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  1. Brad Conley

    Sonindia Relations Request

    The vote finished with a pass. I will inform the delegate and a request for embassies should follow shortly.
  2. Brad Conley

    Sonindia Relations Request

    The vote has been open for a few days and will continue for a few more days.
  3. Brad Conley

    Hello from the Social Liberal Union!

    Welcome! I am glad to hear another ambassador from the SLU. I am serving as the Foreign Minister currently, nice to meet you!
  4. Brad Conley

    Sonindia Relations Request

    Hi, I will submit a vote to the Council, your region meets the requirements for a Friendship-based relation currently.
  5. Brad Conley

    N-Day event with Forest

    I am very happy with the outcome, something I know you already know Pookyvania :)
  6. Brad Conley

    N-Day event with Forest

    The event appears to have been delayed rather than cancelled. It is apparently kicking off on September 26th according to this: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=34600308#p34600308
  7. Brad Conley

    N-Day event with Forest

    Yggdrasil was added as a role on the Discord but discussions and/or important announcements should be mirrored to this Forum ASAP to respect the decision made in times before by our Founder. I have also been granted the highest role in that Discord to improve top-level communication between a joint alliance should all be in favor of it. I would expect a referendum be held in these forums or in Yggdrasil on the action of joining the N-Day event should it occur or to skip out entirely.
  8. Brad Conley

    N-Day event with Forest

    First and foremost, if Yggdrasil is in need of a Commander, I'd be happy doing so a second time.
  9. Brad Conley

    N-Day event with Forest

    Solariia is eager to participate in another event. I have asked for the support of Autropolan nations and if they agree I will release a statement along with a telegram to other commanding officers of your alliance in order to join in and offer defensive aid.
  10. Brad Conley

    Introductory Post

    Yes, we have a Discord. https://discord.gg/jYF89m In fact, I'm more than positive if you ask your first question there you'll get links to important factbooks and other things you can do for RP (I'm a little busy to get it all myself atm and will reply back later once I get all the links)
  11. Brad Conley

    Introductory Post

    Welcome! We've got plenty from Asia so don't feel worried about a minor lack of English language customs, English is dull and constantly changing anyways. Our cartographer, Anon Zytose made the current map and he is actively improving it. Let me and the other heads of the Yggdrasil Government know of any questions/comments/concerns you may have
  12. Brad Conley


    Welcome! We are glad to help if you have any questions. If I may ask, what is your first language?
  13. I've updated my profile picture, background picture and the "about me" section of my profile.

  14. Brad Conley

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I too won't be able to complete the entire trip as I am heading up North for the weekend for an airshow and some vacation time.
  15. Brad Conley

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    Bring a puppet then?