Umna people. Because of the strong spirit and brave heart of the Umna people who make up the Umna Armed Forces and the guiding wisdom of the Umna People's Party(UPP) who are a beacon that leads the People's Republic of Umna through the darkness the Umna people are able to live in peace and happiness and safety. . Major General Bardyl Tzu Commander First Umna Army
  8. Supreme One of Umna

    Hello from The Republic of Britannic Union States

    Welcome to Yggdrasil. You can list your nations history and related info under the National Wiki Center.
  9. Supreme One of Umna


    I'd like to offer a different opinion. I think that the map could be a great catalyst for lots of role-play. Such as- Border disputes refugees from CTEd nations international assistance peace conferences Nautical disputes CTEd "blank" countries as terrorist bases peace keeping forces possible use as "non-player nations if needed" There would seem to be a lot of ways that the map and the blank spaces can fit in well with role play. While not everything has to be roleplayed, I think we should try to take full advantage of these role play opportunities. Thank you Veilyonia for all your hard work on the maps and thank you Trav-Coch for doing such a great job on the Union and everything else.
  10. Supreme One of Umna


    You got it right in your earlier post. (hi) Again, welcome to Yggdrasil!
  11. Supreme One of Umna


    Greetings, you did indeed post correctly. Welcome to Yggdrasil. Please explore the forums and enjoy yourself.
  12. Supreme One of Umna

    Ulthar Goodwill Tour 1.0

    Congratulations Oskr and to all our wonderful friends from Ulthar. May your growth continue unabated!
  13. Supreme One of Umna

    Questions Game!

    Because Ronnie's of the Pack Rat variety. What's for breakfast?
  14. Supreme One of Umna


    Greetings Minister Trav-Coch, I have a question regarding the use (or non-use) of apparent CTE nations that appear on the regional map as regards role play. While this could perhaps be put on the regional map thread I felt it would be better placed here directly in the role playing hotline thread. I have read with interest your ideas regarding unclaimed map territories (referring that is to the numbered map spots currently without specific nation claims. It would appear that other then the above mentioned unclaimed (numbered) territories there are some nations that have CTE (Ceased to Exist.) This add an additional challenge to geographical as well as role play. For example in looking at the latest map (from June 1st 09) it appears to have the newest additions have been given nations. But it also appears several CTEs remain on the map. This is in no way to fault the map maker. It is to establish if different parameters or rules exist between numbered unclaimed regions (former nations) and CTE nations that retain their names. Take Danartica or Russo-Armenia as two examples. My apologies if I am wrong but I believe both have ceased to exist. I have my own thoughts on the matter but I'd like to know what you and others think on this subject. Let me put it as a question that should get my point across. Is the way that the CTEd Russo-Armenia is dealt with today (as a CTEd nation on the map) any different then the way it would be earlier or later when it was/will be #24? I thank you for your time and effort.
  15. Supreme One of Umna

    The PR of Umna Bureau of International Information

    It is with great pleasure that the PRU announces the appointment of the long time Foreign Minister Xhevdet Armegh as it's Ambassador to the Yggdrasil Union. The PRU has long desired the establishment of a forum for regional discussions. We look forward to fruitful talks with our fellow Yggdrasilians regarding the pressing issues we all face. Arm in arm we march forward to progress and a better future. Ambassador Armegh has spent his career in the service of the PR of Umna. He has been the foreign minister of the PRU for the last seven years. He will be leaving the foreign minister position in becoming the PRU Ambassador. He will be replaced by Van Strikus a longtime foreign ministry offical who is the new foreign minister.