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  1. McMasterdonia

    An Invitation to the NationStates World Fair 2015

    Hey Words :D How's things?
  2. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    Thank you. I hope we will receive your Ambassador shortly.
  3. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    I have noticed that your founder has proposed constructing Embassies with Australia. Does this mean that the Embassy application was approved?
  4. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    Any update?
  5. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    Thank you. I'll check back here, otherwise please feel free to send me a telegram
  6. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    1) Sorry, I did read that. But it wasn't on the form, so I assumed it was no longer necessary. We're looking for a "Friendship" relationship with Yggdrasil at this stage. 2) Of course we will have an Ambassador here, and would like to receive an offsite embassy. We do have a lot of Embassies, but that has been the Founder's prerogative until recently. It is likely that a large number of them will be closed as our regional government is more developed. 3) You would rank towards the top end, with the other regions who host Embassies on our regional forum.
  7. McMasterdonia

    Australia Embassy Request

    Region Name: Australia Number of nations: 80 Off-site forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Australia/index/ Founder: King Rankmore (Neale Junction) Your Position in your Region: Prime Minister Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: None at present. Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: We're looking for regions with similar values to our own and for regions who we believe are trustworthy and reliable. A brief description of your region(i.e. military stance, political ideals): Australia was recently refounded with the support of TITO. Australia had been invaded by the United Imperial Armed Forces and decided that we would aim to never be invaded again. Since the refounding, we have been working to set up a regional government for Australia and to rebuild our community. We do not officially have a military stance, but most nations in the region would be defender and dislike the Black Riders and other raiders. King Rankmore makes a point to eject any nation that moves from any known raiding region.
  8. McMasterdonia

    Hello there!

    That's cool. I understand and like that policy Thanks for responding.
  9. McMasterdonia

    Hello there!

    Sorry to bump this thread, but I have recently moved a nation into Yggdrasil as some of you may have noticed. I was looking for a citizenship application, is that how it works around here? And if so, where would I find it?
  10. McMasterdonia

    Hello there!

    You get me because of how lovable your founder is!! I find regions like these interesting. I feel like they have a very clearly defined identity and a strong sense of regionalism and pride. Most regions these days have a massive level of cross-over membership and can lose their identity because of that. No coups for now!! Keeping your plans under wraps I see.
  11. McMasterdonia

    Hello there!

    Hello everyone! I'm McMasterdonia. I thought I'd drop by for a visit and to say hello to everyone