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  1. Just some simple photoshop.
  2. I just might, thank you!
  3. Full Name: The Disputed Territories of Northwasten Short Name: Northwasten National Motto: Dreyri ok Stal -- Blood and Steel Population: 536 Million Official Date of Establishment: January 02, 1653 Government Type: Democratic Socialists Head of State: Bjorn Wodinsson Head of Government: Bjorn Wodinsson Capital City: Thor's Shore Largest Cities: Thor's Shore, Freyjmund Currency: Gold Pieces Major Industries: Arms Manufacturing, IT, Tourism, Gambling Main Export(s): Small Arms Language(s): Norrœnt mál/English National Tree/Flower: Ash National Animal: Bear
  4. Welcome to Yggdrasil, friend!
  5. Topographical map of Northwasten showing the capital city of Thor's Shore, as well as a second settlement of Freyjmund. *Accidental edit, sorry - Vrolondia
  6. Thank-you Skothafjordur. Is the cost to be paid to you?
  7. Did you Know...? Northwasten was settled by men with Norse blood, who had held on to the religion and old ways of the ancient Vikings, but with the technology of the modern world.
  8. Nur-THWA-stin
  9. Shortform name: Northwasten Longform name: The Disputed Territories of Northwasten Tech level: MT Map link: Government type: Communist Dictatorship Population: 115 million GDP (PPP) per capita: $28,467 Physical alterations: none
  10. Kinda forgot to do this when I registered, so Here I am. Great to be here, in Yggdrasil.
  11. In regards to: Junichiro Maeda, Foreign Minister of Karros, Northwasten will not tolerate either the development, or use of Chemical weaponry. The difference between the sale of WMDs and small arms, lies in it's use. While small arms can be used for national defense, policing, and personal and sporting use, chemical weaponry can only be used for mass destruction, wiping out both military personnel and innocent civilians alike. We move that Yggdrasil should restrict the sales of Chemical weaponry, and that Korros find another source of revenue. Sincerely, Bjorn Wodinnson, Northwasten Minister of Defense.