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  1. Leo Flame

    Invitation to Summit

    The Kingdom of Leo Flame will also be present
  2. Leo Flame

    To protect and serve

    Thats true, but then again Vinnlande said he wanted a place were we all would be able to come together and speak our minds and decide what to do with problematic nation(im guessing in a role playing form) so thats why i just mentioned a Yggdrasil UN sort of thing. But its good to hear what other people think
  3. Leo Flame

    Global Oil Summit -08

    Is this summit real life yearly(did that make any sense?)? Becuase one Real Life year compared to one Federation of Leo Flame year is loooooong We should make an offical conversion table from Real life time to NationStates time, just an idea
  4. Leo Flame

    To protect and serve

    Are you proposing Yggdrasil United Nations Sort of thing? or just a small amount of nations to form a solution
  5. Leo Flame

    Random chat thread

    Im sleepy!!!
  6. Leo Flame

    Opulento appointed as Foreign Affairs Minister

  7. Leo Flame

    So what about our region's map?

    I kind of like the second one, i also want to hear others input
  8. Leo Flame

    So what about our region's map?

    hey theres my nation. Just kidding but i think making a map isn't a bad idea, but i don't know of anyone who would want to go through and put everyone's nation on a map
  9. Leo Flame

    Nation eliminator game

    Germany (85) Japan (56) Russia (9) United States (74)
  10. Leo Flame

    Gay Marriage

    I agree with RedIron, If a Man and a Man or a Woman and a Woman want to experience marriage then go ahead and good luck to them.
  11. Leo Flame


    I agree, i think some ideas can be put to work to make the Florin a little bit inresting. Do i hear a new government position?!?! Florin Reserve Chairperson or something like that
  12. Leo Flame

    RedIron appointed as Interior Minister

    yes, congrats!!!!
  13. Leo Flame

    Random chat thread

    Yay!!!! Ten more, ill stop now.....
  14. Leo Flame

    Random chat thread

    No wait, we still get Florins for posting. Coolio because i don't have any
  15. Leo Flame

    Random chat thread

    Too much Florins= Inflation, have to get that fixed or did we?....