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  1. Tamaria

    Cross Regional Games Sign-Up

    The Kingdom of Tamaria would like to place athletes forward for the following sports and candidates names: 100m Sprint: Micheal G Graves 42km Marathon: Elpastel V Mirakov BossaBall: Team Tamaria
  2. Tamaria

    hey guys

    lol i know i should of but too much effort
  3. Tamaria

    Yggdrasil Map [archived]

    would like to lay claim to ruffnekia's territory as i am its successor (its the same person behind the scenes
  4. Reserved for list of Tamarian companies that are currently listing their products and also the description
  5. Tamaria

    hey guys

    hey guys i am a former ruffnekian territory ready for a new beginning so how are ya all?
  6. Tamaria

    Ally Stock exchange [+0.73]

    Letter of Incorporation Name: Patton Construction Ltd. Info: Largest Privately Owned construction company in Tamaria Ticker Symbol: PaCo IPO: 1,200,000,000 # of Shares: 12,000,000