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  1. Type of relations to be established (Please pick one): Advanced Relations Region Name: New Western Atlantic Number of nations: 430 Off-site forums: http://s15.zetaboards.com/NWA_Forums/index/ (It is relatively new, hence not much used as of yet. However, our discord server is quite active and so is the RMB.) Founder: United Dark Republic Your Position in your Region: Minister of Diplomacy Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: none as of yet Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: We learned of your region whilst learning about the region Forest, following which we established ties with them. Like them, we felt, your region does fit in with our ideologies and hoped to find a potential ally in you, and establish ties and friendships that would greatly benefit us all. A brief description of your region(i.e. military stance, political ideals): NWA is a region deeply committed to democratic ideals. It conducts elections which are one of the most active periods in the region, giving rise to robust debates from all the corners of the spectrum. The party system dominates the governance, with everyone from the cabinet to the courts being affiliated to one party or the other. In terms of military, so far, the region has opted against a military, which has been the topic of the senate for months. Overall, the region is deeply committed to the principles of democracy, liberty, equality, sovereignty and secularism.