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    Alternative Rock, music in general, left wing politics, design, making imaginary maps, hiking, etc.

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    Éin gjennom solidaritet!
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  1. Samnoreg

    Hallo, Yggdrasil!

    A hearty hallo to my fellow Yggdrasilians of the Realm! I have finally decided, that after being on Nationstates for a few years, I ought to become more involved with regional happenings, most notably on the forum, so after signing up on the forums a few months ago, I'm making attempts now to become a much more active forum-er! You can call me Samnoreg, Såmnoreg, or just Sam. I'm a daily Nationstates-er from the great northern state of Minnesota, a fan of alternative music, an amateur graphic designerman, political junkie, a chilly/cold weather enthusiast, and occasional hiker. Så, ja. I look forward to taking part in the Yggdrasil forum. Ha det bra, og skal eg sjå dykk i forum!
  2. Welp, just remembered that I did have a forum profile that I started a few months ago. Currently updating!