Election Declaration Period is now on!

Both Yggdrasil and Valhalla WA nations may declare their intention to run for the Valhallan Delegate position (Link)



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  1. Type of relations to be established (Please pick one): Friendship Region Name: Union of Saxon Justice Number of nations: 27 Off-site forums: http://justicediscussions.freeforums.net/ Founder: The Federal Republic of Oldenfranck Your Position in your Region: Secratary of State Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: None Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: We hope to establish relations and extend a friendship that both our regions can enjoy and build on going into the future. A brief description of your region(i.e. military stance, political ideals) : Serious, Offsite Forums, Role Player, Medium, Free Trade, Democratic, Map, and Regional Government.