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  1. Imperious

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Now if we launched missiles and dropped bombs on nations with the most zombies... Then there we go. I think we should line our borders with very large guns, forts, soldiers, and have planes patrolling the skies. I'm declaring a War on The Undead, and we're gonna win. The Imperial Royal Armed Forces have began Operation: House of Wolves. We're mass-burning dead bodies, quarantining and mass-murdering the sick, arming our forts, and sending out soldiers. No undead are getting in, or out...
  2. Imperious

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Zombies are hard to kill, not because they're physically tough, but they always group up and can produce quickly. The Kozakk Wall is able to keep zombies out of our capital Du'vaal, but not for long. I'm not ready for any structural damage due to the amount of ancient and expensive buildings in Imperious.
  3. Imperious

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Imperious Reporting! Understanding the anatomy of zombies is important. The only way to permanently kill a member of the Undead Horde is to: Burn the body or kill the brain. As I said before in an earlier press conference; "Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them, it gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!!" No matter how we kill these zombies, there will be more civilian casualties and structure damage! I will not stand for these plans, that's why I'm proposing Operation: Clint Eastwood. This is a plan where first, all dead bodies are exterminated to prevent infection. Next, we manufacture a special gas only harmful to the genetic identity of a zombie, and drop it in capsules from planes and jets. No civilian casualties, no millions dollars in structure damage and no millions of dollars and years spent on national and regional reconstruction.
  4. Imperious

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2014

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Royal Imperious Motto: "For God, King, and Country" Flag Description: The Union Jack combined with the colors of the English flag and the national animal at the bottom Flag:
  5. Hallo! Welcome to the region!
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    New to Realm

    Hi there! Welcome to the region! Trust me, it's fun here
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    Hello again!

    Well Hello, again! I like your flag!
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    A long expected intro

    Well hi there :D
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    Hello Yggdrasil!

    Hi there!
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    Greetings from Derpyvania

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    New on The Realm!

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    Pozdravleniya [Greetings]

    Welcome! *Waves* Hope you have a nice time here
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    Hello everyone

    *Wave* Welcome
  15. The SS is a special division of police and combat forces. There are two main divisions. The Waffen SS (Special Forces) and the Allgemeine SS (Special Police). The Allgemeine SS The Allgemeine SS is the Secret Police force of Imperious. There are 3 Sub Divisions of the Allgemeine. The Main Division, The Gestapo, and the CivPo. The Main Division The Main Division is the Administrator of Order and Security. They direct military posts, check points, border control, government building security, and general public security. Allgemeine SS Uniforms Allgemeine SS Parade Uniforms The Gestapo The Gestapo are the Secret Police. They operate in complete secrecy and arrest Political Prisoners, Terrorists, and many other national threats. The Gestapo Uniform The Civil Police The Civil Police or CivPo, are under directive the the Allgemeine SS. They operate publicly, arresting basic criminals such as murderers, rapists, and other people who violate National Law The Civil Police Uniforms The Waffen SS The Waffen SS are the special military forces. They fight on the front lines with typical soldiers and also guard military bases. The Waffen SS Combat Uniforms The Waffen SS Formal Uniform The Waffen SS Helmet Insignia SS Ranks SS Schutze-Oberschutze SS Strummann SS Rottenfuhrer SS Unterscharfuhrer SS Scharfuhrer SS Oberscharfuhrer SS Hauptscharfuhrer SS Strumscharfuhrer SS Oberstrumfuhrer SS Hauptstrumfuhrer SS Strumbannfuhrer SS Oberstrumbannfuhrer SS Standarten Fuhrer SS Oberfuhrer SS Brigadefuhrer SS Gruppenfuhrer SS Obergruppenfuhrer SS Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer SS Oberbefehlshaber der SS SS Collar tab SS Totenkoph Skull Tab