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  1. Valhyria

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    Valhyria will go... Need some new lan... I mean friends.
  2. Valhyria

    The Imperial States of Valhyria.

    The geographic map of the Imperial States of Valhyria. Colors: - White: Mountains (+4000m) - Light Green: Plateau (1500 - 4000m) - Dark Green: flatland (20 - 1500m) - Light Blue: sea (-300 - 20m) - Dark Blue: deep sea (-2000 - -300m) Map-478.bmp
  3. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    29 of August, 2516 AVC. Catra´s House of Parliamnet; In the House of Parliament, a room in the center and about 6 floors underground the Ministers and the President of Catra are being briefed about the valhyrian advances to Catra and about Daereon: -"Those valhyrian dogs!!! They are gaining more and more lands of Catra... If dont change our strategy this war is over for us!!!"- President Marcel -"They are increasing drastically... few days ago they were only 200 thousand, now they are over 1 million!"- Minister William -"Dont forget about the dozens of uprisings all across the nation. Even the majority of the navy was captured in Sys, no country of Yggdrasil will help us due to the policies we defend and your own army is spread across the entire nation! Of the 2.6 million we have only 600 thousand between Daereon and us."- Minister Hugh -"If only... you were alive... my friend..."- PR. Marcel -"Mr. President?"- Minister Hugh -"Nevermind... Hugh you are the Minister of Defense, and before that you were the second best strategist of Catra. Do something about Daereon! Everyone in here, DO SOMETHING GODDAMMIT!!!"- PR. Marcel -"Sir, yes sir!" Everyone leave the room, except Marcel. He removes something from its pocket... a drug named Past, lets a person feel a sensation of euphoria, and sadness after, of the user´s memories... Catra, 2495 AVC: Decades before the assassination of the Valhyrian Imperial family, Catra was once also a monarchy. Its ruler, Queen Arya spent most of her time dealing with her private life and supporting the catrian people and those of other states (Valhyria), while Generals Marcel, a brutal dictator-like man, and Reinhart, a cold calculist and supporter of the Queen, were responsible to the political affairs of Catra. Beloved by the people, Marcel feared that the Queen would gain support in the army and overthrow him into exile, so he did unthinkable, assassinate the Queen... or so he tried. His plans were foiled by Reinhart: -"Damn you REINHART!!! You traitor! Dont you see that this is for the best of Catra! Associating ourselves with those valhyrians... she´s no Queen of mine! Join me, and i will forgive... you are my friend after all."- Marcel -"It is you who is the traitor... i thought I knew you... my friend. My Queen, you must go somewhere safe, the Royal Guard will accompany you."- Reinhart -"Oh.... Reinhart what is this? You are so proud of yourself of being capable being 3 steps ahead of your enemy... Even so you didnt notice?"- Marcel All except 2 Royal Guards drew their swords against the Queen and Reinhart. Reinhart quickly went to protect the Queen, blocked the attacks of the Guards while trying to create a path to the Queen. -"You two open the doors! The Queen must escape!"- Reinhart -"Reinhart..."- Queen Arya -"Never turn your back to an enemy!"- Marcel drew his sword to fatally wound the Queen... but, -"Arghhhhh...."- Reinhart put himself between the Queen and what was his oldest frien -"Reinhart.... why... for someone like her..."- Marcel The House of Parliament fell to silence, only the steps of the Queen and 2 Guards escaping from certain death and the cries of Marcel over the loss of his oldest... and only friend... The 2 Guards guided Queen Arya to the port where an old man was waiting for them; -"Queen Arya, i presume?"- Old man -"Who... who are... y..."- Queen Arya -"My, my, i didnt expected you of all people to be a shy one. My name is Dhaedon El-Johal" -"El-Johal? You are a Valhyrian nobleman!!! But i thought all of them were..."- Queen Arya -"Dead... all except a few milady. Now come we must go"- Dhaedon -"Go? Go where?"- Queen Arya -"To the lair where the Dragons live."- Dhaedon
  4. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    August 26, 2516 AVC. The march to Catra; After gaining support of all parties, Daereon made major changes in Valhyria: - Changed its constitution, adding and erasing some articles to promote a more "democratic" approach, though Daereon still has full power on Valhyria's politics. - Created the NVA (National Valhyrian Army), an army with all the different ethnic groups of Valhyrian, including Catrians who are angry with their government policies. - Created the VSIA (Valhyria's Secret and Intelligence Agency), an Agency to track and destroy all enemies of Valhyria. - Established the IUP (Imperial Union Party), making Valhyria a single ruling party nation. - Gave more than 700 millions Sol and more than 370 thousand weapons to the Valhyrian Liberation Army, which made multiple uprisings in key cities, such as Brazylla, that after 3 days fell under control to Valhyria, and Sys, where the Catrian Navy was stationed. Now that Daereon secured Valhyria's eastern borders, obtained support of many valhyrians of VLA and of ex-officials of Catra Army and Navy. Without foreign aid, Catra stands alone against its ancient master. Daereon is spearheading the Army to Catra, is only a matter of time until he arrives...
  5. A quick factbook of Valhyria: - Map: (first image) - Long name: The Imperial States of Valhyria - Short name: Valhyria - Capital: Valhys - Largest City: Valhys - Motto: Order and Freedom - National Animal: Dragon - National Flower: Dragonwood - National Anthem: The Land of Dragons - Flag: (second image) - Seal: (third image) - Official Languages: Valhyrian, Catrian, Brazyllan and Syscian - Ethnic groups: 74% Valhyrian, 13% Catrian, 7% Brazyllan, 3% Syscian, 1% Islanders, 2% Foreigners. - Demonym: Valhyrian - Government: Constitutional Imperial Federation - Emperor: Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen - Head of the Senate: Hayen Mea El-Gyron - Head of the Parliament: Merya Aya El-Ayres - Head of the Imperial Court: Wilhelm Gya El-Alua - Legislature: The Imperial Courts - Upper House: The Senate - Lower House: The Parliament - Timeline (x years AVC = After Valhyrian Calendar); --- Established: 3 AVC --- Empire: 9 AVC --- Imperial Federation: 1624 AVC --- Rebellion and Invasion by Catra: 2216 AVC --- Re-established: 2516 AVC --- Current constitution: 2516 AVC - Total Area (excluding the EEZ): 6,324,025 km2 - Water (%): 0.65 - Currency: Sol - Timezone: VST, Valhyria Standard Timezone (Like the UK)
  6. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    August 18, 2516 AVC. The House of the Senate, Valhys. The gathering of the Senate and the Emperor. The House of the Senate, along with the Palace of Dragons, is one of the most important buildings in Valhys. Built in 547 AVC after a failed coup d'etat iniciated by noblemen that disagreed with the Emperor and desired more power. In order to prevent another coup, the Emperor Drága II divided his power with the Senate, though he still had influence within the decisions made by the Senate. Besides the senators there were 5 elders, this were the top politicians of Valhys, alongside the Emperor. During the Catrian occupation the House of the Senate was used to housing the appointed Catrian parties of Valhys. Daereon, all 8 parties and the 5 elders are gathered in the House of the Senate, ready to discuss the future of Valhyria. But Valhyria, in politics, is not united. The 3 major parties: - The Imperial Party: loyalists of the Emperor - The National Party: the military party, mostly composed of high-ranked people of the army. - The Democratic Party: The voice of the people. 5 minor parties: - The Green Party: the defendors of Valhyria's Nature. - The Socialist Party: a Catrian party - The Workers Party: Valhyrian version of the Socialist Party. - The Centralists: Not right nor left winged party, likes the status quo. - The Dragons: ultranationalist party. After some talks about the economy, trade and political stuff, one the Elders asks Daereon: "My liege, why are you commanding the army?" - Elder 1 "What do you mean?"- Daereon "Since 1594 the Emperor cannot command directly the army."- Elder 2 "Thats right! You cannot. Its the law!"- Elder 3 "The law?"- Daereon "Yes. As a Valhyrian you should-"- Elder 2 "DO NOT SAY WHAT I SHOULD DO!"- Daereon The change of tune from Daereon confuses the everyone in the House, except the National Party and the Dragons. "You have no right to say what should or shouldnt do."- Daereon "We are the Elders! You must hear us and if the 5 of us agree on something you must not deny us!"- Elder 5 "You are all TRAITORS!!!"- Daereon "Wha--" Elder 4 "The Elders, as the Emperor, are the pillars of the Empire. They must help one another for the good of Valhyria. But where were the Elders when Valhyria was invaded by Catra? They immediately surrender to the enemy, sold their land and lived a luxurious life while the people suffered... Where were the Elders when Valhys was burned by Catrians fanatics? Escaped from Valhys and went to Catra! Where were you when... when my family was killed? I do not know, no one knew! No one! Yet you 5 come here has you all have right to be in here, a right to guide the Valhyrian people?"- Daereon "We had no choice! Our survival was necessary! For the good of Va-"- Elder 3, his last words, as Daereon shots in the heart. The other 4 Elders surprised and shocked by what they witnessed. "You damn Bastard!!! You are no Emperor nor a Valhyrian! You never take the Crown. Guards seize him!"- Elder 1 But no guard obeyed his orders. "Guards! Are you all deaf!!! Seize him at once"- Elder 1 "They wont obey you, nor any of the Elders."- General Dráha El-Maha, party leader of the National Party. "What!?"- Elder 1 "You all lived such good lifes yet gave nothing to the people... to ease their pain and suffering. You didnt do your job as Elder, as a pillar of the Empire... Thats why I, Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, declare the banishment of the Elders! All their properties, lands and gold are to be confiscated!"- Daereon "You cant... you cant do this"- Elder 5 "All those who are in favor of his Majesty order say yay"- Gen. Dráha "Yay"- All of the parties agreed, all had, of course, different reasons to agree. "Guard seize the Elde... no those old men and put them in jail. They will hear their sentence."- Daereon The Elders struggled but were easily dominated, all of them cursing Daereon as they were dragged out of the room. Now the moment has come. The moment Daereon waited for so many years. The proclamation of Daereon as Emperor of Valhyria and the approval of the Senate. "I am Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, son of Aegen Dra El-Saxaryen the 93rd Emperor of Valhyria. As his only living son, it is my birth right to claim this crown. Is there anyone who denies my right as the 94th Emperor of Valhyria?"- Daereon Silence reigns in the room... until a person rose. "All hail Emperor Daereon, the Black Dragon!"- Gen. Dráha One by one, until all parties, guards and noblemen raised their swords said: "All hail Daereon! All hail Daereon! All hail Daereon! All hail Daereon!" Daereon now had the support of all Valhyria... the moment to attack Catra is now...
  7. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    14 of August 2516 AVC. Palace of Dragons, Valhys. "War Speech" of Daereon El-Saxaryen, Emperor of Valhyria: It has been a week since the uprising in Valhys, with the Valhyrian Liberation Army being the victor, since then all those who still are loyal to Catra have been jailed or killed. Now, the Black Dragon, Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, Emperor of Valhyria will now make a speech to all valhyrian patriots in the liberated lands and in the lands still controlled by Catra. Almost 400 thousand people came to see their leader. The speech will begin... 400 thousand people silent to hear their Emperor... -"My people... Brothers, Sisters... Sons and Daughters of Valhyria. For centuries we have been a broken nation, humiliated and oppressed by barbarians and those we thought were our friends. But thanks to your loyalty, your strenght and your pride as Valhyrians we were able to make those Catrians invaders run and take back our nation. Today I, Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, declare in this day our independence from Catra! But do not think that this mean the ressurection of the old Valhyria. The New Valhyria will be a beacon of hope across the region, where the strong dont oppress the weak, a country in which race, religion or ideology does not matter, anyone who was born in Valhyria is a Valhyrian! And this New Valhyria will be called: The United Imperial States of Valhyria!!! In the name of El-Saxaryen and of the Dragon I promise... I WILL BRING ORDER AND FREEDOM TO ALL VALHYRIANS!!!" The crowd rises and cheers their leader. -"Daereon, Daereon, Daereon,..." Now that Daereon have gained the support of the military and of the people there's one group left... the Senate of Valhys, composed by three major parties and five minor parties.
  8. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    History of Valhyria - Part I: The beginnings: - Valhyria was one of the earliest places to be inhabitanted by humans. It didnt took long for men to see how abundant the land was, trees, wildlife, green plains and mountains all over. The greatest mountain, Mt. Valhyr is known to be the site of the first settlement in Valhyria, where now is the capital city Valhys, a large river crosses the land ending in the the Sea of Valhyr. In a few centuries there as many as 100 tribes in Valhyria, but all of them were hostile to eachother, no true valhyrian leader existed at that point. They learned agriculture and clothing from neighbouring people. Men were the dominant species... or so they thought. - After 2000 years a beast-like animal, 10 meters long, a reptile with bird-like features, including 2 wing and feathers, was found in Mount Valhyr. The name of this beast would be the origin of the name of the valhyrian people. Valhyr = Dragon, Ria = Land, Valhyria = The Land of the Dragons. They were not to kin to mankind, they were violent and uncontrollable... until one man alone tamed a black dragon. That man was Kra Argenys El-Saxaryen, chief of the Saxaryen tribe, the first Emperor of Valhyria, during his rule he united the valhyrian tribes and set to establish the borders of the Valhyrian Empire and created the capital city Valhys in the year 13 of the Valhyrian Calendar.
  9. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    Palace of Dragons, throne room: A temporary HQ was set in the throne room, 9 commanders of the CVA and the governor of Valhys, Drava El-Hadra, are currently thinking a way to escape. "Think, think... i shouldnt be here!" - Drava "We're doomed, we dont have enough man or supplies to withstand this siege, nor do have anyway to send a message to Catra" - Lt.Coronel Wilhelm Miller "Those bastards cut everythings that could allow us to communicate with the outside" - Coronel Henri Brausch Silence fell in the temporary HQ, until the door was broken by four soldiers with the symbol of the Dragon. Immediately they kill any who decided to grab a gun. The rest they gathered up and put them in their knees. Minutes passed, until the CVA commanders hear footsteps. A man with dark hair and green eyes past them and seats in the Dragon Throne, its Daereon. "Good evening gentlemen... Thank you for taking care of my house" - Daereon "How dare you! Marching against Catra! You pay dearly for that!" - Coronel Henri Brausch "Oh, will I?" - Daereon A loud noise crosses the room, Daereon pulled a gun and shot Henri in the forehead. "You monster!" - Lt. Frank Himmer "Monster? Its only natural to kill the enemy commanders during an war, is it not?" - Daereon. "War? Is this what you call? This is a rebellion!" - Lt. Frank Himmer "No... this is an war... An war of independence, that different of the invasion you Catrians have done, is just and noble... You call me a monster, then what about your Segregation Law? The oppresion of the valhyrian people? The injustices on my homeland!!!! And the murder of my family... my father, my brothers and sisters... It is Catra who will pay, but since that wont happen today... you all will do" - Daereon Another shot, Lt. Frank perished from this world. "Please... i beg of you... please..." - Lt.Coronel Wilhelm Miller "I hate when they beg... kills the joy..." - Daereon Third shot, third body. "Governor of Valhys, Drava El-Hadra, you were one of the noblest families of all Valhyria, but now i see you licking the boots of your Catrian invaders... why?" - Daereon "My... my... my liege, yes my liege, great leader of Valhyria... i was... waiting for the return of the Dragon! Yes thats it! I..." - Drava "ENOUGH!!!" - Daereon Daereon approches Drava, with the gun still in his hand. "You sold your family name, your dignity, your soul, and worse, your own people to this invaders! Confess to your crimes and I wont shot you." - Daereon "You... you wont shot me?" - Drava "No Drava I wont. In the name of El-Saxaryen i promise." - Daereon Drava looks around, seeing the remaining Catrian commanders faces, many of them judging his decision, but he doesnt care what they think. "I confess! I confess all you accused me of! I declare myself guilty! These barbarian invaders forced me!" - Drava "You son of a-" - a Catrian commander, shot dead by Daereon before finishing his phrase. "I thank you Drava, for confessing your crimes. Take him. Shot the others" - Daereon Valhyrian soldier shot the Catrian commanders, in an execution style. Drava being dragged by two soldier screams to Daereon. "My liege I confessed! Why...why am I? Why did you break your promise!?" - Drava "Oh? I didnt break my promise. I didnt shot you, nor will they shot you. But I didnt say nothing about not killing you. For the crime of treason you, Drava El-Hadra, will be hanged. I wish you a good departure." - Daereon "No... wait... WAIIIIIITTT!" - Drava The doors are closed, only Daereon and two soldiers are inside the Throne room. "I did it..." - Daereon "My liege?" - one of the soldiers "I kept my promise brother... Valhys is free... May your soul be rested..." - Daereon
  10. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    8 of August, year 2516 in the Valhyrian Calendar. Valhys, capital of Valhyria. A coup d'etat took place in Valhys, many of the supporters are veteran valhyrian soldiers who were in exile and low ranking officers of the CVA (Catrian Valhyrian Army). Though ressentment of the valhyrian people always existed since 2216, this hatred grew stronger since the Catrian goverment decided to increase taxes in valhyrian states and the recent Segregation Law. The people of Valhyria wanted a savior, a hero, a Dragon to come back and reclaim the throne of Valhyria and announce its independence from the nation of Catra. Though many were heartbroken when hearing the news that the exiled imperial family was dead. Their house burned, their bodies along with it. But, the day came... a Dragon returned to Valhyria! Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, the bastard of Aegen Dra El-Saxaryen, came to Valhys, along his 20000 soldiers. The CVA stood no chance, with thousands of their soldiers siding with Daereon and its best generals fighting wars elsewhere, Valhys returned once more to Valhyrian rule. The last bastion of Catra's domain in Valhys, the Palace of Dragon is currently under siege. It wont to long until they surrender or defeated...
  11. Valhyria

    The Valhyrian News

    The Valhyrian News shall be about the events happening in Valhyria: - The news about the coup d´etat... - The Valhyrian Liberation War... - The International news between Valhyria and other Yggdrasilian countries Will try to make this daily, one or two per day...
  12. From the Palace of Dragons, in Valhys, capital of Valhyria. My name is Daereon Aegys El-Saxaryen, first of his name, Emperor of the Imperial States of Valhyria. Since the the old days Valhyria has been an independent nation, with a history of more than 2000 years. But since the invasion of barbarians this mighty empire has fallen to ruin. Its been 300 years since that day, but now after a successful coup d`etat, the valhyrian people has now reclaim their homeland back from those barbarians, but thats not all what we want... as it is in our national motto, we want to bring Order and Freedom! Order in the old valhyrian lands, and freedom to all valhyrians still trapped in our stolen lands annexed by our foes. So we have joined Yggdrasil, to help me and my people to reclaim our lands from these invaders, it is time to Valhyria be once again a proud, powerful and mighty empire! Order and Freedom!! All hail Valhyria!!!