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  11. Bravo Miri 👏! Truly an inspired post! I completely agree with you, in fact I couldn’t have said it better myself! 😅😂
  12. Im sorry but i should be taking this a bit more seriously, i have much planned after all so please disregard my last post since it was nothing much but was posted in minimal effort. My memes and other irrelevant items should be set aside for now To start of with Basic Plans The Aim and Goal of me running for Elections My main Goal is to try and make Yggdrasil more active, we have many a nation yet only around 20 people chatting up in the RMB and for me i want to see that number atleast increase by half, because knowing that the amount of sleeper/ puppet nations there are, there may be a handful of people who are really there for fun and just dont know how to use the NationStates layout. Secondary Plans The Secondary plans is something i wishfully desire. Awards For Nations Ex. Say that you have recieved the .01 percent of integrity you feel good about yourself but to others they may not know about it. It would help improve the use of issues amongst the nations of NS and provide Viable Action for Census Report and add a competitive standing within the regional borders itself or atleast that would be the plan. Another Award for Nations would be "most active" or "Most influencial" nation in the region (with the help of polls so i would say the awards for Nations would be run as a Democracy instead of Me or One person picking . A switch interval of 3 weeks or 4. Something for the fun aside from having delegates do nothing and just watch from the shadows, "Awards for Nations" is an act that helps the Main Basic plan of my term if i were to win More Nations! (but not to many) We are a peaceful region,yes. We used to be a region worth of 500, now we are nearly half as that. I plan to help increase the region's nation population and help assimilate them into our region. My Goal for this would be atleast 350 within the first few months of my term and possibly 400 without many CTE'ing Third Phase Plans Cross Regional Consolidations Activity This one fairly simple, it is to basically promote activity towards other Regions Such as Iwaku, Texas, and Forrest. Such as Roleplaying (which there is but i believe not enough) such examples would be the exchange of information and culture, meeting of national figures, and Military Exercises The People's Safety Policy Basically help increase the YDS's Numbers. Because We have to defend ourselves and our friends. Since Raiders may have an eyeball on us and are planning against us *highly unlikely Since we have Thembria but better safe than Sorry*. These are my plans for my term if i were to ever win, though i may be late in sending this i Believe it is not too late for me to win and gain people's votes
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  15. I suppose what Tiku has in mind are great ideas. And if he weren't to win and I did, I would like to work with him in establishing those ideas. I am mainly running as a one-issue candidate this time around.
  16. Is there anything you would like to change about the region? Any regional activity ideas?
  17. Well, hello there Wordy.  Nice to see you thriving here in Yggdrasil!:hearts:

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  20. I want to promote more activeness throughout the region but not too much that it would look like a debate against someone who got triggered and have little changes such as Nation of the week (<- this one I kinda desire to do) and others such
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  26. Hi Ramsea! If elected Delegate I would forfeit my Senatorial position. According to the Consitution of Yggdrasil, this has a precedent and in such a case, fresh elections are held for the position of Vanir Senator! I would then exercise my right as an Yggdrasilian to cast my vote for whomsoever I think would suit the position of Senator best!
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  28. Is there anything you want to change or improve about the region? (Other than more dank memes and anime art)
  29. If you do become delegate, what will you do about your position as the Vanir senator?
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