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    Great Stag
  1. Forest Elven Confed.

    National monuments and or wonders

    Let me know if this necrobump is bad. If so, I'm sorry. The Great Spirit Tree is the largest tree in the Forest Elven Confederation. It also is among the holiest sites of Forest Elven Druidism, being a tree where sacred spirits reside. These sacred spirits serve as messengers to Mother Nature The Great Spirit Tree. Apparently, it's located in the mountain plains area.
  2. Forest Elven Confed.

    Random National Facts

    Did you know? Women in the military has always worn heels. This is because it is believed to improve the aim of the woman. Historically, this is to alleviate the height disadvantage women had over men.
  3. Forest Elven Confed.

    How do you pronounce the name of your nation?

    Foh-rist Ehl-vinn Cohn-fehd-ur-rei-shuhn.
  4. Forest Elven Confed.

    What timeframe is your country set in?

    Modern times. With Magitech. Apparently, I decided the "Elves are Archers" stereotype was too cliché, but I didn't wanna sacrifice the "Elves are One with the Woods" archetype, so I made them a society within the woods, and their warfare tactics guerrilla warfare.
  5. Forest Elven Confed.

    Ghost Stories in your nation?

    In the western part of the country, near a great waterfalls, at night, you can see a beautiful and enchanting elven (some sources say faerie) maiden sitting on the rocks. She has long blonds hair, deep blue eyes and fair skin, as if albino, and can remind one of a young Galadriel (somewhere in her 20s). She wears a golden circlet, a flowing white gown, as if woven from materials from the aether, and golden high-heeled sandals with straps that extend to the shins and golden soles. There are two cases of this: -When you see her for one moment, turn away for a second, and look back, she's gone, as if she disappeared into thin air. -When you converse with her for, say, half an hour, 5-6 hours would have passed. In rare cases, you will see her in all of your dreams for a long period of time (minimum of two years).
  6. Forest Elven Confed.

    The Forest Elven Military

    The Forest Elven Confederation is known to repel invaders by way of guerrilla warfare. Numbers: Our numbers are known to amount to around 300,000, and grows with the population. Arsenal: Our soldiers are known to use small arms, from pistols to rifles, although sniper rifles and high-accuracy assault rifles are preferred. Most of our small arms are imported. Here is a list of some small arms: -MP443 Grach -ACR 6.8 -H&K MP5 -Dragunov (light sniper rifle) -M82 Barrett (heavy sniper rifle) -SPAS-12 -FIM-92 Stinger -Javelin Anti-tank -M67 Hand Grenade -L86 LSW We also use ground vehicles, although most of them are light ones, for the sake of mobility and guerrilla tactics, although we use MBTs too. Like our small arms, many of our vehicles are imported. Here is a list of some vehicles: -PT-91 Twardy -PL-01 (will replace the CV90120-T we have in service) -Bradley I/CFV -Stryker APC -Gepard 35mm SPAAG -MIM-104 Patriot -M109A6 Paladin Howitzer We also have an air force. As with much of our arsenal, many of our aircraft are imported. Here is a list of some aircraft: -F-35 [replacing the F-16Ss (modified stealth F-16s) that have served us since 2008] -AH-64D Longbow Apache -CH-47 Chinook -C-130 Hercules -AC-130 Specter (we use our version) We also have a navy. Like the rest of our arsenal, our ships are imported. We use, but are not limited to: -Battleships -Helicarriers -Destroyers -Frigates -Corvettes -Submarines -Patrol Boats -Minesweepers *Do note our vehicles are fine tuned to use either hydrogen power, electric power, solar power, or, most commonly, biofuel. Training: Our soldiers are trained in the art of covert ops and guerrilla and mobile warfare. We also train our soldiers in the art of arcane magic, light magic, stellar magic and, most importantly, nature magic.
  7. The High Council is the governing body of the Forest Elven Confederation. It has all the political power of the Forest Elven Confederation, from legislation (although people can call for referendums at any time), to executive, to judicial. Each member serves 1 10 year term, and is elected by the people. The High Council consists of the following: High Councilor High Councilor Thelas Skyseer, current High Councilor The High Councilor is the most powerful entity in the High Council, and is the central voice of the Council. His decisions, upon approval of the rest of the council, is made law. His power, however, is limited, because he shares much power as the other members of the Council. High Druid High Druid Eonar Puretouch, current High Druid The High Druid is the religious leader of the High Council, and as such, among the most powerful. He is responsible for the education and spirituality of all citizens of the Confederation. High General High General Menal Treeguard, current High General The High General is the military leader of the High Council, and as such, the commander-in-chief of all Forest Elven forces. He also is in charge of Law and Order in the Forest Elven Confederation. High Treasurer High Treasurer Shaia Middleground, current High Treasurer The High Treasurer is the economic leader of the High Council. She allocated funds to each priority, and she also subsidizes and regulates business when necessary. High Tender High Tender Eleina Wildgrowth, current High Tender The High Tender is the welfare and development leader of the High Council. She oversees social welfare, healthcare, public works, and the environment. High Ambassador High Ambassador Erweair Blueblood, current High Ambassador The High Ambassador is the diplomacy leader of the High Council. Not only does he manage foreign affairs, he also oversees emigration and immigration.
  8. Aina'tauretal is the capital, the largest and the most populated city in all the Forest Elven Confederation. Its name translates to "Holy Forest City". Buildings are connected by a series of natural paths or by a series of canals. A store built upon a great tree. A residential area. The High Council's Palace. This appears to be the back area. What appears to be a shanty area. Another residential area (the braziers appear to be lit by fire, but in reality, only one brazier is lit by fire, as the owner of that brazier wanted to save energy). Three apartments (more like two apartments and one apartment-hotel).