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    A place in France
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    pastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

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    Los Dogs
  1. Los Santos

    Random National Facts

    Did you know ? Los Santos Country have 20 political party , but constitution say the limit of political party is Ten

  3. Los Santos

    Los Santos Country

    Full Name: The Principality of Los Santos Country Short Name: Los Santos National Motto: This My island Population: 437 millions Official Date of Establishement: 22/04/1881 Type of gouvernment Republic Head of State: Orlando Urroz Head of Gouvernment: Jonny jonson Capital City: Los Santos Largest city: Sandy Shore , Paleto bay Currency: Los Dollars Industry: Military, Mining, Tourism Export: Gun, gold, Banana language: English/Spanish National tree/flower Tropics Paleto tree National Animals: Los Dogs Official Religion: Christianity/Muslim Geography: National Bio The island of Los Santos is colonize by UK in 1599. The UK build the town "shakespeare town" the old Los Santos. the island is conquest by the Spanish , and the town rename Los Santos in 1602. USA annex the island in 1623 , and build the first factory of the island , and the town of "Sandy Shore". Ten year after , Paleto bay is build. in 1891 , the Island make the "Los revolution" , the battle of Zoncondo is the declaration of indepandance . the new state Build a powerfull Economic power , but the civil right and politicial freedom is very low . The country now have a powerfull economic power , some civil right and political freedom , but the country is unstable : Two movement ( Communist movement and USA patriot ) is in a cold war , weaken the island. ( It's all ! thank Kelewan for the idea ! PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA - Italian los santos )
  4. blblblblblblblblblblblb

    - Crazy Los Santos

  5. Los Santos

    Sea Of Fire (Fictional RP)

    *Los Radio* Zocondo Base is attacked by a kamikaze terrorist , but only 3 soldier dies . The Major-General Jack plinston say "terrorist ? in Los Santos country ? oh yeah ! the end of annoying time ! " all of army go to drive out the terrorist . Habor/port , airport and Road close , The army try to protect the three town of the country ( Los Santos , Paleto bay and Sandy shore ) the president say "go out terrorist ! you chosen the bad place ! " . Los Santos Country want to all of population to be careful , and if you see suspicious man , report that to the Army ! Los radio , the Radio of this beautiful ( and dangerous ) Island !
  6. Los Santos

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2014

    Nation name: the Principality Los Santos Country Motto: This my island flag description: the Star is the Liberty of Los Santos country , the Orange is the representation of the Island , triangle is the chilliad mountain= representation of Indepandance