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    Nation Retention Ideas

    Hey guys! So I'm trying to improve our nation retention mainly by telegramming our newest regions getting to know them and encouraging them to participate in our community! The people are the best part of Yggdrasil! So I thought what better way to introduce this particular new nation called Cody50 to Sarcasm at Yggdrasil (which totally needs to be it's own topic) with this TG: To Cody50 Now aside from humor what are the other ways to get new nations to engage with and encourage newer nations to join the conversation? {P.S: In case you're wondering why I had to add that TG's contents to this post, it is not random as there is a very important reason for it: I like my jokes and So must everyone within hearing distance.}
  2. Tiku


    Hello unknown lands! How long have you been playing Nationstates!?
  3. Tiku

    Ambassador Replacement

    Welcome back Paffnia! We missed you mate
  4. Tiku

    Aincrahd's Introduction

    Hello Aincrahd, Extending a formal welcome to Yggdrasil
  5. Tiku

    Sumharra Introduction

    Welcome to our fair lands Enjoy your stay
  6. Tiku

    Your 2018 Predictions!

    I love how EVERYONE is sure that Thembria is running for Delegate.
  7. Tiku

    Your 2018 Predictions!

    No way that's gonna happen. Not that you're wrong about the feeling Nationalism, but there is NO way that is going to happen in 2018. Too soon. The timeline is off, the event you describe may still happen, but certainly not in 2018.
  8. Tiku

    Your 2018 Predictions!

    The 'War in the middle east' bit is pretty much guaranteed.
  9. Greetings Yggdrasil, How is everyone doing today?

  10. Tiku


    Welcome to Yggdrasil! I see these fine people have already welcomed you! Do stick around, also join and participate in the World Assembly! That's Nationstates' version of the UN and it allows us to practice International Diplomacy.
  11. Tiku

    hey im a socialist goverment

    I mean having a poor economy won't just have any ONE reason. I have a socialist country and I have a 100/100 economy. The goal is to not stick to it completely. Make sensible choices occasionally in favour of industry as long as it doesn't dismantle your current social net/etc.
  12. Tiku

    From the Depths

    Hello Osmyria! Welcome to Yggdrasil I hope you have fun here! Text us if you have any questions
  13. Tiku

    Hi there

    Hey there! You're very welcome here! Yes the issues can seem to have unintended side effects, however I have found usually that those side effects are also direct effects of those decisions. Things like, Allowing for recreational drugs can increase public nudity. That in itself fun enough! Give it a shot, you can always message us if you have any questions!
  14. Tiku

    Evening All

    Also, there is a tax for not knowing stuff. You have to give One hug to all the ROs per question. (RO= Regional Officers: We're all on Ygg's front page. Keep checking though, names keep changing over time as per elections ) Anyway yes, one question = 1 Hug . Them's the rules mate.
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    You're weird as hell. I LIKE YOU! Welcomeeeeeee! Please make yourself at home
  16. Tiku

    Hey there!

    Hi Roglaria! Welcome. Make yourself at home. Read some of the comics! Have fun
  17. Tiku

    Election Results and New Pharaoh

    Congratulations to Osiris on another fruitful round elections! Also my congratulations to you personally Sub-Vizier Wymondham!
  18. Tiku

    Nation Retention Ideas

    So continue with the jokes but no math? I mean come on, we sure are good at math right? :D Anyway will keep that in mind 👍
  19. Tiku

    4amShower:just hold on.

    Wait how is your health? Are you okay GRO?
  20. Tiku

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    Only Single Malt Scotch. None of that beer shmere...
  21. Tiku

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I'll come along as well! Though I'll be living vicariously through my puppet: The Glorious Empire of Saransh. I'll see you all in Warsaw!
  22. Tiku

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I wanna go too! Although I am still hoping to be a Senator so I'll hold off But my best wishes from YGG! Send me Postcards Hey Carrasastova, you sure you don't wanna go for the trip? Looks SUPER fun!
  23. Tiku

    Yggdrasil Map

    Hey guys, So I'm laying claim to the North. The frozen mountains, the land of always winter. We're a small country, with intelligent educated people, with a high GDP (pp) Shortform name: Tiku Longform name: The Kingdom of Tiku Tech level: FanT Map link: Attached below Government type: Scandinavian Liberal Paradise Population: 10 Million GDP (PPP) per capita: $59,990 Physical alterations: 1) The area where the Prime Meridian meets the Arctic circle line, I would like some more land there. Presently that junction lies on the sea and I would like some of my land on there. 2) Requesting islands to the left of the landmass. Thank you so much!!! Map of where Tiku should be_1.pdf
  24. Tiku

    New here!

    Hey Everyone! I'm Saransh, king of a tiny kingdom called the Kingdom of Tiku. I'm just starting out, I'm absolutely green, so I'm just learning how to work my way around the site and NS. Nice to be here!