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  1. YGGDRASIL PREMIER BANK - Quality service since 2014 Who Are We? The team at Yggdrasil Premier Bank is dedicated to helping you with your Florin needs, no matter what they are. Whether you're a newbie eager to purchase that first block of land to call your own, a rising star in the RP forums wanting your account topped up a bit, or a smart political veteran who could use some florin they've earned to donate to others, Yggdrasil Premier Bank can finance all of it. How Do I Get Money? Simply fill out this following application: Nation Name: Florin Requested: Current Florin Amounts: If you're a newer nation, we may request you give us a security deposit equal to about 20% of the loan, which will not be used in any way and will be kept if you do not return the loan. In addition, a small interest fee will be charged. The Florins How Do I Buy Certificates of Deposit? Fill out this following application, and wire the exact amount of money to me with a message regarding the bank: Nation Name: Florin Invested: Rate Code: The rate codes are: ONEMONTH - One month to maturation. THREEMONTH - Three months to maturation. SIXMONTH - Six months to maturation. Maturation per month will start at 3.25% to beat the forum bank's rate. It may rise or dip depending on the bank's personal finances, but it will promise to not dip under 3%. Your nation will receive a one-time lump sum payment when the certificate matures. Why Should I Use This Instead of the Actual Forum Bank? Describable in two words - higher rates. Thanks for visiting the Yggdrasil Premier Bank!