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  1. Sternberg

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I will be more then happy to go ... but not as myself. You see, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to bring my puppet (Battlefleet Gothic Command) along for the merry ride. And if we do not have enough room for one jet-liner to fit us all in, I'm sure I can convince the Lord-Admiral to spare us .... hmm, say a 16 kilometer-long, continent-flattening capital ship? :D
  2. Oh, you and our other resident silly/cutey nations and Delegate are going to get along juuuust fine! Well met, Lolita, and welcome!
  3. Sternberg

    I am taking map requests here!

    I intend for Sternberg to be placed within the world's relative North - North-West at approx. 80+ degrees latitudally away from the Equator (at cartographer's discretion, if space is available or if position is dependant on further information listed below). The North and North-West border of Sternberg sits roughly on the tail-end of a very high, artic-like mountain range, with the remainder of the nation sweeping away to the South and East. Much of Sternberg's five major areas rests on Nordic-like tundra, with the exceptions including the blasted and once war-wracked centeral band of land (on which the ruins of the Old Capital and the Imperium's current underground capital both rest) and the richer agricultural and blacksoil lands that rest along the nation's Southernmost area. If possible, I would also prefer if the extreme East of Sternberg rests on either a nearby ocean or - if not possible - part of a a river artery.
  4. Sternberg

    Yggdrasil Map [archived]

    Unintentional. DEFINITELY unintentional; I originally started my claim elsewhere, but later shifted it halfway around the world.
  5. Sternberg

    Yggdrasil Map [archived]

    Shortform name: Sternberg Longform name: Royal Imperium of Sternberg Tech level: PMT Government type: Constitutional Monarchy Population: 49 million approx. GDP (PPP) per capita: $23,500 approx. Physical alterations: N/A
  6. Sternberg

    Rap Battle League of Yggdrasil!

    Nonfiction Contestant: Lord Horatio Nelson, 1st Baron Nelson Fiction Contestant: Judge Dredd Biography Links: Lord Nelson Judge Dredd
  7. Oooh, better take my chance for my first inter-regional game! The Royal Imperium of Sternberg Participants: Team 1 Lord Claus von Woldbecke, SLA (M) and Mr Henry Crun (M) Team 2 Viscountess Sariah Cutter (F) and Mrs Minny Bannister (F) ... *does a double-take between M2 and F2* Wait a moment ...
  8. Sternberg

    UFO captured by mars rover

    And, as Arthur C Clarke once said, in lieu of that, both possibilities are equally terrifying.
  9. Sternberg

    What's your natural RPG character?

    Huh, unexpected.
  10. Sternberg

    What famous battle would you like to change the outcome of?

    Battle of Leuctra. (circa 200's BC) Thebes vs Sparta Sparta lost ... No wait, they got THRASHED. But if the Theban leader and statesman, Epaminondas, hadn't adapted to exploit weaknesses in Spartan tactics and thinking, would the brief Theban Hegemony still have come about? Would Laeconia still have some degree of military influence in Hellas if Leuctra went in their favor? Or would it have seen the diminishment of both polis' in the end?
  11. With continual fighting between pro-Russian and pro-government forces in the volatile region of Ukraine, the downing (accidental or otherwise) of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 earlier this month, which claimed the lives of all on board, has sparked outrage and international condemnation of the separatist movement. This is not only over allegations regarding the possibility that MH17 had been shot down by an allegedly Russian supplied SAM, but also regarding the rebels' disgraceful handling of the crash-site and reports that international aviation experts were either barred or given very little time to scour the site for their own inquiry. With Russia either willfully deaf or underhandedly supporting the seperatists with ex-military equipment, this incident has also renewed allegations that Russia isn't stepping up to defuse the situation and reign in the out-of-control rebels (which, to be fair, technically isn't under their purview, despite the rebels loudly proclaiming allegiance to Russia). To quote the Washington Post (July 20 article): "BERLIN — Investigators are still far from an official judgment of what brought down a Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew onboard. But in the global court of public opinion, the verdict appears to be rendered. Vladimir Putin is guilty. The Russian president could once claim a semblance of a role as a global statesman. But with the downing of a commercial airliner by what U.S. and Ukrainian officials suggest was a Russian missile, supplied to pro-Moscow rebels, Putin was facing a personal barrage of worldwide condemnation that threatened to result in further sanctions on Russia if it did not rapidly change course in Ukraine. [Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott] has raised the prospect of banning Putin from a meeting of the Group of 20, the world’s most powerful nations, in November if he did not exert more pressure on the rebels who left corpses strewn on the ground for days, contaminated the crash site and hampered an international investigation. Britain, meanwhile, openly accused the Russian leader of sponsoring “terrorism.” U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, appearing on multiple political talk shows Sunday, called this a “moment of truth” for Russia. Particularly in Europe — a continent long leery of going too far to pressure Moscow over its support of separatists in Ukraine — initial shock was quickly gathering into outrage and action." .... While it is still early days into the investigation and any findings are still yet to be found and forwarded to international aviation authorities, what do fellow Yggdrasilians think could be the potential fallout of this latest incident in the bloody chapter of Ukranian history? Would this incident cause embarrassment to the separatist cause or influence Russia on its lukewarm stance to the crisis? Or would it instead just add further confusion to an already burning and out-of-control Baltic bonfire?