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    Starring Jeannine Van Der Pol First Installation Featuring: Skothafjordur Gahiland: Hello dear listeners, and welcome to Tea Time with Gahiland. I am your host, Interdimensionally Acclaimed Journalist and Gahian patriot, Jeannine Van Der Pol. Today, I'm here with our friendly and well known Yggdrasil-World Assembly Delegate--Skothafjordur! Thank you again for agreeing to be here. Please make yourself comfortable, have some tea, and let's get started. Skothafjordur: Thank you Jeannine, good to be here! - especially since there's tea. G: So, to start, please tell us a bit about yourself. S: Well, I'm a 23 year old student finishing up my degree in environmental engineering. I dabble a bit in politics, which I think is a big reason why I enjoy NationStates. My most important issue is environmentalism, but social equality is also very important to me. Oh, and I have a strange obsession with Canada... G: Canada, eh? Well it's certainly a nice country to be obsessed with! Tell me more. S: I have a lot of family in Québec, and I always go to visit them every couple of years. They're just the nicest people in the world, and I love the way they live there. I suppose I've generalised that sentiment to the entire country, although I'm sure it's not accurate to do so. :\ G: Haha, that's alright, I'm sure you're not the only one to do so for a certain country. So, you are studying environmental engineering? That sounds very interesting! What exactly does that entail? S: Pretty much what you'd expect. Lots of math and science classes as well as classes about water, air, and soil. G: I see. What do you plan or hope to do with that degree once you graduate? S: Preferably, something where I can spend a good amount of time outside. I'd also prefer if the end goal was something I could respect myself for doing like water treatment or environmental remediation as opposed to doing odd jobs for a consulting firm with the end goal being make profit for my boss. G: Of course, of course. Speaking of doing things, what kinds of things do you like to do for fun? S: I like to travel when I have the opportunity; I just feel more alive when I'm exploring new places and cultures. Between my trips, I enjoy playing ice hockey, hiking, and brewing/drinking craft beers. G: You know how to brew beers? S: Yeah, it's easy. I cheat and buy ingredients kits because I'm still fairly new at it. You heat a big pot of water, add the ingredients, and stick it in the fermenter when it's finished cooking. Wait a few weeks, then just bottle or keg it and you're good to go! G: I see. Sounds really neat! So which do you prefer, beer or tea? S: Beer, hands down. Not even close. Lol! G: Haha! I guess we should have renamed this series "Beer Time with Gahiland." So tell me, how did you first come across NationStates? S: As I recall, I happened upon NationStates about 7 years ago. My first nation was called Duncia, and I played on it off and on a couple of years before quitting. About a year ago, I somehow got back into NationStates. I really don't remember how exactly it happened. Sorry. :| G: That's alright. Certainly a lot of things 'just happen' in our lives. c: So what drew you to Yggdrasil then? S: Yes, indeed. That's very true. I've always had an interest in Norse mythology I eventually discovered Yggdrasilians are big manga fans (which I know absolutely nothing about), but I stuck around anyway because the people are quite smart and friendly. G: Yes, they certainly are. So, you have an interested in Norse Mythology, you say? S: Yeah, pretty neat stuff! I like this passage in particular from the Norse creation story: "Odin and his brothers slew Ymir and set about constructing the world from his corpse. They fashioned the oceans from his blood, the soil from his skin and muscles, vegetation from his hair, clouds from his brains, and the sky from his skull. Four dwarves, corresponding to the four cardinal points, held Ymir’s skull aloft above the earth." It just seems nice and poetic to me. I like the theme of life coming from death. Plus since reading that, I occasionally imagine trees as Earth's hair and, and it makes me chuckle. G: Wow, that is pretty poetic. And it makes sense that you would like that passage considering your interest in the environment. Now, let me ask you this. Whenever Norse mythology is brought up, most people just think about Thor (thanks or no-thanks in part to the Marvel movies) and Odin and Loki, etc. Obviously, you know a lot more about it than the average person. What kind of interesting things about Norse mythology would you like to talk about or that you would like people to know of? S: I really don't know all that much about it, to be honest. However, some people may be interested to know Gandalf from Lord of the Rings was based in part on Odin. G: Ahah, I didn't know that. How fun! So, back to you. What does the name Skothafjordur mean? I mean, clearly it's Nordic, isn't it? S: Well, I was preparing a trip to Iceland around the time I came up with the name Skothafjordur. Fjörður means fjord in Icelandic, as I'm sure you've guessed. The Skotha bit of it is just a name I came up with. I liked how it sounded. G: Yes, well, it does sound nice, I must agree. It seems you must really like the cold north, what with Canada and Iceland. S: I absolutely love the cold north. I have every intention of moving there when I'm finished with school. I can't fully explain it, but I just feel like I belong somewhere cold, snowy, and bursting with natural beauty. G: That sounds very romantic. And with that, I think we're out of time. Thank you, once more, Skothafjordur, for joining us today. S: Thank you very much. It was an honour to be here and selfishly talk about myself! G: We're happy to listen! And thank you, readers, for tuning in. This has been Tea Time with Gahiland. I'm Jeannine Van Der Pol, wishing you a great evening! Goodnight, everyone!
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to my map request thread. Here is what I'm currently setting up as the official spot where you may request where and how you would like to be placed. Recommended details include geographical features, which neighbors you would like to have (or not have), and general shape. As an example of the sort of map request you can make (at least until I release the physical map), here is my own map request: It may be worth noting some of the physical characteristics of this planet, as I have laid out on this dispatch. The most important thing to note is that the locations of high and low precipitation are different from where they would be on Earth. There will still be plenty of rain at the equator, but the other regions with lots of rain (or snow) will be 36 and 72 degrees both north and south latitude. Meanwhile, the north and south poles will still lack precipitation, but the other places like that will be 18 and 54 degrees away from the equator. One thing worth noting is I won't be adding just anyone. For a nation to be added to my map, the player controlling it must either already be on the previous map or make a request to join my map, preferably on this thread. Either way, the nation must meet the following requirements: 1. The nation needs to have spent a majority of the last 60 days as either a resident of Yggdrasil or Valhalla, or an active member of either region's leadership and/or Defense Service. 2. The nation must not be permanently banned from both regions. A request by a nation that just joined the Yggdrasil/Valhalla union that month (or day) will be ignored. However, if that nation stays in Yggdrasil/Valhalla and tries again after sticking around at least a month, it'll gain a spot on my map. Any nation to stay on the map must continue to meet those requirements. Any nation that publicly requests to leave the map, either here or on the regional message board, will be removed from it. Requests will mainly be first come first serve, but can still allow for some flexibility. For example, if two nations specifically want the north pole, I'm giving it to the one who asked for it first. However, if the first nation wants either the north pole or south pole and doesn't care which, that nation will get the south pole while the second nation gets the north. A nation-sized neutral zone will be centered where the prime meridian and equator cross over. No nations may be placed there. At any time, you may make a request to change the location or other situations of your place in the map. Those of you who have already sent a request on where to be placed need not worry; your requests are logged so that I can look back at them as needed. Thank you! -Anon
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    Hello, I am the Public Relations Officer (foreign ministry) for Equilism. Since we recently opened relations with your region, I thought I'd stop by and get to know the people here.
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    I second! But don't put Abenwald as the nation name for me - more details on this coming later
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    Greetings, and thank you for honoring Yggdrasil with your presence. If you wish to exchange embassies, please fill out the following form: We will respond to your request as quickly as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any type of relations, Yggdrasil may suspend relations if there is radical change in the region's political beliefs; or a coup in the region's government. Participation in activities that directly or indirectly threaten Yggdrasil is ground for immediate severance of ties. For advanced relations or alliances, inactivity in the region's consulate/embassy in Yggdrasil for a year or more may be grounds for downgrading or removal of embassy, at the discretion of the Yggdrasil Council of Elders.
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    Forum 1,053 registered members 342,365 posts Region Population: 142 nations. Our Staff Delegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (32 endorsements) Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetland Minister of External Affairs: Matilda Love Speaker of the House of Commons: Stormaen Delegate's Office General Assembly Repeal: "Foreign Patent Act" - NO VOTE Foreign Patent Protection Act - AGAINST Open Internet Order - AGAINST International Patent Agreement - AGAINST Repeal: “Open Internet Order” - TIED VOTE World Assembly Central Library Compact - FOR Security Council Condemn The Black Hawks - AGAINST Liberate South Pacific - FOR Liberate Illuminati - FOR Liberate Femdom Empire - AGAINST Commend The North Pacific - AGAINST Ministry of External Affairs. We welcome Leodore Lionheart, we welcome our new ambassador from The Allied States The ICR , we welcome our new ambassador from the Universal Allegiance In March, the Wysterian Museum in Canada hosted an exhibition of metal-based sculpture from around the world. Several of our citizens and guests expressed particular appreciation for this exhibit. Thanks go out to our ambassador from Wysteria, Celestial Maple for making this such a thought provoking and often beautiful destination for Canadians and visitors to Canada! Ministry of Internal Affairs Welcome New Members! rocketmanz Anarchy Capitalists This month's Watercooler feature thread is: Can you work out what that picture is below in 'Postcards from Canada' is? Have a go. Check your answer in this months Watercooler feature thread: What on Earth Add one of your own for us to guess if you like! Postcards from Canada QUOTE <> UNQUOTE: Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region! From the RMB *As always...Report prepared by: The Canadian Citizens
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    Recently, the Osiris Fraternal Order celebrated Pharaoh's Day, a Holiday created by the Holiday’s Act. In the act, Pharaoh’s Day is described as “a day to celebrate the government of Osiris”. The celebration opened with remarks from Pharaoh Neo Kervoskia where hs talked about how he watched from the outside as Pharaohs were being dedicated not to their own personal ideas, but instead they were dedicated to their sense as to what would be best of Osiris. He said, “[w]e must look back from the beginning to see how far we’ve come and we must celebrate the reigns of those who came before us”. The festival continued with spam games. Later on the second day, the Pharaoh gave out the following awards: Cormac Pendragon: Violet Jewel of Atum, the highest award the Pharaoh can give, awarded for longtime, outstanding overall contributions to the region Koth: the Crown of Osiris, the second highest award a Pharaoh can give, awarded for outstanding contributions in service in regional leadership offices Sygian and Adytus were both made barons in recognition of their work as Chief Viziers Grayghost was made an Archduchess in recognition of her marriage to the Crown Prince On the final day there was a movie played and the Chief Vizier, Sygian, gave some closing remarks. In them, he discussed how Osiris has seen a remarkable lack of corruption since last April. He also noted how despite his initial fear of NK he saw him be more than willing to give power back to the scribes and elected cabinet. He closed his address reminding us that Osiris is today more united than ever before and the age of backroom deals and corruption is over and he closed the festival by stating “Osiris is not divided anymore. We are all united under one flag, one government, that everyone plays a role in. Like a family, forever Fraternal.”
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    + Welcome friends from The New Warsaw Pact to Yggdrasil! Hello! As Foreign Minister of Yggdrasil, I wish to welcome you to our new embassy by having a party over at Thors Hammered! It's located in our sister Region in Valhalla: This here is my personal favorite item from there, let me open that bottle for you! I made sure there was a mini-bar installed in the new embassy, great relations require much relaxing, and good places to hold important meetings! To a great relation! CHEERS! *clinks bottle*
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    We at the New Warsaw Pact greatly appreciate the welcome from the Realm of Yggdrasil and Valhalla! On a personal note, I also greatly appreciate the choice of beverage which is being opened by Thor's Bottle Opener. Here's to a long and prosperous relation between our regions, cheers! EDIT: Forgot to mention, your region's diplomatic subforum is now active on our forums in our "Embassy District" subforum.
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    [big][big][big][big]None Quiet on the Roleplay Front[/big][/big][/big]Authored by Chancellor Mikoyansk[/big] The roleplay section of the New Warsaw Pact remains vibrant as new nations test the waters of the region and long-time residents vie for increased influence abroad. Several alliances have also sprung up in the last year; the Alliance of Nations for Mutual Protection (ANMP) behind the military prowess of the Pomon Army and the Mikoyan Navy, the Confederacy of Arab Republics (CAR) under the primary guidance of Hajirah, the Confederacy of Associated States (CAS) of former Ampian colonies and the new Iron League (IL), a group of totalitarian regimes under the leadership of Indstonia.For many of the past few months, the world’s focus has been in Arsuria, where a tragic automobile accident leads to the death of the king and the first heir. Seeking to assure his reign, another of the king’s sons, Theobald, assumed power under suspicious circumstances and began to crush the resistance to his reign, including his brother Henry. Seeing this turmoil, many nations including the ANMP and CAR alliance moved into the nation in various capacities; combat missions in support of Henry’s reign and humanitarian missions from the ANMP and support of the Muslim population from the CAR.Various events in Arsuria also led to repercussions abroad. Following a withering missile attack by Theobald’s forces, the Mikoyan Navy retreated from the area, leading to it’s near-destruction in the mid-Adran Ocean by unknown submarine forces and long-distance cruise missiles.Early this year, in a despotic attempt to maintain power, Uexhal Jaehalo of Vunayr ordered the destruction of the rebel capital by nuclear device, the first combat use of a nuclear warhead in the New Warsaw Pact. This led to a rapid and vicious backlash against the regime as various nations sent in units to seek out and destroy any remaining nuclear capability in Vunayr. Through a spiderwebbed network of alliances, Indstonia, seemingly defending the use of nuclear weapons on domestic populations, has called the movement by Pomontanium against Vunayri WMDs illegal and ordered an invasion of Pomontanium itself. Now, nations of the ANMP move into Pomontanium to beat back the naval invasion of the Pomon isthmus.
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    10000 Islands Emissary Update Date: March 2017 Population: 1,365 Delegate Endorsements: 337 Forum: 10000islands.proboards.com The following is the Emissary Report for March 2017. Regional Events The current Council of Nine (government of 10000 Islands) is composed of - Grub (Founder/Chief Executive) - Boltor (WA Delegate) - Markanite (Minister of Education) - HumanSanity (Minister of Immigration) - Paffnia (Minister of Labor) - Alkasia (Senator for New Republica South) - Hakketomat (Senator for Blue Canaria North) - Hahiha / USSR (Senator for Lyonesse East) - Lower Columbia (Senior Senator for Himes West) Political News - Markanite has been appointed as 10000 Islands' first Chief of Staff. - Paffnia has been appointed as the new Minister of Labor. - The Escanaba Generation was established to honor Escanaba for his tireless recruitment efforts. - Ater Nox has been appointed as the new Mayor of Taco Island. Military TITO Command currently consists of: - Grub (Founder/Commander-in-Chief) - Klopstock (Field Commander) - Kanta Hame (Tactical Officer) - Woonsocket (Tactical Officer EF) - Louisistan (Executive Officer) TITO News - Ater Nox has been promoted to TITO Knight Armada Commander - The Security Council resolution "Repeal 'Liberate Eternal Scholars'", authored by XO Louisistan, was passed by the World Assembly. - Witchcraft and Sorcery stepped down from his position as Tactical Officer. TITO Command thanks him for his service and wishes him well in his future endeavors. Around the Islands - This month's featured nations were The United Socialist States of Imathria and The United States of Jobsteria. - Tuga Nation's Dragon was the top recruiter this month with over 4000 Telegrams sent with 80 successful recruits. He has been awarded the Echolilia full throtle award and for reaching 175 recruits; the Himes Silver Sun. - Escanaba was the runner up with more than 2000 Telegrams sent and with 80 successful recruits. He is also the first to earn the new Ruby Staff for recruiting 11000 nations. - The question still remains whether Ater Nox will ever share the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise and whether anyone will learn from it. - Neutrality United has reached out to those who do not care to win even if they post to win. It looks more like a test to see the inner desires of the Islanders as they continue to post in order to assert their win. - It seems that Sorya has started a hunt for the potatoes which turns out to be just about anyone on the Islands. Other Islanders have demanded that he substantiates his claims but it has not lead to anything but accusations flying hither and thither. Written by Hakketomat
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    Hello there! I'm LolitaFrill! I mean, that's not my actual name, but it'd be really weird to introduce myself with that! I mean, if you want to call me something else you can call me Vivs, I guess. I literally just slightly modified the name of a plant genus I like for that. Nice. I've been doing NationStates for a decent while now but I was just keeping to myself, for the most part. I've always been in Ygg but I never interacted too much. Read: I'm lazy. A friend of mine got into NationStates recently which led me to getting back into it. I recently had a ton of fun helping out in the Zombie Invasion and decided it'd be cool to get more involved with the community. I'm fond of Lolita Fashion and decided to make a nation based off of that, half as a silly thing to mess around with, half to use moderately normally and that's how it's been since. I decided to do some actual factbooks recently which keep to the somewhat over-the-top silliness [and cuteness] of the whole thing while continuing to make sense, for the most part. Don't think I have much of a niche on NationStates when it comes to RP, though! I'm really into lighthearted, silly stuff and there's not really too much of that, so I just tend to mess around with other parts of the site. Anyway, just wanted to finally say hi!
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    Starring Jeannine Van Der Pol Second Installation Featuring: Vrolondia Gahiland: Hello dear listeners, and welcome again to Tea Time with Gahiland. I am your host, Interdimensionally Acclaimed Journalist and Time-Enthusiast, Jeannine Van Der Pol. Today, I'm here with everyone's favorite Yggdrasilian Interior Minister--Vrolondia! Thank you for being here, please make yourself comfortable, have some tea, and we'll get started. Vrolondia: Nice to be here Jeannine, but since I’m the only one, that's not really a contest. G: Hahah, that just means you're everyones favorite by default, of course. V: Haha, makes sense I suppose. G: So, to get started, why don't you please tell us a bit about yourself? V: Well, I'm 23, I'm a university student, and I like to cook, play the violin, and my gender has been a running joke on the RMB since at least 2009. G: Oh? Are you genderfluid, then? Or something else? V: I wouldn't say genderfluid, people always just assumed I was a girl and I got tired of correcting them V: This will come as a shock to at least 50% of your readers, I am, in fact, male. G: What?! Gods in heaven, I am simply appalled! G: Heheh, I did actually think you were female up until a few moments ago. G: For those of our readers who are not clairvoyant, we are conducting this interview through the popular gaming medium, Steam. Vrolondia's gender became apparent after looking at his profile. V: Hahaha, you aren't the first, and won’t be the last. G: Yes, that is pretty funny. So, you are a university student? What are you studying? V: I'm a psych major with a bio minor. Sometimes I wonder if I'm secretly a masochist G: Youch. Those are some tough fields of study. What do you want to do with those degrees after you graduate? Besides the obvious "find a job." V: Well, I'm hoping to get into something in the healthcare field, the ideal job would be a psychiatrist but I don't know if I'm willing to shell out for another 4 years after this. G: Oof. Sounds like some tough decisions you've got to make. Well, I'm sure whatever you end up doing, you'll be great. Healthcare is such a noble field to work in! V: I agree! A friend of mine actually was my big motivating factor. First year, she passed away of a life long illness, and that’s when I realized what I wanted to do with my life G: Oh my, that's tragic. I'm sorry about your friend, but I guess it's true that tragedy moves people. It's very inspiring, actually. Moving on from that a bit, you said you play the violin, didn't you? V: I did. G: Tell us more about that! V: I've been playing for... must be going on a year now I think? Still pretty new to it, but I can play it pretty well I think. Mostly play fiddle tunes over classical violin, but I love to play in the Cape Breton fiddle style. G: Fascinating. Why don't you explain to our readers how the Cape Breton fiddle style differs from classical violin? V: When the French Acadians of the Canadian Maritimes were all moved out to Louisiana in the 1700's, Scotland was going through something called the Highland Clearing. This caused a massive Scottish migration to Nova Scotia, which brought the fiddle style. Afterwards, Scotland went through a period of classical Violin enthusiasm, which drastically changed the style. It can be argued that Cape Breton fiddling has more of the traditional Scottish fiddle elements in it than Scottish fiddling. V: Classical Violin, on the other hand, originated mostly in Italy and southern France, and went on to influence the local styles through Europe. V: Including Scotland V: but not so much Cape Breton G: I see. Are you from Scotland or Cape Breton? Or do you just happen to find that style fascinating. (Not that it isn't, of course!) V: Oh gosh no, I'm not Scottish at all. Closest link I have is a Scottish great grandma. I just heard it one day and fell in love with it, so I learned the grace notes. It's unique because it sounds a lot like bag pipes, you smash down on the bow and start on the wrong notes then slowly work your way in, almost like listening to a Highland choir singing. Except it's a violin and has nothing to do with singing, bagpipes, or Scotland. G: Ah, so it was love at first sight. Or, in this case, at first sound. How lovely! So, why don't you now tell us how you came across NationStates? V: Ooooh, NationStates. It's quite a romantic story, you see. I was in class one day and this guy I hated was talking about it, and I thought "Man, that game sounds terrible. It has nothing to do! I would never play that game." Here I am 6 years later, helping to run a region of 500 people. G: Hah! How funny. Were you ever so wrong, huh? So, let me ask you, what drew you to Yggdrasil specifically, then? V: Well, I was young, naive, and I liked the idea of a peaceful region that liked anime. It was either this or some other region I don't remember. I decided to check this one out and liked the community. G: Aha, of course. Now, one last question before we end things. I'm sure many people are wondering. Just who is that young anime woman in your country's flag picture? V: It's Ayano from Kagerou Project, which is a vocaloid song series. It's a very, very, very long story as to why I keep her up there, but to put it simply, I hit rock bottom a few years ago and fell in love with Ayano’s Theory of Happiness. Decided that I needed to fix my life, so I put that up there to remind me to make the best of the situations I'm given. G: Oh, I see. I'm certain lots of people have experiences like that where they have a song, an image, or other put up somewhere to help them through difficult times. Well, it seems we are out of time. What a moving note to end on. Thank you again, Vrolondia, for joining us today. V: Anytime, it was fun being here. G: Yes it was. And thank you, readers, for tuning in. This has been Tea Time with Gahiland. I'm Jeannine Van Der Pol, wishing you a great evening! Goodnight, everyone!
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    I would like to be placed in the South preferably on the coast. If possible , make me a neighbour of Serjo with a mountain range separating our two nations.
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    I would like to be in the arctic circle with Abenwald on my western border. It would be great if we could share a mountain range as a border. Thanks so much!
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    Nation Record: Abenwald/Brad Conley 1 Battle Star Ribbon 2 Battle Star Ribbon 4 Battle Star Ribbon YDS Missions: Japan The Rejected Realms Midgard Anarchy The Vast Medals and Decorations: Others: Summer Field Trip 2017
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    Happy belated Anime Daisuki Day!: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/5770/regional-master-calendar
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    Oh, you and our other resident silly/cutey nations and Delegate are going to get along juuuust fine! Well met, Lolita, and welcome!
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    Cheers! It's been a warm reception so far. Everyone has been very helpful. I'm glad I moved to Yggdrasil!
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    A very warm welcome to you, Saransh and Bexx! I hope you enjoy your stay in Yggdrasil! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask me. You can send me a message here on the forums or telegram me on NationStates, and I'll answer as soon as I can.
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    I would like to be placed in a mountainous area, where it is high enough for rain to fall and trees to grow, around north of the equator for it to be cold enough like in Russia, I prefer to be in touch of 2 certain types of ground, the 1st being grassy plain lands and the 2nd nearby the ocean. note: I'm ok with anyone being beside my borders, just don't make me alone plz
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    Forum 983 registered members 329,353 posts Region Population: 169 nations Our Staff Delegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (46 endorsements) Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetland Minister of External Affairs: Matilda Love Speaker of the House of Commons: Stormaen Delegate's Office WA Resolutions General Assembly Preservation of Artefacts - FOR Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States" - FOR Law Enforcement Education - FOR Repeal "Cyber Security Convention" - TIED, no vote Repeal "Stopping Suicide Seeds" - FOR Responsible Arms Transfers - FOR Security Council Liberate Alliance Against Nazis - AGAINST Condemn Caelapes - TIED, no vote Condemn Thomas Branson III - TIED, no vote Commend Nova Hansa - AGAINST Commend Dyr Nasad - FOR Ministry of External Affairs We are delighted to welcome our new ambassador, Misael Gamez from the United Kingdom. Ministry of Internal Affairs Plenty to read from Real Life Politics and Current Events as ever. Here are a few of the links from Good news: John Grisham is Giving His Book Away for Free to Educate People on an Alternative Cure for Cancer Buy me Once Precious plastics Palestinian teacher wins $1m Global Teacher Prize This months Watercooler feature thread is: We have a new thread at The Watercooler we are having lots of fun with. The idea is to beat FRA to 2017 posts by 2017, but being Canadian, we have added a few number fun fact extras to each post: 2017 by 2017, Can we do it?! Welcome New Members! Vrolondia Lower Coleland Tomb Grey-Anumia Misael Gamez Heidi Gregson Vetelo Postcards from Canada When asked for a picture of a strange choice of vending machine in our Picture Request Thread, Matilda Love chose wisely: QUOTE <> UNQUOTE: Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region! *As always...Report prepared by: The Canadian Citizens
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    Hello and welcome to the region! If you are new to the game, you may have a lot of questions about NationStates, the World Assembly, or approving issues. Even if you are a veteran, there's always something new to learn. This guide is written to help you get started, and answers some of the most common questions you may have about NS. It should be read in conjunction with the Regional Start-up Guide which contains common questions about our region. Section 1 - How to Play The NationStates Game 1.1 - Issues 1.2 - The WA 1.3 - Invasions and Defenses 1.4 - NationStates 'Influence' 1.5 - Additional Questions on Game Play Section 2 - Common Questions 2.1 - Can my nation be invaded directly? 2.2 - What are endorsements about? 2.3 - Can I run for delegate? 2.4 - Can I vote? 2.5 - How do we communicate? 2.6 - What do I do if I'm going away and I can't log into my nation for a while? I don't want to be deleted! 2.7 - Should I ever give out my nation's password? 2.8 - Other links of interest Section 3 - Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations Once again, enjoy your stay in Yggdrasil and Valhalla, and if you have other questions, feel free to start a thread and post!