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    4amShower:lunch date.

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 18 August 2018

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 17 August 2018

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 16 August 2018

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    4amShower:you keep me going.

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 15 August 2018

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  12. Your NS nation just ceased to exist and now some people are concerned about raiders.


  13. Paffnia

    10000 Emissary Updates

    10000 Islands Emissary Update Date: July 2018 Population: 1,185 (-75) Delegate Endorsements: 384 (-21) Forum: 10000islands.proboards.com The following is the Emissary Report for July 2018. Government As of this report's publication, the government of 10000 Islands consists of: ~ Chief Executive: Woonsocket ~ WA Delegate: Alkasia ~ Senator of Lyonnesse East: Dominion of Compassion ~ Senior Senator of Himes West: Siuts ~ Senator of Blue Canaria North: Kozmix ~ Senator of New Republica South: Jabberwocky ~ Minister of Immigration: Lethoica ~ Minister of Labor: Paffnia ~ Minister of Education: United Royal Islands Political News - Congratulations to Dominion of Compassion for winning the elections to the Seat for Lyonnesse East! Thank you to Flemingisa for their hard work. - Hearty congratulations to Siuts on winning his reelection into Himes West. Also congratulations to New Minerve, who has filled the office of Deputy Senator of Himes West after Jabberwocky became Senator of New Republica South. TITO Command As of the publication of this report, TITO command consists of: ~ Commander-in-Chief: Woonsocket ~ Tactical Officer: Kortexia ~ Tactical Officer: Kanta Hame ~ Tactical Officer: Aschente ~ Tactical Officer: Aersoldorf ~ EF Tactical Officer: Smugglers and Mercs ~ Executive Officer: Hakketomat Military News - Former Foreign Affairs Secretary The Peninsular was knighted. Hearty congratulations! - TITO Knight Sorya stepped down from their position as Tactical Officer, and the talented Aschente has taken their place. Congratulations! - A hearty welcome back to our friends Globexanter and GolgariSwarm in TITO, and a warm welcome to Sargon Reman to the force as well. - Thank you to The Order of the Grey Wardens for an amazing Defender Awards Ceremony. Congrats to Kuriko for the WASC Award, Kanta Hame for the Anake Award. Also, congrats to the organization, TITO, for the Eagles Disobey Award. *celebrations* Around the Islands - Sargon Reman was chosen the emissary to the region of India. I hope the new office finds you well! - Fantasy Football XKI is here, hosted by the Lou Chance Gambling. Come one, come all! - A landmark decision to open a new NSGP forum thread was passed this month by the Council of Nine. - Embassies were established with the region of Heart (our very own Alemputo brought this request forward) and with Conch Kingdom. An embassy with Carolingia was rejected by the Council. - Taco Island: ~ What do you say to interrupt a conversation? I chime in with some of these jewels. ~ The Taco Island Board of Directors has been presented with the following proposals. ~ The Taco Island Technical Support is back! August's Special Feature: The Answer to Life, Universe and Taco Island - The Mayor This month, we start a two part interview with the ever busy mayor of Taco Island, Ater Nox. His eternal majesty, Lord of the Taco and Cream Cheese filling, among other things, graciously offered some of his time to answer a few questions for us. Take a look: Kozmix: Thank you for your time. So, Mr. Mayor, what is it like, now that you have made it? What is the life of a Taco Island Mayor like? Ater Nox: First of all, let me point out that I didn't personally make 'it', the construction of 'it' was outsourced to independent contractors and so any damages or injuries caused by 'it' is in no way my fault. Secondly, my management of 'it' ensured the project came in only mostly over budget and behind schedule, ensuring Taco Islanders will not be pay quite as extensive an 'it' tax that they may have. You're all welcome. Finally, 'it' is very good, which is a reflection of my own skills, expertise and genius. The life of a Taco Island Mayor is very hard, and I can say that with a completely straight face. Every day I have to work incredibly long hours to send bribes, receive bribes, solicite bribes, ignore the requests of my constituents, blackmail Council of Nine members, institute unfair laws, transfer money from the treasury to my secret offshore accounts, ignore the demands of my constituents, slander my political opponents, spread rumours about people I don't like, laugh at poor people, donate official funds to my fake chairty, cover up my more heinous crimes and that's just on one of the quieter days. I know it must be hard for you to imagine, but some days I even need to get out of bed before noon in service of Taco Island. I truly am a man of the people after all. Kozmix: That sounds like a lot of busy work, Mr. Mayor. So, tell us more about Taco Island, and how Mayor Ater Nox, the first of his name, has been different from the mayors before you? Ater Nox: Well Taco Island has a long and complicated past, going all the way back to ancient times when it was lead by great and mighty Pharaoh's. After many long years of war and destruction, society was brought into some semblance of order under the first and very wise Mayor of Taco Island. Since then, the Mayors of Taco Island have ensured it leads the way in economic development, and thanks to our record breaking spam production, we are quite possibly the greatest island in all NationStates. Now, am I going to claim to be the Greatest Mayor of Taco Island of all time? No, not explicitly. But I'm not saying I'm not the best, and I'm certainly not saying that I'm not not the worst. Kozmix: What has been your favorite thread thus far? Ater Nox: Which thread is my favourite? That's a hard question, I've made so many amazing threads. I mean, at the end of the day, what makes one work of art better than another? Of course, some pieces truly transcend the bounds of mortal art, threads such as d, The Schnitel thread, The SS Ator Boltor and my mansion all come to mind of course. Kozmix: Do you believe that Taco Island is open to all? Ater Nox: Of course, Taco Island is open to all. Assuming of course they have filed the proper paperwork, paid the appropriate fees and bribes, pay their taxes on time and don't try and bring any sembalance of sanity with them. This made me question a lot about who I am as a person, and therefore the conversation had to be stopped here for now. We resume it in due course. Written by Kozmix
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    4amShower:ALL the things.

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 14 August 2018

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 13 August 2018

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 12 August 2018

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  19. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    Untold millennia in the distant past. There existed a unique group of beings among the ancient cosmic races known as the great old ones. They were malignant beings possessing great power ruling over groups of planets as gods. One day there was one born among the great old ones who would eventually disrupt the balance of the cosmos between the ancients. He came to be famously known as Cthulhu. At some point after reaching maturity, Cthulhu became dissatisfied & felt that he and the other great old ones should be ruling all others. And so, he’s conquest began. He first recruited his spawn, his siblings, his cousins, anything that could be persuaded or forced into joining the cause. And that’s when the great cosmic war started.
  20. Goddess Relief Office

    4amShower:rest and relaxation.

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  21. Goddess Relief Office

    Mega Tokyo by Fred Gallagher - 12 August 2018

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  23. Osmyria

    Chronicles of Osmyria

    To truly understand the Osmyrii you have to go back to another time. A time of fire and blood. A time when the galaxy was filled with chaos and dark dreams. For reasons long forgotten, two cosmic factions went to war and touched off a blaze that engulfed everything. Worlds crumbled, continents exploded. A whirlwind of destruction, a firestorm of fear. And it was here in this maelstrom of decay, this blighted place, that the Osmyrii were born.
  24. Goddess Relief Office

    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 11 August 2018

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    4amShower:just a sip.

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 10 August 2018

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    4amShower:pins and needles.

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    Cats With Hands by Joe Martin - 9 August 2018

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