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  1. Veilyonia

    Count to 10,000!

  2. Veilyonia

    GRO away for two weeks (or more)

    Wow, good luck GRO, and get well soon. We'll do our best to hold down the fort while you're gone.
  3. Veilyonia

    Regional Map

    If it's still active, I'd like to claim area 70 on the map. I'd like it to be red as well please.
  4. Veilyonia

    Belief-O-Matic Quiz: What religion (if any) are you?

    1. Liberal Quakers (100%) 2. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (98%) 3. Unitarian Universalism (87%) 4. Baha'i Faith (87%) 5. Theravada Buddhism (85%) 6. Mahayana Buddhism (85%) 7. New Age (79%) 8. Neo-Pagan (77%) 9. Jainism (75%) 10. Taoism (72%) 11. New Thought (71%) 12. Reform Judaism (71%) 13. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (68%) 14. Orthodox Quaker (65%) 15. Sikhism (63%) 16. Secular Humanism (61%) 17. Hinduism (56%) 18. Scientology (55%) 19. Orthodox Judaism (48%) 20. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (47%) 21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (45%) 22. Islam (41%) 23. Nontheist (41%) 24. Seventh Day Adventist (36%) 25. Jehovah's Witness (36%) 26. Eastern Orthodox (29%) 27. Roman Catholic (29%) Ironically, I'm supposedly a Roman Catholic...
  5. Veilyonia

    Happy Birthday Trav-Coch!

    Happy Birthday! :happybday: Have a good one!
  6. Veilyonia

    Hey everyone!

    Hey Greater tern, welcome to Yggdrasil! Once your World Assembly application is processed, you'll be able to participate in regional government and the Yggdrasil Defense Service, which are two excellent ways to get involved. I hope you enjoy the region!
  7. Veilyonia

    Guess who will post next

    The rangers are currently missing in action Zybodia shall be next.
  8. Veilyonia

    Word Association

  9. Veilyonia

    Ruler of the world! <(^.^<)

    I rule for baking my own cookies.
  10. Veilyonia

    Count to 10,000!

  11. Veilyonia


    I don't know how to follow up that post. Welcome to Yggdrasil; enjoy your stay here!
  12. Veilyonia

    Capital Punishment

    Personally, I think that capital punishment should be sought if and only if the criminal is too dangerous to be left alive. If killing the criminal could potentially save or proctect many others' lives, then this course of action should be taken. If the alleged criminal is being tried of murder (for the first time) or any lower crime, the death penalty should not be an option. The cases in which I believe it should be available are those that involve prison murders.- especially those that occur in high security facilities. Prison murders almost always exhibit that the perpetrator is beyond the reaches of rehabilitation and cannot under any circumstance, be trusted near others. In order to prevent this person from taking any more lives, the death penalty should be an option, as the alternative, solitary confinement for the remainder of one's life, is even more cruel. When people are forced into solitary conditions without any human contact, which is utilized to protect others' lives, the person almost always commits suicide or goes completely insane. In these cases where the death penalty can actually be considered more humane than the alternative, I believe it should be an option.
  13. Veilyonia

    Count to 10,000!

  14. Veilyonia

    What famous battle would you like to change the outcome of?

    The Battle of Zama (202 B.C.) I have always imagined the possibility that Carthage could have colonized the entire Mediterraean (and they would have been free to do so) had they defeated Rome. However, the battle brought an end to the 2nd Punic War and ultimately, Carthage. The culture of Europe and the course of history would be almost unpredicatably different, depending on Carthage's ability to govern their new territory, and how much they were able to assimilate with the Latin culture. If they were not able to govern the territory, and collapsed soon afterward, it is likely that another major power would not come into control of the area for many more years, and the human culture that we know today would not come to exist for several hundred years after 2000 CE. On the other hand, if they were able to hold the Mediterranean, and assimilate with Europe, the culture in Southern Europe would have much greater North-African influence.
  15. Veilyonia

    Today is Delegates' Day

    Today, September 6th, is Delegates' Day, one of Yggdrasil's regional holidays. On this day, it is typical that the current delegate give an address to the region, so I will do so: Katrya Kaizhov steps up to the podium. Greetings fellow nations of Yggdrasil! Before I begin my address, I would like everyone to remember the past delegates of Yggdrasil, who served the region tirelessly to ensure its growth and safety. Most importantly, I would like to thank the two former delegates that are still with us, RedIron, and King Lionheart IV for their work as delegate, and their continued efforts to serve the region. Since last year's Delegate's Day, the region has come a long way. Yggdrasil has always been a region with a vibrant community, filled with members that continuously work to ensure that it is an excellent place to live. This has been especially so lately, as we have begun to open foreign relationships, gain new dedicated members, and even draft World Assembly resolutions. With my term now coming to a close, I can look back and see how far we've come in these past few months. Our population has fluctuated more so than in the past. We have gained new dedicated members, and yet we have lost some of our most dedicated nations, such as Epaiteia. On this day, I would like to commemorate those who came before me, but also to look forward. Unfortunately, many of our former delegates have come to pass, as the members of Yggdrasil's first age dwindle. It is unfortunate that so many of those before me will never hear my words, but we will continue to move forward, as the torch is passed yet again. The duty of being delegate requires great vigilance, and so I wish my successor the best of luck for the next 6 months of his term. It has been a pleasure being delegate of this fine region, and I hope to continue my service in the future. To all future delegates, be vigilant and honest, but always remember to keep the region's best interests at heart. As a position appointed by the people of Yggdrasil, the region makes an unwritten contract by placing its trust in you, and performing your duties fulfills your part of the contract. Remember that you represent the region, and that all that you do has repurcussions that reflect on not only you, but the entire region, and those who appointed you. Of course, I too wish you all the best of luck, even though I may never have the pleasure of meeting many of you. It is here that I conclude my address. I wish you all peace and prosperity, and of course, a happy Delegates' Day! Katrya Kaizhov steps down to the sound of a light applause.