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    Regional Award Ceremony X Honourable Chancellor,Ministers and Senators present here today,Ambassadors,Representatives,Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to the 10th Regional Award Ceremony. The Award Ceremony is an occasion to honour those nations who have made a significant contribution to Yggdrasil or Valhalla. While the ceremony this year is no different from those from previous years in substance, it is a little different in significance, because this is the 10th ceremony on the 11th year of Yggdrasil's re-founding. We have finally reached double digits (we are almost a teenager!) Now as I look up forum threads of past ceremonies to figure out the appropriate way to format this post, I can't help but notice the names of the awarded nations that were at one point were familiar to me, and reflect upon our collective journey. When I refounded Yggdrasil in 2006, it was meant to be a region just for myself and a few people I knew from NS. I never imagined the region would grow beyond 30 nations. But people joined through word of mouth, and soon, we were at a size where we had to adopt a constitution, form a government, and create a forum. One thing led to another and here we are, still welcoming new nations to our community after more than a decade. Most of those early pioneers are no longer with us. But I credit them for creating the strife-free and casual atmosphere that we are used to today. It is primarily due to their hard work that we have a community to speak of, instead of just having 'a region'. And I know this better than anybody, because Valhalla has not enjoyed the same success despite having the same founder. This proves a region only works if there are good people in it. I am thankful that Yggdrasil has plenty. It is with a sense of gratitude that I am opening the 10th Awards Ceremony today. The honorees below have done much to make Yggdrasil great (Again!) in the past two years. And I'm not saying this in jest. Yggdrasil is indeed great! We were commended by NS this last May. If anything, the is a testament to our wonderful community. Now without further ado, please join me in thanking a few outstanding nations who made Yggdrasil the way it is. First on the list are a group of nations who had fearlessly spoken out on behalf of Yggdrasil when we were unfairly attacked with mistruths by invaders during last year's 'Liberate California' incident. Their defense of Yggdrasil's reputation was exemplary and I hold their actions in high regard. Though some of them are not members of YDS, I am fully satisfied that their actions are worthy of military honours. I award Vrolondia and Sternberg with the The Defenders Cross. *applause* I award Brad (as Germanic European Empire then and Solariia now) and Skothafjordur, the delegates of Valhalla and Yggdrasil respectively at the time of the crisis, and Elke and Elba, a former Foreign Minister and past Valhalla delegate, with the Shield of Freya for their actions. *applause* Additionally, for her continuous capable leadership of YDS and her outstanding service to the Realm, I award our YDS commander Wordy with the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. (We love your missions Wordy!) *applause* Next, we move on to a group of former Delegates. We begin with Skothafjordur, or Sko as I like to call him. Sko had done a great job steering the region through the Liberate California crisis. Thembria SSR was one of the most popular and active delegates in Yggdrasil's history (even though, as Thembria reminded me, we did badly in the Zombie event ), and avoided burning down the 🌳 during his term. Ramsea ---whom I did not know very well until he got elected as a Delegate, surprised me by turning out to be a very good delegate. Ram also had the honor to preside over our region's commendation. All three had carried out their delegate responsibilities dutifully and are hereby awarded the Mercadia Medal. *applause* In addition, I also wish to award Elke and Elba, Brad, and Miporin with the Public Service Medal (Gold category). All three had sacrificed their time; and for some, their political ambition; to take on the unenviable task of becoming delegate of Valhalla. Although some say it is less work to be a delegate of a smaller region, the responsibility is heavy for the region is more susceptible to invasion than Yggdrasil is. We thank them for their service and vigilance. *applause* Next on the award list are Anon Zytose and Dardona. In the 14-15 history of our region we only ever had 4 Cartographers. Anon is one of those special people that will go down in regional history for creating a new map for the community. The region loves his great work and is thankful for the continuous improvements he makes on it. Dardona has done a marvelous job as Newsletter Editor the past few months. I believe I speak for everyone when I say we all enjoyed reading his articles and learning more about our region-mates through his interview series. Although Dardona has decided to take a break from the position, we hope to see him returning soon. Both Anon and Dardona are hereby awarded the Medal of Letters and the Arts. *applause* Finally, in appreciation of Vrolondia's long term service and dedication to the region over many years as Senator, News Editor, and most recently as Interior Minister, it is my pleasure to award him with the Distinguished Service Medal. Yggdrasil will not be the region it is today without Vrolondia's contributions over the years. *applause* Please join me in congratulating these nations! Enjoy the rest of the evening, and please finish the great buffet we have prepared in the lobby (pic1), (pic2)! ~GRO~
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    (OOC: this rp is to introduce my nation & make first contact, the first few posts after this will be back story & history, after that is when all the fun starts.)
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    @Ramsea, @Thembria SSR, @Anon Zytose, @Miporin, @Dardona, @Wordy, @Elke and Elba, @Skothafjordur, @Brad Conley, @Vrolondia, @Sternberg I've updated your dockets, please let me know if there are any problems http://www.half-hp.net/yggforums/index.php?/forum/48-the-grand-hall-of-valhalla/
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    Hello, i'm not new to NationStates but new to this region. I live in Asia, and i'm sorry if my english is sometimes not clear enough. I'm here in Yggdrasil for the RP. I saw your map and got hooked up immediately ^^ I think that's it for my introduction, if you have any question please ask me
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    Loving the interview with Syb.