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    Greetings from Equilism!

    Welcome Belussa
  2. Allemeine

    How do you pronounce the name of your nation?

    Al-mine-a Al as in Alfred, mine as in that's mine, and lower case a.
  3. Allemeine

    I am taking map requests here!

    I like to be on a island. Thanks, Anon.
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    Hello Watersville, welcome to Yggdrasil. Florins are the currency of the Yggdrasil Forum and can be used to purchase different items, someone with a little more knowledge can tell you what you can purchase. You receive Florins every time you post here on the forum.
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    WA- citizen

    On your nation page on Nationstates; click on the World Assembly tab to the left, under the title of World Assembly click on the Apply to Join tab. Make sure you have a e-mail associated with your nation. Go to settings>scroll down to e-mail and fill it in if you have not done so. Because Nationstates sends you a confirmation e-mail to join the World Assembly. Click on the link and now you are a member of the WA. Plus having a e-mail associated with your nation will come in handy if you lose your password ( speaking from experience).
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello WolfmawConfederation. Getting spammed by different regions for recruitment is normal. Make yourself at home.
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    Hello Pengu, Welcome back.
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    Regional Award Ceremony IX

    Congratulations to all the award winners.
  11. Allemeine

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2014

    Name: Federal Republic of Allemeine Motto:Vorwärts!