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  1. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    When the Osmyrii finally reached sentiency, they were anywhere from 3ft to 6ft tall. Being very intelligent & curious they become very industrias & inventive early on even before fully discovering their natural powers & abilities.
  2. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Cthulhu & Kthanid’s battle lasted over 2 weeks straight. Their consisted of them using everything from there immense power to hand to hand combat. Battle took place in space & on various planets. At some point towards the end of the battle both of their blood was spilled in an ocean where a very tiny octopuslike creature lived. The creature was less then half an inch fully stretched out, & yet despite all odds it survived the brothers battle & being infected by their blood. The blood of both brothers mutated these creatures over several years until they finally turned into what would one day be none as the Osmyrii.
  3. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Cthulhu & he’s forces fought with such mercilessness & cruelty that they came to be known as the Dread gods. As the war progressed Cthulhu recruited more & more among his race & occasionally those whom he had conquered. But, despite all his efforts he had 1 brother who he could never persuade to join he’s campaign. Kthanid in appearance looks just like Cthulhu but he has golden eyes filled with peace & harmony. Kthanid is just as powerful as Cthulhu but he’s character is the exact opposite. It is said that Kthanid is just as good as Cthulhu is evil. Kthanid’s constant refusal to join The war angered Cthulhu immensely. So Cthulhu setup a plot to kill Kthanid’s family while he was separated from them but tried to make it seem as if one of the other ancient races were responsible. Despite Cthulhu’s cunning Kthanid saw through his deception & confronted him violently.
  4. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Untold millennia in the distant past. There existed a unique group of beings among the ancient cosmic races orginally known as the great old ones. They were malignant beings possessing great power ruling over groups of planets as gods. One day there was one born among the great old ones who would eventually disrupt the balance of the cosmos between the ancients. He came to be famously known as Cthulhu. At some point after reaching maturity, Cthulhu became dissatisfied & felt that he and the other great old ones should be ruling all others. And so, he’s conquest began. He first recruited his spawn, his siblings, his cousins, anything that could be persuaded or forced into joining the cause. And that’s when the great cosmic war started.
  5. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    To truly understand the Osmyrii you have to go back to another time. A time of fire and blood. A time when the galaxy was filled with chaos and dark dreams. For reasons long forgotten, two cosmic factions went to war and touched off a blaze that engulfed everything. Worlds crumbled, continents exploded. A whirlwind of destruction, a firestorm of fear. And it was here in this maelstrom of decay, this blighted place, that the Osmyrii were born.
  6. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Though the fisherman were diligent in their search. They would only get so far. The story of this alien & where it’s people come from has been lost in the wake of history & time.
  7. Osmyria

    I am taking map requests here!

    My species is mainly aquatic. so I would like to request that my nation follow a deep sea trench with a few underwater mountains.
  8. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Some deep sea fisherman were out in a strange & terrible storm that came upon them suddenly. The waves rocked their boat violently threatening to capsize it. The wind screamed & whirled with fury as if they were going to be sucked into a hurricane. Truly they feared for their lives. After a time the storm subsided & the sky were clear & full of stars as if there had never been a storm at all. The men were relieved & happy to be alive. Suddenlly a creature leaped out of the water & landed on the boat. It stood up right staring down the fisherman with its huge eyes. Without a word it spread its wings & took off into the night sky. The fisherman were scared & confused at what they had just seen. Several days later they docked to turn in their catch & receive their pay. None of the fishermen wanted to talk about what they had seen. Most tried to dismiss it as their imagination playing tricks on them during the storm. But a few wanted to know what they had seen. They searched several sources, & one name kept coming up, Cthulhu...
  9. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    (OOC: Good day Everyone, sorry I’ve been away so long, I had a lot of things in rl that came up. But I’m back & finally ready to start this thing)
  10. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    (OOC: this rp is to introduce my nation & make first contact, the first few posts after this will be back story & history, after that is when all the fun starts.)
  11. Osmyria

    From the Depths

    Good Day all Osmyria here, im new to Yggdrasil & hope to drop into some role playing soon.