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  1. Serjo

    How do you pronounce the name of your nation?

    Serjo (sir-joe)
  2. Serjo


    My favorite is Akame Ga kill
  3. Serjo

    Hiyo :3

    Welcome to the realm
  4. Serjo

    What RPG Type character are you?

    Wizard 48% Combativeness, 47% Sneakiness, 82% Intellect, 47% Spirituality Brilliant! You are a Wizard! Wizards are spells-casters who study powerful arcane magic. While Wizards tend to be pretty fragile, some of those spells can pack quite a punch. Unlike Clerics, Wizards aren't as good at fixing people as they are at breaking them, so watch where you toss that fireball! Your most distinctive trait is your intelligence. You're probably well learned and logical, if perhaps a bit fragile.
  5. Serjo

    Tell a blatant lie about yourself

    I want Hillary to be president
  6. Serjo

    I am taking map requests here!

    I would like to be placed on the southern end of the planet I would also prefer that I was near water and some mountains in and around my nation would be nice. If it is possible I would also like a mild-hot climate. Thanks
  7. Serjo is on a full-time alert  after increased commie activity. 

    We are currently mobilising the Serjoan grand army to counter any commie attacks :viking4:

  8. Serjo

    NationStates Start-up Guide

    Thanks, this information is very helpful