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  1. Nordic Pagans

    The Cost of War

    You're assuming that war doesn't grant the victor access to valuable commodities, such as oil and mineral mining rights. War could be privately funded on these grounds.
  2. Nordic Pagans

    Winter Nights

    On behalf of the nation of Nordic Pagans, I, Leifur, Spritual Leader of the Nordic Pagans, wish to inform the region of a particularly unique holiday happening today this October 15th. The holiday is known as "Winter Nights" and begins midway through October. The custom lasts for three days: on the first day, individuals engage in private ritual and meditation with the gods, and on days two and three spend time with friends and loved ones in the company of the gods. While it is generally considered taboo to inquire about an individuals activities on the first day of the holiday, the second and third days are generally filled with drinking and merriment to mark the beginning of winter. Functionally, this holiday originally served as a way for our people to exhaust perishable food items before the onset of winter as well as pray for fair weather and good health in the coming months. As Nordic Pagans' spiritual leader, I would like to extend an arm of friendship to all nations in this region of Yggdrasil to partake in the festivities Friday and Saturday. Not only would this allow citizens from other nations to witness the spiritual practices of their neighboring nation, but would also bring in much needed revenue from tourism to our fledgling country. Keep safe, keep warm, and keep cheerful! Leifur, Spiritual Leader
  3. Nordic Pagans

    Greetings and Introduction

    To all fellow members of the Yggdrasil region, I sincerely thank you all for the ability to be a part of your esteemed region. Since our initial founding only a few days ago, my country has made great strides to claim new land. Farms are being built, government procedures put into place, and the people are happy and grateful for the opportunity to have moved to such a hospitable island away from the corruption of our former nation. We are a peaceful people, mostly concerned with agriculture and the revival of our ancient ancestors' religious and spiritual practices that were stripped from us long ago. It is my hope, as the spiritual leader of my people, that Yggdrasil will be a welcoming and accepting region where we can be free to pursue the hopes and dreams we've been searching for. Glad to meet you all, Leifur, Spiritual Leader of the Nordic Pagans