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    Spring Embassy Update

    Despite being usually quiet, Forest had a very eventful spring. We began spring with a bang...and I mean that quite literally. As apart of the annual April Fools' Day prank all nations gained nuclear capabilities overnight. Long story, the forest is now radioactive and a barren wasteland. During the event Europeia was especially targeted, however both our regions sought peace in the end through a weekend of games. Perhaps the biggest event to occur, Forest was commended! On April 12, 2017 Forest was commended by a resolution proposed by The Rouge Christmas State and co-authored with United Massachusetts. Along with the shiny badge, Forest welcomed new nations which came in numbers to the region during the voting and shortly after the resolution passed. As a region we are proud of the commendation and hope that we live up to it. After the hoopla of the commendation subsided, Forestians voted to recognize June 8th as Forest Day. Forest Day celebrates the regional culture and history of Forest. The 8th of June was selected because it is the anniversary in which Forest was refounded following attacks from raiders. This years Forest Day also commemorated Forest's 10th anniversary since refounding. On May 7 our friends in Yggdrasil were commended. The resolution was written by our WA Delegate Ransium. Forest is renowned for its annual picture competition. Mount Seymour, head of government recently introduced a regional flag competition which recognizes unique and well designed flags within Forest. As of the writing of this post voting is currently taking place. Lastly, Drasnia was commended last Friday in a landslide victory within the Security Council. Drasnia is an active member in Forest with the nation of The Aldurfens. Many congratulations to Drasnia on this major achievement!