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  1. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Winter Solstice Festival

    Ulthar's last two events. The are currently visible on our forum. 4. The announcement of the winner of an issues contest between two of our power posters, attempting to get a new nation to utopia in 150 issues or less. The outcome will be announced just before or during the festival. It is: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/2010/10/...e-vs-xampotism/ 5. Someone not clear on the winter solstice concept decided to just post a link to our most popular game, which is to post song titles. The twist is that you have to make it clever, try not to repeat the over 600 posts above you, and end the song title with "in my pants." That's here: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/2009/04/...-my-pants-game/ Please post the Yggdrasil link to your arcade and any events in this thread or in the Ulthar fest planning thread ASAP, by Sunday noon US Eastern time at the latest. The fest hostess, whom we have yet to decide on a name for, was designed by a TEP citizen. I decided that she needed a strapless evening dress.
  2. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Winter Solstice Festival

    But no, we kinda have our act together. Ulthar's forum is a blog, so the main page (as opposed to a post) will have all the links on it. The plan is to be up and running there between 2-4 PM Eastern on Sunday the 19th. That's at: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/ So far we have three events completed and at least two more in the works. Mind you these links are "good" only to Ulthar Admin until Sunday afternoon. Our forum allows us to create a post and schedule when it is published. The main festival page will have just links to the posts below. Yggdrasil can directly link to them. 1. A NationStates Quiz: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/2010/12/...quiz-from-hell/ Which ought to stump even NS veterans. LOL. What is cool about the page linked there is that it allows the person who takes the quiz to choose to post their results in Ulthar in html (code provided) and Yggdrasil and The East Pacific can start their own threads because you can copy the results in BBcode and paste them in a thread here. I am convinced that this quiz is our most challenging ever, so the highest scoring player will be officially awarded the "Almost As Competitive as Zybodia" Award at the end of the festival. LOL. 2. A Sing Along (make up your own lyrics) at our tavern One Eyed jack's here: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/2010/12/...ay-sing-along1/ 3. A OOC (or IC - we play both sides of that street sometimes in the same post) philosophy discussion here: http://cityofulthar.wordpress.com/2010/12/...-work-properly/ I've shared these with TEP and asked them to reply with what they have so far. What I'd like is a similar set of links from the other two regions for Ulthar's main festival page. Anyone who wants to join in on the Ulthar forum is welcome, but there's no auto-authentication. WordPress requires that you set up an account (user name, pwd, valid e-mail) - THEN you have to be added to the forum by Admin AND your first post won't publish until a Mod sees it and approves it. There's a link on the forum sidebar to an explain. If we each can share two to four links (our arcade in Yggdrasil is definitely worth several links) and put them up in all three regions by end of day Sunday US Eastern, it should be great fun!
  3. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! Fruit is so cheap that farmers go bankrupt, drive their tractors to your nation to protest, and burn it to the ground. Too bad construction workers don't come cheap. Oh and welcome back from da woods, my friend. I wish I hadn't eaten those wood chips. Gave me a tummy ache.
  4. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Word Association

  5. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Last one to post here wins.

    uʍop ǝpısdn sƃuıɥʇ ƃuıuɹnʇ ɹoɟ sǝsol *wins*
  6. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    The "You're Banned" game

    Banned for not properly banning Zybodia.
  7. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    One Stop Geek Shop

    The ever expanding knowledge base of Monkey's One Stop Computer Shop has again been updated. It's worth reading whether or not you're a computer geek. Click here to see the latest update. Which is about updates.
  8. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Anyone Got A Match?

    Oh now that's terribly unkind. *sprays fire extinguisher on Melvin* You should be ashamed of yourself. You need to get busy studying those really important, well written, and really interesting WA resolutions.
  9. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Election Sacrifice

    Becoming Delegate has obviously gone to this South Titania's head. I am frankly surprised ST's head fit through the Temple door. A couple of weeks dealing with the geniuses in the WA ought to knock our esteemed Delegate down several pegs. There's brain trust for ya. As for this nonsense, we (Melvin and I) deplore violence and condemn this senseless act. We suggest the Delegate has bigger fish to fry. Which is an American saying suggesting you now haz teh responsibility of the Delegate of one of the largest and coolest regions in NS and you ought to be doing your job rather than hunting giant mutant squirrels. Really.
  10. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Congrats to South Titania and Silvadus on winning their elections!

    Oh that's right, it was Pyshoria who won last year, right? My bad. Your over the top competitive outburst is noted and puts you on the short list for 2011. And my apologies for jacking this thread from GRO. Threadjacking is the sanctioned and official regional sport of Ulthar because no one there seems to be able to post on topic for more than three or four posts in a row.
  11. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Congrats to South Titania and Silvadus on winning their elections!

    Big baby. Didn't you win it last year?
  12. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Congrats to South Titania and Silvadus on winning their elections!

    :yggsmiley: :salute: On behalf of the Templars of the Yggdrasil Goddess Relief Office Temple and on behalf of our friends in Ulthar, we congratulate South Titania and Silvadus on their rise to Yggdrasil leadership. And now a very, very special award only given to one Yggdrasil nation annually. For all those sleepless nights of persistently stalking me and making my cousin Melvin fire warning shots to keep you from killing me, I award to Delegate South Titania the coveted trophy I made up last year.
  13. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Anyone Got A Match?

    Thanks, Trav-Coch. Believe it or not, Ulthar was taught many of it's lessons by vandals and raiders. Whatever they did, Ulthar did the opposite. When they kicked players when they were down, we offered them a hand up When they focused insults on those who hated them, Ulthar tried to give them no attention When they competed openly with rival regions, we invited regions to be our friends When they "changed" history and obscured the truth, Ulthar fought to accept things the way they are and be in the light of day When they celebrated the failures of others, we sought to celebrate successes What we learned from Yggdrasil is to be cautious in making friends, go slow, get to know players by how they act instead of what they say, and contribute unselfishly to the game. Not that we're perfect, just that it's a game and we believe anyone who forgets that needs a slap upside the head. I mean a gentle reminder. Except those blasted 8 legged cows. They gotta go. Their droppings are enormous.
  14. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    Anyone Got A Match?

    This being Ulthar's brag-about-Ulthar thread, I have to give a shout out to a fellow ambassador. Some ambassadors lurk and do the best they can with limited time due to that pesky RL. Some run around like over-caffeinated squirrels (Lord help us) making stuff up about how cool they are. Other ambassadors actually haz teh skills and are recognized for them. So today I give a shout out to Ulthar Ambassador to The East Pacific Barbara Manatee. Barb's nation was created as a result of an exchange with Yggdrasil Ambassador Zybodia to Ulthar about a kid's cartoon called VeggieTales. One thing lead to another and she was eventually sent to TEP as ambassador. (Darned if it didn't take me forever to create a decent flag out of a YouTube screen shot) Last month she was elected by the TEP legislature as Arbiter, which is the equivalent of Supreme Court Justice. This month the justices of that court (called the Conclave) elected Ms. Manatee their Viceroy, which is the equivalent of Chief Justice of TEP. So if you're ever cruising through TEP on whatever it is you sneaky YDS people do, feel free to give a shout out to Barb. She knows her roots include the friendship between Ulthar and Yggdrasil.
  15. Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

    The "You're Banned" game

    Banned for being coy.