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  1. Friends,

    Because of my busy busy life, I never came online for the past week. It was extremely busy and tiring that I have no time online.
    I'm thinking of retiring my nation for now. I am not sure when can I be free again but I promise that once I've cleared all the things in real life, I'll come back to Yggdrasil. I'm going to give up my seat as the deputy senator as well as the editor for the newspaper and all other position I hold. I think it's the best for me and you to let the energetic new nations do the task.

    Until next time,

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    The Observer

    Volume 3 | Issue 16| October 31 2017 | Newsletter Editor: Dardona | Tiku Delegated! Last October, the general election was held in Yggdrasil, in which there were three candidates: Tiku, Imperium Germania, and Miriliarith who declared their intention on 8 October 2017 when Goddess Relief Office post the topic on the forum. The declaration period ended on 15 October 2017 as the election period started and lasted for one week. It was a competitive match between Tiku and Miriliarith (for Brad, or Imperium Germania, dissolved his campaign). One week later, the citizens voted, media polled, and the council appointed your new Lord Chancellor, The Geniocracy of Tiku. Tiku defeated Miriliarith with the vote of 14 to 6. He will succeed Ramsea with the term for the next six month, becoming the thirtieth delegate of Yggdrasil. So congratulations! Chancellor Tiku at the inauguration “Denizens of Yggdrasil, the race to be Delegate is on and boy is it heating up already. Currently, Tiku leads Miriliarith 4-3 , with Imperium Germania in last place with 0 votes. Can the long time lurker Miriliarith win with his dank memes or will (relative) newcomer Tiku upstage him? Or will the Foreign Minister Imperium Germania sneak in an upset?” – South Titania “From Susannemariapulabaur (1st ever delegate) to Tiku (30th delegate thus counting), Yggdrasil has had delegates since 2003. Tiku, the eyes of the world set on you for an historic 30 delegate milestone. We stand behind you!” – Imperium Germania “WA nations in Yggdrasil, please begin to endorse Tiku, our new delegate (p/s: @Tiku, please start endorsing all WA nations as well, it helps because when people get endorsed, they usually endorse you back). I'll like to take the opportunity to once again thank Ramsea, who did a great job as delegate this past 6 and half months and is now once again cute and tiny!! Ramsea I hope you will continue to stay active after this as we appreciate having you around very much.” – Goddess Relief Office “Thank you ST and GRO! I would like to congratulate Ramsea for a prestigious tenure as Delegate. I would also like to thank Miriliarith and Imperium Germania being the opposition and for enriching the elections with diversity. I would like to thank all the nations that voted for me and all those that voted for my competitors for making me the 30th delegate of Yggdrasil! I am honoured and sobered to accept the responsibility Imperium Germania and everyone else who has congratulated me, I thank you sincerely” – Tiku Special Editions Hello! Dardona’s speaking. Okay, if you had kept a close eye on the election as well as the Observer, you will recognized that there were two special editions regarding the election, which was interviewing the three candidates as a third party nation. Since Brad had also joined the election, I think it might be a good idea for the Observer to be the interviewer and after this, Brad will continue his perfect series. Dardona delivering the new editions to Ramsea's neighbourhood I’m sure that most of you had already read them, but of you had not, here’s the links. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=896535 https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=898403 Slightly Invaded On 27 October 2017, we'd gotten several nations that came into Yggdrasil. All of them were puppets, they were founded, most dismissed all issues and immediately jumped to Yggdrasil. We had 285. When Tiku took office on Sunday, there had been around 250 nations. So there were at least 20-30 new nations. The Chancellor had analyzed that I may be an invasion at the first sight, but after some discussions among defenders, he knew that they used us as a place to store puppets before they invade the final target. Who was the invader? Nobody knows. Three hours after the suspicious rate of immigrated nation, Tiku decided to banject some of them whom he suspected to keep the true nations who wish to stay here stay. So the region was safe and sound ounce again. Solariia A few days after the election had started, Brad Conley, or Imperium Germania, had gotten zero vote. Consequently, he declared on the RMB that he wish to dismiss his campaign and join his force with Tiku, resulting in many nations became heartbroken. Thus, nobody voted for him although he was not excluded on the poll. “As the election results show my position in the rankings, I have officially dissolved my campaign and will instead be forming an agreement with Tiku. I will go in-depth once we have reached a full agreement and understanding on what is to come. I congratulate the other contestants of this election so far. Don't feel bad for me! I am perfectly fine with Tiku winning; I ultimately was a one-issue candidate while Tiku had a grand plan, so I figured we should incorporate each others issues into one :)” – Brad as Imperium Germania Serjo helping Solariia to move his thingy to his new office Later on, Brad announced that he is going to retire Imperium Germania and instead, use the nation [nation]Solariia[/nation] and will continue his tenure as the foreign minister of Yggdrasil. “Hey all! With this election season wrapping up, and I starting university, I am taking some time to clean up my footprint on NationStates. Imperium Germania is being retired and replaced by Solariia.” – Brad as Imperium Germania New Councillors Appointed As stated above, the current elected delegate, Tiku, was a Vanir Senator. According to the constitution, senatorial election should be held every four months. And now the seat is vacant until Tiku appointed Dardona to be the deputy senator until the second Tuesday of January 2018. He shall be the senator in charge of Yggdrasil as if he was an actual senator, according to the constitution. Tiku further appointed the old but new nation to be the next Foreign Affair Minister, which is of course Solariia. Solariia will be acting as the minister from now on instead of now-retired Imperium Germania. “I would like to announce that Brad Conley (Owner of the nation Imperium Germania) has won a second term as the Foreign Affairs Minister under my administration. Brad has not only served Yggdrasil well as an FA minster but he was also the Delegate of Valhalla. For the record, I only received one application for the position and therefore much deliberation wasn't required. Brad would like to use his Main Nation for the position, retiring Imperium Germania. Therefore Yggdrasil, may I present to you, your Foreign Affairs Minister: The Solis Imperium of Solariia Again, a position with only one candidate who applied. However, the candidate in question is a well-known, highly active and is a Nation well loved by the community. I speak of course of our fantastic Editor-In-Chief Dardona! Dardona will be assisting us in the duties of a Senator without acquiring a seat in the council. This position is only valid until the 2nd Tuesday of January, when Fresh elections shall be held for the position of the Senator of Vanir. Presenting your new, Deputy. Senator of the Vanir: The Imperial State of Dardona” – Tiku on the regional telegram New Embassy Another successful diplomatic mission led by Solariia, Norden and Yggdrasil had agreed to construct a three month temporary embassies! Yay! “Yggdrasil and Norden have officially reached an agreement to form a friendship based 3-month temporary embassy.” - Solariia Sweet Wedding Sweet Woonsocket and Wordy at the pre-wedding For ages, 10000 Islands and Yggdrasil have had a firm diplomatic relationship as well as both being defenders. Now the pact is becoming more united on this auspicious day with Woonsocket, the chief executive of 10KI and Wordy, our fearless commander, are going to NS-marry! As GRO announced on the regional RMB on the day that Tiku won the delegacy. “Also another announcement, the Chief Executive of 10000 Islands, Woonsocket and at one point an ambassador to Yggdrasil, is getting NS-married to our lovely Wordy in a ceremony to be held in 10000 islands. We are all invited to attend next week at: Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 6pm Eastern Standard Time, 9am Sunday Melbourne time. *sings* Woonsocket and Wordy sitting on a tree...” – GRO The Observer invites all members of Yggdrasil and 10KI and all other invited guests to witness this romantic big day together on the 4th November 2017, 10 PM (GMT). Cartographer’s Update Unfortunately, there were no new maps this month. But we have the news on the potential of how the new maps will look like. Anon Zytose had started the topic discussion as well as polls concerning should he add cities names on the map or not. And the result is as predicted, most nations are in favour of adding cities into the maps. Population’s Update As of 29/10/2017, Yggdrasil contains Yggdrasil contains 308 nations, the 35th most in the world. Arisen from the previous month which contained 288 nations while the highest ever recorded is 500 nations on 10/01/2016. votes on poll What is your favourite Social Network? - Tiku By 'Favourite' I mean which Social network do you frequent the most? Which do you use regularly? If this answer is different from the one for Which Social network do you *like* the most, then please explain on the RMB. What should be the official regional greeting? - Ramsea I wanted to make one last poll before I resign... What is your favourite cuisine to eat at a Restaurant? - Tiku You have a free evening and you and your friend want to go get some food. Your friend won't eat anything, because he doesn't have a stomach anymore, but will give you company. Also, your friend is blind and his nose doesn't work so he can't judge you for what you choose to eat. However, today is St. Tiku day where its free food all day. Where do you go and what type of food do you eat? Should I add Capital Cities to the map? - Anon Zytose Version 1.1.0 is under development. This at least means thicker, textured national borders. I had also received a suggestion last month of adding cities. So, should I move forward with that idea? GRO is... - Tiku [Notice: This is a poll intended for humour only. If you are not GRO please take no offence, if you ARE GRO then Dear Lord please take no offence, it was [nation]South Titania[/nation]'s idea] General Assembly At Vote – General Assembly Resolution # 408: Ban On Secret Treaties For: 9,189 (61.4%) Against: 5,768 (38.6%) Voting ended on: Mon Oct 2 2017 At Vote – General Assembly Resolution # 409: Ocean Noise Reduction For: 11,514 (76.2%) Against: 3,587 (23.8%) Voting ended on: Sun Oct 8 2017 At Vote – General Assembly Resolution # 410: Marriage Equality For: 10,476 (62.9%) Against: 6,179 (37.1%) Voting ended on: Thu Oct 12 2017 At Vote – General Assembly Resolution # 411: Repeal: “Marriage Equality” For: 12,704 (79.8%) Against: 3,219 (20.2%) Voting ended on: Fri Oct 20 2017 Security Council At Vote – Security Council Resolution # 232: Repeal: “Condemn The Black Riders” For: 11,145 (80.2%) Against: 2,758 (19.8%) Voting ended on: Tue Oct 3 2017 At Vote - Security Council Resolution # 233: Commend Zwangzug For: 11,623 (79.0%) Against: 3,087 (21.0%) Voting ended on: Fri Oct 13 2017 At Vote - Security Council Resolution # 234: Commend Europeia For: 12,150 (82.1%) Against: 2,642 (17.9%) Voting ended on: Sat Oct 21 2017 The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the regular World Assembly polls, whether you are a WA member or not. Tiku cannot represent the region properly if he does not know what the region wants. All Yggdrasil WA member nations are also urged to vote on all World Assembly resolutions; voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. Solariia The Solis Imperium of Solariia is a massive, safe nation, ruled by Supreme Chancellor Marika Kagamino with a fair hand, and renowned for its daily referendums, irreverence towards religion, and suspicion of poets. The hard-nosed, hard-working, democratic population of 1.993 billion Solariians hold their civil and political rights very dear, although the wealthy and those in business tend to be viewed with suspicion. The relatively small, outspoken government juggles the competing demands of Education, Welfare, and Defense. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Astromis. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 14.9%. In this column, I shall post the topics that were submitted by the readers. You can announce your roleplaying or anything here. I shall receive submissions and suggestions here. Roleplays from Dardona Hello everybody! I'm proud to announce that I've started a diplomatic roleplay yay! Maybe it's quite late to join now but hey, it's fun! Let's play together, here. And at anytime, you are welcome to give me a review on my factbooks and dispatches. Please upvote if you like it! "After seeing this, I looked up "no stomach" and found that gastroectomy is a real procedure that is done on patients with stomach cancer. The stomach is removed and the esophagus is linked directly to the small intestines. I've seen a few articles that say the body can adapt to a lack of stomach by having the small intestines take up the role of sufficiently digesting food. However, I have yet to figure out exactly how that happens. In any case, I hope your friend is doing well. :o" - Anon Zytose "We have no WA DELEGATE QUICK EVERYONE GOTTA ENDORSE TIKU NOW!!!" - Miriliarith "GRO is a raider?" - well, literally everybody Brought to you by Dardona. Don't forget to upvote if you like it! And all Observers I've written will be stored here.
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    Greeting Otomium! Feel free to look around our world tree🌳. As Brad had said, do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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    Suggestions for Observer

    Yes, that's what I was thinking, just need nations to reply this comment what they'd like. Or do you mean actual stuffs?
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    Are we still doing this? Estonia
  6. Dardona

    Embassies of Dardona

    The nations of Yggdrasil, Although it has been many years since the diplomacy roleplays frozen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dardona wished to established the formal diplomatic missions with you. For the nations that wish to open embassies or consulate with Dardona, please fill this form. To: The Imperial State of DardonaNation Name: (Full)Head of State: Head of Government:Name of Foreign Minister/Secretary: Form of Government:Name of Ambassador: Address of Embassy/Consulate: (optional) City of Embassy/Consulate: (For more information about cities in Dardona, please see Dardona's Political Division or Maps) Maximum Stay of Tourists without Visa:Any specific agreements (culture/trade/military/politics/others): Number of Staff (Up to 50):Number of Security Personnel (Up to 15):Security Personnel Armaments (No explosives):Vehicles (Land or Air):Special Requests: CURRENT EMBASSIES Detailed Agreements will be posted on the dispatch later. - The Empire of WERREALES
  7. Hello my dear comrades of Yggdrasil Firstly, let me congratulate Tiku on your victory over the election! Now, back to the point. AHEM, for the better aspects of journalism in Yggdrasil and make the Observer everyone's favourite newspaper, I want to create this topic on the forum for any recommendation you wish to suggest for the better Observer to be posted. It can be anything: suggested news to post, formatting ideas, or too small font size can't read. National advertisements is also allowed, I'll create another advertisement article on the Observer. You can advertise your RP's, your dispatch or maybe if you need any help from our members. So, feel free to respond. Yours, Dardona
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    The Observer

    Volume 3 | Issue 15| October 1 2017 | Newsletter Editor: Dardona | The Election Coming Up Yggdrasil is one of the earliest regions founded in NationStates and many nations have served the region as Chancellors, or Delegates thus far. Some nations serve for many terms and some served for very long time. The longest serving delegate is South Titania-391 days. Per Yggdrasillian constitution clause 4.1.2. “The Chancellor shall receive his mandate to office by being the regional ‘WA Delegate’ through a general election of all World Assembly member nations of Yggdrasil as defined by standing electoral law. The Chancellor's main duties are to ensure smooth day-to-day running of the region, promote a vibrant and active community, and in general act in the best interest of the region. a) The Chancellor shall hold the title 'Lord Chancellor' and preside over the Cabinet. The Chancellor may appoint to office the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Under this authority, the Chancellor may remove the Minister from the Council at his own discretion.” c) The Chancellor shall be responsible for all World Assembly related matters. Including voting on each WA Resolution in accordance with the wishes of WA members. All WA members shall have the right to express their position on WA Resolutions by a poll in the forum. d) The Chancellor shall have access to regional controls, except in cases of invasion threat and/or his inactivity. The term of the incumbent delegate, Ramsea will end up shortly and the election will be held ten days after his term end. Currently on the RMB, there are two publically declared nations who will run for chancellorship, which are Tiku, the current sitting senator and Imperium Germania, the current foreign minister. If one of these two nations got elected, their positions will be vacant also. The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the election. The region’s democratic future depends on your votes since voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. “I'm considering running as delegate. This would of course, relinquish my position as FM.”- Imperium Germania ”The Geniocracy of Tiku wll also consider running for the position of WA Delegate as a sitting senator.” - Tiku RMB Editable ”For nine years, Regional Message Board posts just scrolled off into the void, to be lost forever. One day, we thought, ‘ Wait... what if that didn't happen? ‘ Thus was born the ability of an RMB to hold more than ten posts. Today, a mere six years later, I am happy to unveil another great technological leap forward! No longer must perfectionist writers leave a string of self-deleted posts in their wake! Now you can hit that Edit button and correct embarrassing typos or gross factual inaccuracies before anyone notices. Such progress!”- Max Barry Yes! Can you believe it? The RMB is now editable! No more self-deletes, no more typos. The technological advancement will assure your pleasant conversation on the RMB. Dispatching Make Possible For years, not only dispatch but also all writing in NS required the tabs. The administrator has finally decided to make a toolbar on the top of writing box! The toolbar includes the bold, underline, italic, nation, and region shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts were also added in the feature of this new update. Nations who type with the keyboard can enjoy the classical Ctrl commands. The lists are as follow, Bold - ctrl+B Italic - ctrl+I Underline - ctrl+U nation - @ or ctrl+N or ctrl+M region - @ or ctrl+R Preview - ctrl+P or ctrl+E Post - ctrl+Enter Here's the official list. The Observer’s Wiki Writing dispatches is beyond just making impression for a nation but also gives factual information about someone or something. Wiki style is one of the most popular styles in writing dispatches as guided by Ponderosa. This month Dardona, the editor of the Observers, created a wiki style dispatch especially for the Observers! It described the history, the format, and the list of editors. Here is the site Message Board’s Debate Around six years ago, Canadian Davsland started a topic of discussion on the RMB about Catalonia’s independence. “Does anyone think that Basque Country and Catalonia should be independent? I personally think Catalonia could be, but probably not Basque Country, and as for the other regions maybe not, I also think Spain should NOT be federalized.” This month, the topic was ignited again by himself and a furious debate on the RMB began throughout the month. “I bring grim news. Spain is using their military and police to oppress the people of Catalonia. I thought the death of Franco was supposed to bring democracy to Spain, but it seems Rajoy has decided to revert to Franco's Authoritarian and even Fascist like tactics to suppress the freedom of the people.” “The referendum was illegal, of course they are going to arrest mayors....ok silencing pro referendum speech is against civil rights so you win at there.. however the raids were permitted by a judge so it is not illegal, they are using the military to stop the referendum (since they can't invade it because it is already Spanish land)” “Spain is evil!” “Spain is not evil!” “For the love of god, it's obvious we're not gonna get anywhere on the RMB with this so can we please just agree to disagree? If you're really into burning debates we can take this convo into Discord if we have to.” And truce was settled after that. For full edition, please visit the RMB. Cartographer’s Update On September 5th, Anon Zytose, our cartographer had updated and published the new maps of Yggdrasil. The map version 1.0.2 is up. Aaronian Fleet was added into the map and the maps with borders but no nation names are published! Population Update As of 30/09/2017, Yggdrasil contains 288 nations, the 37th most in the world. Descended from the previous month which contained 332 nations nations. The highest ever recorded is 500 nations on 10/01/2016. Votes on Polls In September, there had been two polls started by Tiku, and was responded positively by the members. 1. How clean is your personal bedroom right now? - CLEAN. like I can lick the carpet kind of clean - 10 votes - Clean, I guess, I wouldn't mind bringing my partner in here! - 20 votes - I have a path from the door to the bed. Follow the trail lest you step on Chinese Takeaway - 9 votes - I can't see my bed. I could have sworn I left it right here 3 weeks ago. - 2 votes 2. Which is your favourite Drink / Bevarage? - Water - 8 votes - Juices; Orange, Pineapple, Guava, Custard Apple, Blood of Your Enemies, etc - 5 votes - Red wine - 0 votes - White wine - 0 votes - Rosé - 0 votes - Gin / Vodka / Tequila - 4 votes - Scotch Whiskey - 2 votes - Bourbon Whiskey - 0 votes - Tea, including Chai, Green tea, Red tea - 14 votes - Coffee, including Decaff - 5 votes - Ramen / Other on the RMB - 9 votes For further results, please see the site. General Assembly At Vote – GA Resolution # 407 : Convention On Internet Neutrality For: 13,899 (91.3%) Against: 1,331 (8.7%) Voting ended on: Fri Sep 15 2017 Security Council At Vote – SC Resolution # 228 : Commend August For: 11,806 (85.3%) Against: 2,037 (14.7%) Voting ended on: Mon Sep 4 2017 At Vote - SC Resolution # 229 : Commend Wopruthien For: 10,827 (78.8%) Against: 2,918 (21.2%) Voting ended on: Fri Sep 8 2017 At Vote - SC Resolution # 230 : Repeal: “Condemn Kknight” For: 11,209 (81.5%) Against: 2,551 (18.5%) Voting ended on: Tue Sep 12 2017 At Vote - SC Resolution # 231 : Repeal: “Commend Texas” For: 10,160 (71.6%) Against: 4,028 (28.4%) Voting ended on: Sat Sep 16 2017 The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the regular World Assembly polls, whether you are a WA member or not. Ramsea cannot represent the region properly if he does not know what the region wants. All Yggdrasil WA member nations are also urged to vote on all World Assembly resolutions; voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. This month, we have two spotlights for two possible chancellor candidates! The Geniocracy of Tiku Tiku is a massive, genial nation, ruled by Panditji with a fair hand, and renowned for its frequent executions, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and daily referendums. The compassionate, hard-working, democratic population of 2.536 billion Tikuans enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct. The medium-sized, outspoken government prioritizes Education, although Environment, Healthcare, and Public Transport are also considered important, while Spirituality isn't funded at all. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Kashmir. The average income tax rate is 74.8%, and even higher for the wealthy. The Free Land of Imperium Germania Imperium Germania is a massive, environmentally stunning nation, notable for its museums and concert halls, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and ubiquitous missile silos. The hard-nosed, hard-working, democratic population of 1.041 billion Germans enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct. The relatively small, outspoken government juggles the competing demands of Defense, Education, and Healthcare. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Rohrfeld. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 15.0%. “I'm back! Someone was finally hired to help me at work so I think I'll have time to slack off and play NationStates again! :)” –Skothafjordur “I decided to experiment with that Nazi rally issue.. Normally pick option one because stomping on free speech is what dictators do.. but they outcome is always good rather than evil.. weird.. so I tried option two: The tenet of free speech is held dear. Reclassification Thembria SSR was reclassified from a Psychotic Dictatorship to an Authoritarian Democracy. Thembria SSR's Political Freedoms rose from Few to Some. Allowing Nazis creates democracy. Democracy is Nazism confirmed!” “I'ma spend the next 6 months making trouble!” –Thembria SSR “A NEW RMB PROBLEM. THE RMB SYSTEM MUST FOREVER BE IMPERFECT. OTHERWISE THE UNIVERSE WILL IMPLODE” –Carrasastova
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    The Observer

    Volume 3 | Issue 14| September 2 2017 | Newsletter Editor: Dardona | The Nuclear Day 2 In this month, NS has a new event, “Nuclear Day 2” on 30th August 2017. Yggdrasil decided to take it easy and restored the faction “The Realm of Ramen” which was both attack many factions and being attacked by many factions. The first target is Sealos but the target varies over time. The activity become quieter as the Americas fell asleep. When it is 7 hours left, Tiku had joined and the faction became active and commanded again. When the event came to the end, The Realm of Ramen had got a score of -3105, 57 nations remaining, 561 nukes in store, 349 shields in stockpile, 1681 productions left, 1155 targets struck, and the radiation of 4260. The Observer wants to thank all nations who participate in this event and hope the next N-Day will be as fun as this time! https://www.nationstates.net/page=faction/fid=93 Tea Time with Brad! Last time with The Observer, the tea time with____ series was an unaddressed issue. This time, Imperium Germania had stated that he will continue the series under the title “Tea Time With Brad”. The first episode, interviewing our delegate, The Reboot I : Ramsea, had attracted viewers with 120 views in the dispatch. Stated at the end that the medium on which the interview was conducted was Discord. The feedbacks that came out were very good. Keep up the good work! “Greetings to everyone, on this first return of the Tea Time With series following Gahilands retirement is me, Brad. With me today is our young, but devoted delegate, Ramsea! I hope that my reboot will at least meet your expectations. Let's begin!” https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=870512 New Forest’s Ambassador Exchanged Yggdrasil and Forest have had their embassies constructed since January 2013 and the diplomatic relationship established. The entente has been developing ever since and the regions have many coordinating activities. Until recently, there has been an ambassador exchanged, in order to strengthen our unbreakable relationship. With Yggdrasil sending North Haryona (puppet state of Dardona as the ambassador representing Yggdrasil to Forest and Palos Heights, the ambassador representing Forest to Yggdrasil, sent by Forest. "Greetings good people of Yggdrasil! I am Palos Heights and I am the recently appointed ambassador to Yggdrasil from the lovely region of Forest! In addition to being your one-stop shop for all questions and matters related to my region of Forest, I am excited to talk with all of you and interact with you in your wonderful region of Yggdrasil!" – Palos Heights Population Update As of 30/08/2017, Yggdrasil contains 332 nations, the 34th most in the world. Arisen from the previous month which contained 292 nations. The highest ever recorded is 500 nation on 10/01/2016 http://i.imgur.com/q8O5p3h.png Map Update On August 14th, Anon Zytose, our cartographer had updated and published the new maps of Yggdrasil. The map version 1.0.1 is up. Soquet and The Phoenix Flame have been added. Meanwhile, four other nations that ceased to exist over a month ago have been taken off. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=840514 General Assembly At Vote – Repeal: “Enabling The Disabled In Academia” For: 10,400 (73.7%) Against: 3,714 (26.3%) Voting ended on: Sun Aug 6 2017 At Vote - Repeal: “Internet Neutrality Act” For: 9,305 (63.8%) Against: 5,290 (36.2%) Voting ended on: Mon Aug 21 2017 Security Council At Vote - Condemn Reventus Koth For: 12,073 (85.2%) Against: 2,090 (14.8%) Voting ended on: Fri Aug 18 2017 At Vote - Repeal: “Condemn Gest” For: 11,061 (83.7%) Against: 2,154 (16.3%) Voting ended on: Tue Aug 22 2017 At Vote - Repeal: “Condemn General Halcones” For: 11,836 (87.0%) Against: 1,767 (13.0%) Voting ended on: Sun Aug 27 2017 The KRAKEN🐙 Republic of Ramsea Ramsea is a massive, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Chairman Meow with a fair hand, and renowned for its multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, complete lack of prisons, and devotion to social welfare. The compassionate, democratic, cheerful, devout population of 1.69 billion Ramseans are free to do what they want with their own bodies, and vote for whomever they like in elections; if they go into business, however, they are regulated to within an inch of their lives. The enormous, liberal, outspoken government juggles the competing demands of Education, Environment, and Healthcare. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Ramseapolis. The average income tax rate is 90.1%, and even higher for the wealthy. “Found this on Forest's RMB, how can a buffalo say when his child go to school? 🐃 Bi-son.” –Dardona “Bad news! The Ajisen Ramen store near my place just closed down. >___< Good news, I discovered there is a taco icon 🌮” –GRO “Não acredito que tem outro brasileiro aqui nesse jogo. Quem diria hein? É novato?” –Laeden “To be honest, I just liked the flag and had to use google translate to read your comment but I know people from Brasil if that makes you feel better. :)” -Puppies and sparkles Editor’s Note That is all for this month. Promise next month will have more. >< -Dardona
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    The Observer

    Volume 3 | Issue 13| July 30 2017 | Newsletter Editor: Dardona | Yggdrasil Defense Service The Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS) is the common defense force of both Yggdrasil and Valhalla and defends our regions in time of peace or war. A few months back, our Yggdrasil Defense Service Officer, Wordy had ceased to exist. In the meantime, our founder Goddess Relief Office temporarily took the position. Happily for everyone, Wordy returned about a month ago and reclaimed command of the YDS. The first mission after Wordy was refounded was to 10000 islands to secure Markanite's position of delegate after Markanite had accidentally resigned from the WA. YDS also deployed to Wysteria to place Hydroponic Nation back into the delegate's seat after the region was hit by an update raid. The most recently deployed mission of YDS was to defend the region of Philippines after the region was being invaded by The West Pacific and other invaders, which removed the rightful delegate Ariusgrad. Evidence shows that the invasion happened shortly after its founder, The Holy Kingdom of Zombies of Puan Puri Naduk, ceased to exist. Spear Danes, along with other regions including Yggdrasil had come to an agreement to defend Philippines against The West Pacific. The mission ended successfully with Ariusgrad retaking the position of delegate. Philippines Proposed Embassy Following our defense of Philippines, Yggdrasil has received an invitation to construct embassies with them. As Ramsea, our delegate stated on the RMB on the 27th of July: Philippines proposed to construct embassies with us... we did help liberate them - Ramsea It is understood that the Foreign Minister has gotten in touch with the Philippines to process the application. Tea Time With Who? A year ago, Gahiland started the interviewing series, “Tea Time With Gahiland”. The series included interviews with Vrolondia and South Titania. With Gahiland's CTE, the interview series came to an end. Unsatisfied with this situation, Tiku suggested that the series be continued as everyone missed it. Conversations started as many opinions are stated that how should it be done. Telegram out for participants in the region is also suggested. The person who would take over the series is also unclear. So the series is now an unaddressed issue. Until lately, Imperium Germania stated in the RMB that he might be able to do with the series. Keep it up! We are looking forward to the series! I'm sad I'm just discovering this now. It seems pretty fun to read. – Carrasastova Can someone remind me, was someone going to be editor for the "Interview with/Tea with ____" series for Yggdrasil? – GRO Banjection There are not many reports of suspicious nations who immigrate to Yggdrasil but in this month, Wordy ejected a nation from our region. Nlfn is banned for moving through our region to help with a misguided raid against our friends in Forest. As Nfln was relocated to the rejected realms, it moved to Forest, and was ejected, then Texas, and was ejected, then it moved to Violet Irises and resigned from the WA. New Editor For The Observer Yggdrasil’s The Observer was inactive for the past year. Now it has gotten a new editor for our glorious region, The Jingoistic Republic of Dardona will be editing The Observer from now on. Pleased to do the work! The Representative To The Cross Regional Games Committee The Cross Regional Games Committee is an interregional organization for events, especially, sporting events. The 2018 Committee consist of Wysteria, Texas, Yggdrasil, 10000 Islands and Canada. The former representative for Yggdrasil and Valhalla was Zybodia who is now resting in peace in the boneyard so in that case, Yggdrasil needs a new representative for the committee. Recently GRO has appointed Miriliarith as the new representative for the committee and the committee has published a list of member of committee for 2018, as follows; The PotPourri Octo of Herzil, Wysteria. The Poetic Tendencies of Aersoldorf, 10k Islands. The Familial Spirits of Devil Heart, Canada. The Imperial Rule of Miriliarith, Yggdrasil, Valhalla. The Riverboat Ron of Indian Empire, Texas Congratulations and Good luck! Polls, Polls, Polls In the past month there has been two polls in Yggdrasil; 1. Who is the best Spiderman? With the result of “I hate all three and literally a spider with that costume would have done better” beating Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland 2. Who are your closest to in your family? Why? With the surprising result of “I like ramen” beating a pet, mom, siblings, grandparents, and daddy. Ramen is there when I'm hungry Ramen is there when I'm thirsty Ramen is there when I'm cold Ramen is the only one who cares for me – Miriliarith Attack On New Phone Site Although NationStates is best played on the computer, it is also available on mobile sites such as android and iOS. In the past few days, NS has gotten a new look on mobile sites, with an updated menu tab and illusions of a part of the flag at the top of the screen. The picture of national flag running down at the side of telegram menu is also available. Process on Maps Our hard working cartographer, Anon Zytose, has finally finished his projects and the physical and national maps is now available for download in different qualities and formats on his dispatch. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=840514 The mathematical rule for land claiming and expansion is also described. Thank You for your hard work! Security Council At vote – none General Assembly At vote – Enabling The Disabled in Academia For: 9,219 (61.6%) Against: 5,744 (38.4%) Voting ended on : Tue Jul 25 2017 Your Delegate Ramsea didn’t vote on the resolution The Observer strongly urges all Yggdrasil's member nations to take part in the regular World Assembly polls, whether you are a WA member or not. Ramsea cannot represent the region properly if he does not know what the region wants. All Yggdrasil WA member nations are also urged to vote on all World Assembly resolutions; voting is one of the keystone principles of democracy. The 📚 Novel of Wordy The 📚 Novel of Wordy is a gargantuan, efficient nation, ruled by Wordy ღ with an even hand, and renowned for its ban on automobiles, unlimited-speed roads, and enforced nudity. The hard-nosed, democratic, humorless population of 11.115 billion Nepheliad have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. “I am still very effective in being oppressive! Weird though you can see a slight rise in both political and civil freedoms though every small.. It is slowly happening.” -Thembria SSR “If this was the real world the USAID and other supposedly humanitarian organizations would start setting up shop in Thembria SSR while Radio Free America will start boardcasting and CIA funds your opposition.... unless you sell oil to the US and allow bases to be set up, in which case you'll be alright. Lucky we are on NationStates! No need to worry about external influences! You can be as dictatorial as you want! Ramen” -GRO “I don't watch Game of Thrones... all I know is that it has something to do with the wars of the roses... and there's kings... and killing... and dragons... I think...” -Ramsea
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    Nation Retention Ideas

    It's a good idea actually, but with math or not is up to person.
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    I am taking map requests here!

    I 'd like to request Dardona to have the Tropic of Cancer runs across her with long coast stretching from north to south and vast land area in the north eastern region (something like Chile and Bolivia combined). If possible, I want fertile land for agriculture, river, lush pine forests and high mountain range. Thanks