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  1. Bravo Miri 👏! Truly an inspired post! I completely agree with you, in fact I couldn’t have said it better myself! 😅😂
  2. Hi Ramsea! If elected Delegate I would forfeit my Senatorial position. According to the Consitution of Yggdrasil, this has a precedent and in such a case, fresh elections are held for the position of Vanir Senator! I would then exercise my right as an Yggdrasilian to cast my vote for whomsoever I think would suit the position of Senator best!
  3. Hello Osmyria! Welcome to Yggdrasil I hope you have fun here! Text us if you have any questions
  4. HELLO YGGDRASIL!!!!! I am standing for the position of Lord Chancellor or Delegate and if elected I would bring about several refreshing changes within Yggdrasil! My Policy on some of the broader issues are listed below: INTERNAL POLICY Citizenship: One of the changes I would like to see is the implementation of a Citizenship program. Under this program, nations who meet certain criteria will receive a citizenship status. This allows you to run for office, join the YDS, etc. What benefits they may or may not have can be negotiable. Some of the potential requirements can be (These are all Negotiable): You should have stayed in this region for more than 1 month. You should have had roughly 10 or more RMB posts in the last 3 months. Declaration of all current or previous Raider/Defender affiliations (Can be made privately to any RO over TG) [For older nations, all the major ones you can remember are fine] Any nation that does not fall under these categories is classified under a 'Resident Status'. Cross RMB Communication: I would like to see increased RMB communication between our allied regions such as Iwaku , Texas , Forest, Equilism & IDU. The most effective way to increase this Cross RMB communication, in my opinion, is by increased vacations to these regions and by requesting them to come into our regions. This is what I would endeavour to achieve in my tenure. Foreign Policy Increased Recruitment: The most important part of my Foreign Policy during my tenure would be to increase Recruitment. Our numbers have fallen significantly these past few months, I would like to increase our numbers to somewhere north of 350 AT LEAST. I would like to achieve these increased numbers through these ways: Recruitment Telegrams Aggressive Recruitment from the Feeders. Poaching from smaller, less active regions. Encouraging nations in our Allied regions to also set up puppets and interact in Yggdrasil. Maybe even move their mains here one day! Culture AWARDS! : I would like to start a regional Bi-Annual awards ceremony! Every 6 months the Region of Yggdrasil will choose certain passive-aggressive awards such as: Most annoying person on RMB, Most likely to be slightly mentally deranged, etc etc. It's a fun way to pull someone's leg! Also awards such as Most Kwai Flag, etc! P.S. I am aware that we have these some of these awards on our Regional Polls, but I want the votes collected privately and then the awards given publically! Just like a normal award ceremony. We can discuss which awards to keep later Political Parties: Moareeee Political parties! I would like to encourage the growth of Political Parties and NS Political discussions (No IRL Politics please)! I believe this will also improve our new nation retention rates! Those are my major points! In addition to this, if you have any other questions or if you have any questions regarding these topics, please feel free to ask me right here! PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE! I may not have the answers to all your questions, but I'll certainly work with you to address any & all of your concerns! Note: None of the points mentioned here are non-negotiable or non-discussable. Everything is subject to change as per the will of the people of Yggdrasil Thank you!
  5. The Geniocracy of Tiku will run for the position of Lord Chancellor (Delegate) of Yggdrasil as an Independent candidate. I, self-declare that I meet the requirements: 1. My nation Tiku has been in Yggdrasil for more than a year I reckon (except for YDS missions in the middle) 2. My main nation has a Population of 2.59 Billion. 3. I have around 44 Posts on this Forum. I have a huge interest in the World Assembly and Resolutions! Please feel free to ask me any questions on the independent thread that I am creating now. Thank you!
  6. Hey there! You're very welcome here! Yes the issues can seem to have unintended side effects, however I have found usually that those side effects are also direct effects of those decisions. Things like, Allowing for recreational drugs can increase public nudity. That in itself fun enough! Give it a shot, you can always message us if you have any questions!
  7. Also, there is a tax for not knowing stuff. You have to give One hug to all the ROs per question. (RO= Regional Officers: We're all on Ygg's front page. Keep checking though, names keep changing over time as per elections ) Anyway yes, one question = 1 Hug . Them's the rules mate.
  8. Hi

    You're weird as hell. I LIKE YOU! Welcomeeeeeee! Please make yourself at home
  9. Hi Roglaria! Welcome. Make yourself at home. Read some of the comics! Have fun
  10. Congratulations to Osiris on another fruitful round elections! Also my congratulations to you personally Sub-Vizier Wymondham!
  11. So continue with the jokes but no math? I mean come on, we sure are good at math right? :D Anyway will keep that in mind 👍
  12. Hey guys! So I'm trying to improve our nation retention mainly by telegramming our newest regions getting to know them and encouraging them to participate in our community! The people are the best part of Yggdrasil! So I thought what better way to introduce this particular new nation called Cody50 to Sarcasm at Yggdrasil (which totally needs to be it's own topic) with this TG: To Cody50 Now aside from humor what are the other ways to get new nations to engage with and encourage newer nations to join the conversation? {P.S: In case you're wondering why I had to add that TG's contents to this post, it is not random as there is a very important reason for it: I like my jokes and So must everyone within hearing distance.}
  13. Wait how is your health? Are you okay GRO?
  14. Only Single Malt Scotch. None of that beer shmere...
  15. I'll come along as well! Though I'll be living vicariously through my puppet: The Glorious Empire of Saransh. I'll see you all in Warsaw!