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  1. Your NS nation just ceased to exist and now some people are concerned about raiders.


  2. Pookyvania

    Which 'Avengers' character are you?

  3. I am the current emissary from Forest and a puppet of Turbeaux. If anyone has Forest-related concerns or questions I am here to help! Recent news from Forest Palos Heights resigned as Forest Keeper (Forest's Chief executive) due to RL commitments, so there was an election to replace him. Several nations campaigned. Caracasus won the initial vote but was short of a majority by a single vote. In accordance with Forest's constitution his led to a second vote with the options being Caracasus (the top vote-getter) and Mount Seymour (who won the second-most votes. Caracasus won the final vote outright and has taken over as Forest Keeper and reinstated most of Palos Heights' cabinent. Changes that have occurred so far under Caracasus have included the creation of a new cabinet-level "Civil Servant" position that basically entails taking care of administrative tasks falling outside of the areas that other ministers cover in addition to the creation of many committees to steer government affairs in our new forum (Feel free to visit or sign up as Yggdrasil's nations are welcome there due to our treaty!).
  4. The previous one had to leave his positions as ambassador and Forest Keeper due to RL issues and I could not be appointed until the new Forest Keeper (Caracasus) reappointed our Foreign Minister. If you have any questions about Forest or communication for us, please let me know!