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  1. Miriliarith

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I WANNA GO! (im not gunna be delegate anyway) SO I WANNA GO
  2. Miriliarith

    The "You're Banned" game

    Your banned for mentioning law
  3. Miriliarith

    I am taking map requests here!

    I would like to be placed in a mountainous area, where it is high enough for rain to fall and trees to grow, around north of the equator for it to be cold enough like in Russia, I prefer to be in touch of 2 certain types of ground, the 1st being grassy plain lands and the 2nd nearby the ocean. note: I'm ok with anyone being beside my borders, just don't make me alone plz
  4. Miriliarith

    Cross Regional Games: Spring Games sign-ups

    Nation: Miriliarith Parkour: Jason Valenzuela (M) Chess Boxing: Lucius Bernard (M) Extreme Ironing: Heilsar Haltz XIV (M) Flying Squirrel Suit: Monika Yu (F) Camel Race: Jeanne Mikela (F) Throwing HO: Emile Chaigon (M) Spelling Bee: Victoria Gomez (F) Spouse Carrying:Michael Yu(m) and Hillary(f) Synchronized Swimming: University of Savesta Swimming Team Dragon Boat Race: University of Savesta Dragon Team
  5. Miriliarith

    Yggdrasil Zoo

    Name: GThe Mammoth Wolf Life span: 120-500 years (1200 if taken care off) Weight:60 tons-600 tons Diet: Meat (mostly) Habitat: The Icy Mountains Notes: Gentle loving, highly intelligent, High quality tusks,Fluffy furry, Hardly angry, long term memory
  6. Miriliarith

    What timeframe is your country set in?

    Around 1954 Post WW2 however with a bit of steampunk and a slight taste of futuristic weaponry on the side
  7. Miriliarith

    How do you pronounce the name of your nation?

  8. Miriliarith

    Random National Facts

    Did you know that the regiment known as the "Uberkommandos" recently went MIA, what is worse is that they are a super heavy armored regiment. So we basically lost half of the bulwark of the entire Army.....We dead
  9. Miriliarith


    Reviving for funds and for people to see
  10. Miriliarith

    You sir

    You sir should try out the Churchill Tank
  11. Miriliarith

    If you could be an animal?

    Reviving for lols....I would want to be a tiger for....reasons
  12. Miriliarith

    The "You're Banned" game

    Your banned for being to observant over repetitive things
  13. Miriliarith

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, when your team scored a 3 pointer shot it accidentally hit you and broke your neck and when the paramedics came, one of them accidentally slips and hits your head rupturing your brain, which jerks your head and utterly kills you because your head tore off.... I wish I get immortality
  14. Miriliarith

    Where is everybody?

    simple. Dead, decayed, no one here to save, sad people barely go upon here in the forums....so much potential
  15. Miriliarith

    chance for revival

    Has there ever been a chance for the forums to be revived? i mean get it up and active, people coming in and out to type in the forums...is there ever a chance?