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  1. Volume 3 | Issue 13| July 30 2017 | Newsletter Editor: Dardona | Yggdrasil Defense Service The Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS) is the common defense force of both Yggdrasil and Valhalla and defends our regions in time of peace or war. A few months back, our Yggdrasil Defense Service Officer, Wordy had ceased to exist. In the meantime, our founder Goddess Relief Office temporarily took the position. Happily for everyone, Wordy returned about a month ago and reclaimed command of the YDS. The first mission after Wordy was refounded was to 10000 islands to secure Markanite's position of delegate after Markanite had accidentally resigned from the WA. YDS also deployed to Wysteria to place Hydroponic Nation back into the delegate's seat after the region was hit by an update raid. The most recently deployed mission of YDS was to defend the region of Philippines after the region was being invaded by The West Pacific and other invaders, which removed the rightful delegate Ariusgrad. Evidence shows that the invasion happened shortly after its founder, The Holy Kingdom of Zombies of Puan Puri Naduk, ceased to exist. Spear Danes, along with other regions including Yggdrasil had come to an agreement to defend Philippines against The West Pacific. The mission ended successfully with Ariusgrad retaking the position of delegate. Philippines Proposed Embassy Following our defense of Philippines, Yggdrasil has received an invitation to construct embassies with them. As Ramsea, our delegate stated on the RMB on the 27th of July: Philippines proposed to construct embassies with us... we did help liberate them - Ramsea It is understood that the Foreign Minister has gotten in touch with the Philippines to process the application. Tea Time With Who? A year ago, Gahiland started the interviewing series, “Tea Time With Gahiland”. The series included interviews with Vrolondia and South Titania. With Gahiland's CTE, the interview series came to an end. Unsatisfied with this situation, Tiku suggested that the series be continued as everyone missed it. Conversations started as many opinions are stated that how should it be done. Telegram out for participants in the region is also suggested. The person who would take over the series is also unclear. So the series is now an unaddressed issue. Until lately, Imperium Germania stated in the RMB that he might be able to do with the series. Keep it up! We are looking forward to the series! I'm sad I'm just discovering this now. It seems pretty fun to read. – Carrasastova Can someone remind me, was someone going to be editor for the "Interview with/Tea with ____" series for Yggdrasil? – GRO Banjection There are not many reports of suspicious nations who immigrate to Yggdrasil but in this month, Wordy ejected a nation from our region. Nlfn is banned for moving through our region to help with a misguided raid against our friends in Forest. As Nfln was relocated to the rejected realms, it moved to Forest, and was ejected, then Texas, and was ejected, then it moved to Violet Irises and resigned from the WA. New Editor For The Observer Yggdrasil’s The Observer was inactive for the past year. Now it has gotten a new editor for our glorious region, The Jingoistic Republic of Dardona will be editing The Observer from now on. Pleased to do the work! The Representative To The Cross Regional Games Committee The Cross Regional Games Committee is an interregional organization for events, especially, sporting events. The 2018 Committee consist of Wysteria, Texas, Yggdrasil, 10000 Islands and Canada. The former representative for Yggdrasil and Valhalla was Zybodia who is now resting in peace in the boneyard so in that case, Yggdrasil needs a new representative for the committee. Recently GRO has appointed Miriliarith as the new representative for the committee and the committee has published a list of member of committee for 2018, as follows; The PotPourri Octo of Herzil, Wysteria. The Poetic Tendencies of Aersoldorf, 10k Islands. The Familial Spirits of Devil Heart, Canada. The Imperial Rule of Miriliarith, Yggdrasil, Valhalla. The Riverboat Ron of Indian Empire, Texas Congratulations and Good luck! Polls, Polls, Polls In the past month there has been two polls in Yggdrasil; 1. Who is the best Spiderman? With the result of “I hate all three and literally a spider with that costume would have done better” beating Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland 2. Who are your closest to in your family? Why? With the surprising result of “I like ramen” beating a pet, mom, siblings, grandparents, and daddy. Ramen is there when I'm hungry Ramen is there when I'm thirsty Ramen is there when I'm cold Ramen is the only one who cares for me – Miriliarith Attack On New Phone Site Although NationStates is best played on the computer, it is also available on mobile sites such as android and iOS. In the past few days, NS has gotten a new look on mobile sites, with an updated menu tab and illusions of a part of the flag at the top of the screen. The picture of national flag running down at the side of telegram menu is also available. Process on Maps Our hard working cartographer, Anon Zytose, has finally finished his projects and the physical and national maps is now available for download in different qualities and formats on his dispatch. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=840514 The mathematical rule for land claiming and expansion is also described. Thank You for your hard work! Security Council At vote – none General Assembly At vote – Enabling The Disabled in Academia For: 9,219 (61.6%) Against: 5,744 (38.4%) Voting ended on : Tue Jul 25 2017 Your Delegate Ramsea didn’t vote on the resolution The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the regular World Assembly polls, whether you are a WA member or not. Ramsea cannot represent the region properly if he does not know what the region wants. All Yggdrasil WA member nations are also urged to vote on all World Assembly resolutions; voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. The 📚 Novel of Wordy The 📚 Novel of Wordy is a gargantuan, efficient nation, ruled by Wordy ღ with an even hand, and renowned for its ban on automobiles, unlimited-speed roads, and enforced nudity. The hard-nosed, democratic, humorless population of 11.115 billion Nepheliad have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. “I am still very effective in being oppressive! Weird though you can see a slight rise in both political and civil freedoms though every small.. It is slowly happening.” -Thembria SSR “If this was the real world the USAID and other supposedly humanitarian organizations would start setting up shop in Thembria SSR while Radio Free America will start boardcasting and CIA funds your opposition.... unless you sell oil to the US and allow bases to be set up, in which case you'll be alright. Lucky we are on NationStates! No need to worry about external influences! You can be as dictatorial as you want! Ramen” -GRO “I don't watch Game of Thrones... all I know is that it has something to do with the wars of the roses... and there's kings... and killing... and dragons... I think...” -Ramsea
  2. It's a good idea actually, but with math or not is up to person.
  3. I 'd like to request Dardona to have the Tropic of Cancer runs across her with long coast stretching from north to south and vast land area in the north eastern region (something like Chile and Bolivia combined). If possible, I want fertile land for agriculture, river, lush pine forests and high mountain range. Thanks