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  1. Ok ok, you don't have to actually slam your face into the keyboard, but it sure is fun... Rules & Directions: 1. Mash they keyboard (face, hand, or any extremity of your choice) 2. Take what you have and make a sentence out of the letters 3. Laugh and wait to see who does what next. Ex. gbhnk Global bunnies hamper nuclear killings. Enjoy!
  2. Opulento

    Pandemic 2

    This is an awesome game: http://www.addictinggames.com/pandemic2.html Evolve your disease, spread to the world, then kill the human race!
  3. Opulento

    Psychological test?

    Weird, someone else I knew said blue screwdriver, and two people said blue hammer, blue wrench. Very interesting...
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    Word Association

  5. Opulento

    Count to 1000!

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    Nation eliminator 2 <(^.^)>

    Goddess Relief Office: 8 (+1) Garden Rocket: 5 (-1) This is going to get confusing without having all nations in every post... you have to see who took from whom and gave to whom by checking every post before yours...
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    Alphabet Alliteration

    Kingly Kangaroos Keep Kind Kindergarten Koalas
  8. Opulento

    Make a Sentence From 5 Letters

    Could America negotiate deals yearly? ROUND
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    Change 1 letter or 2, with a goal!

  10. Opulento

    Psychological test?

    Even my friend thought of a red hammer, that's fishing crazy!
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    Count to 1000!

  12. Opulento

    Change 1 letter or 2, with a goal!

  13. Opulento

    Word Association

  14. Opulento

    Change 1 letter or 2, with a goal!

  15. Opulento

    Count to 1000!

  16. Opulento

    Word Association

  17. Opulento

    Change 1 letter or 2, with a goal!

    How did you get VASE out of CARD? Oh well... GASP
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    Ruler of the world! <(^.^<)

    Thou shalt not take Ruler-ship from Opulento!
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    Word Association

  20. Opulento

    Count to 1000!

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    Who or What Got You On NS

    EVERYONE DIED?! out... :bigwink: Well, on facebook they have a new app called nations which is quite similar to NationStates, just some more immediate visible changes. So I checked to see if there was anything similar, so I found NationStates and joined up, then GRO invited me to Yggdrasil and here I am!
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    Anime Discussion

    I don't know any of these titles...
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    Gay Marriage

    Lucky is the key word there
  24. Opulento

    Make a Sentence From 5 Letters

    Got a word there RedIron?
  25. Opulento

    Questions Game!

    What's your least favourite "must-do" chore? Dishes, always dishes. What is your drink? (Doesn't have to be alcoholic)