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  1. South Titania

    Onkar Just Joined

    Hey Onkar, welcome to our forums! We mostly use it for Roleplaying, voting on WA issues and voting on the next delegate (there's an election going on right now).
  2. South Titania

    N-Day event with Forest

    Uh to be fair, our founder doesn't like to do this on Discord. So I'm not really sure about using that platform to plan
  3. Hi all, This topic was created to discuss how best to co-ordinate with Forest in the upcoming N-Day event.
  4. South Titania

    Suggestions for Observer

    I think we should add a Reader's Submission column. This could be a short 5-10 line topic of anything interesting of note - like places, technology, people etc.
  5. South Titania

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I'll be traveling and won't have much access to the Internet, so I'll have to sit this one out. Sorry
  6. South Titania

    Testing new buttons for the forum

    Great, we'll test it out.
  7. South Titania

    I am taking map requests here!

    I would like to be placed in the South preferably on the coast. If possible , make me a neighbour of Serjo with a mountain range separating our two nations.
  8. South Titania

    The Observer

    Edition A| Issue 2 | June 13th, 2016 | Newsletter Editor: South Titania The Enemy Within May 2016 was a very eventful month for Yggdrasil as a series of events lead to a region-wide panic and the unmasking of a traitor within our midst. Around the start of May, a nation by the name of Yugoslavia arrived in our region. At first , it seemed Yugoslavia was just another friendly visitor to our region - an assumption that was ill-advised in retrospect. He made a series of posts asking if anyone had heard of The Empire of France , an allegedly powerful raider region. Furthermore , he claimed to have information that the Empire of France was preparing a RAID on Yggdrasil. Shortly after these posts on the RMB , New Fiera - the former editor of The Observer - claimed to have received telegrams from a nation within The Empire of France and subsequently sent a region wide telegram warning everyone of an imminent raid! Chaos seeped into the RMB with many nations raising questions even as the Council of Elders quickly formed an investigative committee into these allegations. It was quickly discovered that the so called "raider" region - The Empire of France - was quite minuscule in comparison to Yggdrasil and had very few WA nations. Suspicion at this point turned to New Fiera , after all....why did a Newsletter Editor receive the invasion threats rather than the Foreign Minister or even the WA Delegate, Skothafjordur? Goddess Relief Office then pulled New Fiera into a private discussion questioning these events. New Fiera was asked to explain the recent appearance of Yugoslavia (whose warnings of a raid coincided quite conveniently with the telegrams received by New Fiera) and was asked if Yugoslavia was his puppet. Unfortunately, that answer will never be revealed , for New Fiera subsequently left Yggdrasil.....making it clear that New Fiera & Yugoslavia were the same. New Fiera (now posing as Yugoslavia again) went to a number of other regions spreading word of the (non-existent) danger posed by The Empire of France. However , our agents had quickly informed these regions and Yugoslavia didn't last long before being banjected by the delegates. Peace finally returned to Yggdrasil....and attention turned towards more pressing matters , like extinguishing the celebratory fires set by Thembria SSR. This War of Mine Barely had the flames (not Thembria's) from the invasion fiasco died down when the RMB was rocked again , this time it was a ideological war between nations in Yggdrasil. Our region is home to people with many thoughts and beliefs , discussions on the RMB are not uncommon and sometimes tend to go overboard. These discussions are always welcome in Yggdrasil and popcorn sales usually hit an all-time high during these events. The clash in question was between Capitalism and Socialism. Decadent Capitalists lead by Neopacificus , Serjo and Tamanian held opinions that were strongly refuted by Glorious Socialists lead by Abenwald, The Shadow Republik and Canadian Davsland. A mini-war erupted on the RMB with neko-powered supercarriers , AK-47 kalashnikovs and other unrealistic weapons of mass destruction making appearances. Neopacificus even went as far as beheading Hatsune Miku to show his ruthlessness , only to accidentally turn on Abenwald. In the midst of all this , Allemeine II decided the event would be best witnessed with popcorn while South Titania unsuccessfully attempted to create a Beer Volcano. After several million casualties were sustained by Serjo and The Shadow Republik's nations , Goddess Relief Office stepped in to defuse the situation. One would've have thought that was the end , but the flames of war never do die down and the conflict erupted again this week with Serjo and The Shadow Republik choosing to engage in quaint Swordplay - well at least there are no more WMD's involved (not that there was anything left to bomb anyway). Stay tuned to see who will win this epic battle of empty threats! A brand new Forum The off-site forums received a much needed overhaul this month with nations appreciating many of the new features (foremost of which is the improved Chat room) and the ability to render HTML code directly with a simple copy-paste operation. Kudos to Goddess Relief Office on getting this setup in a short amount of time! The World Destroyer strikes the forum Just a few days after the new forum went up , a mysterious force sent several requests to the forum causing a DDOS and crashing it completely. Many were distraught and assumed New Fiera had come back exacting revenge. The IP address from which the requests were made was banned immediately. However , the identity of the true culprit remained unknown for a time thereafter. One fine day , Abenwald reported that he couldn't access the forum as his IP address was banned. Coincidence? Apparently not , for it had been Abenwald who had "accidentally" caused the DDOS thanks to crappy decadent capitalistic Wi-Fi. Thus , the World Destroyer was born! The YDS has taken note of Abenwald's actions and has requested his assistance in covert operations to DDOS forums belonging to other nations. Go forth World Destroyer! Yggdrasil's "The Observer" Newsletter gets a new editor! In light of recent events with New Fiera's departure, The Observer - Yggdrasil's newsletter - has been taken up South Titania , a former delegate of the region. A Murder of Puppets Yggdrasil's population see-sawed dramatically over the last couple of weeks with several nations CTE'ing. The latest bunch to CTE were Miriliarith's puppets (numbering over 40) which caused the regional population to plummet to below 300 , which hasn't happened in a while. Yggdrasil's recruiters are working feverishly to correct this gross oversight. Expect more slaves to our dungeons next month! Progress on the Yggdrasil Map Anon Zytose continues his quest to create the quintessential regional map of Yggdrasil. Steady progress has been made with Zytose reporting that 60% of the work is complete. Nations held a day long celebration to motivate Zytose towards his goal and Goddess Relief Office too played her part in motivating Zytose with whips and oil (OUCH). Embassy established with Osiris One of the oldest regions on NationStates - Osiris - submitted an application to establish an embassy with Yggdrasil. Osiris is well known as one of the "sinker" regions (where CTE nations are resurrected). After deliberating , the Council of Elders unanimously decided to go ahead with establishing an embassy. Construction is expected to complete within 3 days. We hope that this will lead to a long and prosperous relationship with Osiris! General Assembly Resolution at Vote: None Security Council Resolution at Vote: Condemn Macedonia Votes For: 2,268 (25%) Votes Against: 6,926 (75%) Voting Ends on: April 20th, 2016 Among Yggdrasil residents, voting is currently 3-13 (81% Against). Yggdrasil's WA Delegate, Skothafjordur, has not voted on this resolution. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the regular World Assembly polls, whether you are a WA member or not. Skothafjordur cannot represent the region properly if he does not know what the region wants. All Yggdrasil WA member nations are also urged to vote on all World Assembly resolutions; voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. The Norwegian Kid's Club of Carrasastova The Norwegian Kid's Club of Carrasastova is a colossal, safe nation, remarkable for its museums and concert halls, keen interest in outer space, and devotion to social welfare. The compassionate, democratic, cheerful population of 7.099 billion Carrasastovans are free to do what they want with their own bodies, and vote for whomever they like in elections; if they go into business, however, they are regulated to within an inch of their lives. Full anything is bad; Full socialism became communist Russia and full capitalism became the lasse-faire USA. Need an even mix of both I think, one to grow and foster ideas the other to control the prices and regulate the commerce. - Vrolondia *notes that someone called me old* *is sad * ;_; - Goddess Relief Office Some day i'm going to marry GRO and Vrolondia! - Thembria SSR
  9. South Titania

    Greetings from Einarlund!

    Welcome to our realm Einarlund! Enjoy your stay!
  10. Elke & Elba appointed as Foreign Affairs Minister With immediate effect, I am appointing Elke and Elba as the region's Foreign Affairs Minister per stated in the Constitution, Section 4.12 ( b ). Elke & Elba's duties shall be as outlined in the Constitution: "The Foreign Affairs Minister shall head the region's Department of Foreign Affairs. He shall be responsible for maintaining and opening relations with regions and organizations outside of Yggdrasil, appointing ambassadors and emissaries to represent Yggdrasil in foreign regions, and receiving ambassadors from foreign regions in Yggdrasil. Notwithstanding his authority to open friendly relations or communicate with foreign regions, no formal alliances or written treaties must be made without the consent of the Chief Executive or the Chancellor. " Please join me in welcoming Elke & Elba! South Titania Chancellor of Yggdrasil
  11. South Titania


    Hey there, welcome to the region. I like quiet people!
  12. South Titania


    Hi there, welcome to the region. There's a sticky at the top of this forum that should explain your questions. http://www.half-hp.net/yggforums/index.php?showtopic=52
  13. South Titania

    Slam your face into the Keyboard!

    fgrt Fried grapes rot thoroughly
  14. South Titania

    Regional Award Ceremony IX

    More shiny medals! Gratz to everyone!
  15. South Titania

    Good Morning from Louisistan

    Hey , welcome to Yggdrasil Louisistan. Nice flag too!