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    Greetings! I just started playing Nation States recently, and I've queued up with my first country: Ferwai. I imagine it as a country that just got through a massive upheaval, which destroyed most of its infrastructure and environment, with many fleeing the country, and those that remain desperately trying to repair what is left over. I'm usually intimidated by large groups of people, but I'm looking to give it a try. I look forward to getting to know you all!
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    Hi all, This topic was created to discuss how best to co-ordinate with Forest in the upcoming N-Day event.
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    Hello and Welcome to the Social Liberal Union Embassy Thread! This will feature monthly reports on SLU activity as well as serve to notify of new ambassadors and official news from the SLU! Please make yourselves welcome and if you have any questions feel free to message the current ambassador or the Social Liberal Union's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Goncar. Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting to know you!
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    Hi! I am the new ambassador from the Social Liberal Union and I look forward to meeting you all. If you have any questions then please contact me or the MoFA of the SLU, Goncar. Have a great day!
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    A third-place finish and the highest score without rads. We did pretty well!
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    The event appears to have been delayed rather than cancelled. It is apparently kicking off on September 26th according to this: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=34600308#p34600308
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    Yggdrasil was added as a role on the Discord but discussions and/or important announcements should be mirrored to this Forum ASAP to respect the decision made in times before by our Founder. I have also been granted the highest role in that Discord to improve top-level communication between a joint alliance should all be in favor of it. I would expect a referendum be held in these forums or in Yggdrasil on the action of joining the N-Day event should it occur or to skip out entirely.
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    Yep! discord is banned in Yggdrasil.. We totally don't have a secret underground one either because that could get us sent to the gulags.
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    Uh to be fair, our founder doesn't like to do this on Discord. So I'm not really sure about using that platform to plan
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    ThembwiaToday at 9:39 PM Oh! writes "commander" on a post it note and sticks it to Borkin's forehead All done!
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    Hello Pookyvania, welcome to Yggdrasil.
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    Hey there Ferwai We are a pretty fun and friendly group here so please do not feel intimidated. Welcome to the region and NationStates........it is an addictive game once you get into it. Post on the Regional Message Board or here on the forum if you need help with anything or want to get to know us
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    Thank you Paffnia! Sad I missed the Boltor parade....I bet that was a lot of fun!
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    Greetings to all! I've been doing some region-hopping for a while, trying to find one that works with my interests and playstyle, and Yggdrasil seems like a good fit. Been playing on NS off and on for years, but never really delved into it before creating my current nation. Outside of NS, I have a blog where I review things and chronicle my writer's journey (link in profile). I also have Asperger's syndrome, so do let me know of any social faux pas that I may unintentionally commit.
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    This has begun!: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/35072/yule-ball-rp-thread
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    Congratulations to all the winners!
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    Forest-Yggdrasil Treaty The sovereign regions of Forest and Yggdrasil, recognizing their close past relationships and wishing to further those bonds, do mutually agree that: (1) Both regions will maintain embassies with and have a named ambassador to the other; (2) Residents of each region will be welcome on the other region's Regional Message Board, Discord, offsite forum and other appropriate communication channels. (3) Residents of each region will be able to take part in events, role-play, and cultural features in the other (unless there is a specific obstacle to participating, e.g. having to be on the regional map); (4) Both regions agree to non-aggression and cooperation in Z-Day, N-Day and future events of that type: (a) Cooperation is defined as foresight, planning and communication on the plans of each region, as well as reaching a shared conclusion on cooperation that benefits both regions without negatively impacting either; (5) The founder or government of either region may request reasonable assistance from the other and this will be given unless: There is a specific reason (e.g. constitutional prohibition) why it cannot be given, or Doing so would cause harm to the security, reputation and interests of the region assisting; (6) Each region will inform the other of any threats to that region's security, reputation, or other interests that come to their attention; (7) Neither region will engage in activity detrimental to the security, reputation, or other interests of the other, or permit its residents to do so; (8) Neither region will harbour nations banned from the other. Ratified by Forest 9 Dec 2017. Ratified by Yggdrasil 11 Dec 2017.
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    + Welcome friends ! Welcome friends from Forest! Your embassy is now opened. Please make yourself at home
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    Welcome! Do let me know if there's anything you wish to know about Yggdrasil or anything I can help you with. It turns out, I've already been registered on Forest's forum since 2009. I found out only when I visited yesterday.