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  1. Hi Courelli, welcome and make yourself at home.
  2. Hi Yuugao, Welcome to Yggdrasil. The people of this region are easy to get along with. Consider joining the WA and our Army, YDS. I have discovered the more involved in the game I get the less boring it is and the less likelihood of going CTE'd. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask either here or on the RMB. People here are more than glad to help.
  3. That was a good one.
  4. Looks like I won.
  5. HI Paffnia, Welcome back.
  6. Hi Aincrahd, Welcome. Glad to have you.
  7. Hi Sumharra, Welcome to Yggdrasil.
  8. Yes I know the EU will die but not in 2018. It was the best I can think of at the moment. Participation points, please?
  9. My predictions are the EU CTE'd because nationalism is still strong and nations want to control their own affairs instead of Paris or Berlin making the decisions for everyone else and while the concept of a European Union is good in practice it has become a failure. For the region I pick Thembria will rise again a be delegate but this time he will rule with an iron fist.
  10. Welcome, Roglaria
  11. Yes, we are good at math. But we haven't used it in a couple of decades. There are some people that are not good at math therefore they hate it. Thanks for your consideration.
  12. Using jokes is a good idea but a joke with math in it might not work too well. Not everyone is fond of math.
  13. I'll go. Is alcohol allowed on the plane?
  14. Hello and welcome.
  15. Another great interview, Gahiland.