Election Declaration Period is now on!

Both Yggdrasil and Valhalla WA nations may declare their intention to run for the Valhallan Delegate position (Link)



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  1. Welcome, Roglaria
  2. Yes, we are good at math. But we haven't used it in a couple of decades. There are some people that are not good at math therefore they hate it. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Using jokes is a good idea but a joke with math in it might not work too well. Not everyone is fond of math.
  4. I'll go. Is alcohol allowed on the plane?
  5. Hello and welcome.
  6. Another great interview, Gahiland.
  7. Good one.
  8. Great article Gahiland and Skothafjordur. +1
  9. Thembria
  10. Arson
  11. Hello Konashen
  12. I like Summer.
  13. I like the U.S. political system
  14. A dispatch sounds like a good idea.