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  1. Founderless Regions Alliance Update - August 2016 Greetings Friends and Allies, It's already been a year since our last post, and since then there's been a lot of changes in the leadership of the FRA! Recently, some changes were made to the Charter that eliminated the elected cabinet. Now, the Chancellor of the Alliance is elected, and is free to choose their Cabinet ministers and what the scope of their ministry is. Following the elections, which closed on the 15th, I was elected as the second Chancellor under this system. I'm excited to be one of the first to try this new system out, and I hope to see a lot of success under it. I've decided to keep Dyr Nasad as our Chief of Defence to help me run the Rangers and start to reinvigorate them going forward. I look forward to working closely with him in the months ahead on our efforts. I also plan on appointing two new Cabinet positions -- A new Regional Liaison Officer to help out our member regions and aid them in their development. I also plan on appointing a Foreign Outreach Officer to help me in making sure we don't go another year long span without posting another update, and also to assist me in incorporating new regions into our Alliance. I also plan on personally checking in with our defender allies to see if they need any help with the development of their military, and to help coordinate our friends and allies together in our military efforts. Even though not everyone is interested in joining the Alliance, I still feel an obligation to our friends to make sure they have every bit of help they need to develop strong and capable militarizes for themselves. As of late, the Rangers have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to help defending run smoothly and efficiently, and we've had some great results! In the coming weeks, I look forward to completely revamping the Rangers' efforts, and hopefully by the end of my term Ranger enrollment will have expanded considerably. I'm really grateful to be afforded the opportunity to lead the FRA, and I am really looking forward to a positive and constructive term ahead! Thank you so much for reading. Funkadelia, Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance
  2. Funkadelia

    Hi from the FRA!

    Hi all! I'm Funkadelia, the new Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance, and I am just dropping in to say hi, and to post updates from the Alliance from here on out.