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  1. Hallos, all! It's nice to be here so far... I've played the Dominion of Hygelia off-and-on for a very long time now. After a recent episode of not existing for a few hours, I reformed in Osiris and received a recruitment telegram from @Goddess Relief Office - and, being a fan of Norse myth, the name of your region caught my eye. I play Hygelia as run by an mysterious, possibly immortal tyrannical overlord named Hygelak. He takes council from citizens chosen by lottery, focuses on the beauty of the nation and the citizens well-being and education, but may disappear troublemakers like criminals and outspoken dissidents (who are criminals). Hygelia refuses to concede any governing power to outsiders, and as such has stayed out of the WA since the nation's founding. But since I've been curious about the WA for some time... I created a new nation called Idavollr just a few days ago, and joined the region with that, as well. Idavollr is the name of the land Asgard was built on and that will remain when Asgard is destroyed - so I'm trying to create policies based on the rule of WWAD - What Would the Aesir Do? I'm not sure about your regions rules about multiple nations, but I wanted to be up front about it. For RP purposes, Hygelia pretty much limits its international dealings to non-military foreign aid, and the two nations would not be close allies.